Little Girl Disintegrating
Little Girl Disintegrating
Little Girl Disintegrating. Member reactions:
.... wonderful... how did you do that.... really like the patches of skin is peeling off that baby good effects...
I am totally amazed.. freaky awesome work with sweet girls picture...
Freaky idea, flawless execution. Congrats on the bronze, DD.

Funny Ellen DeGeneres Digitally Disintegrating

Ellen DeGeneres Digitally Disintegrating
my first bigger thing with photoshop.

Funny Escher Globe Disintegrating

Escher Globe Disintegrating
what did that night..

Funny Barack Obama Disintegrating

Barack Obama Disintegrating
Am I falling apart.
Member reactions:
No kidding or maybe your not trying hard enough.To much work and not enough acorns to do it.maybe.
Thanks Goat. I'm finally getting the hang of the airbrush.
How many hours you spend on this one . totally Amazing work ..
Thanks DesignerKratos. This one was quick - only about 7 hours. For me that's quick anyway. The shatter effect was very time consuming. sassyfras - "Shattered Dreams" is a perfect tile.
This is totally amazing. Did you create it in photoshop, or used some 3-d program.
Newsy: I think 3D program used because it is in Photoshop, but it is a very basic level. Autodesk program will be. 3D Maya or 3D Max, but that's just my opinion. The author will tell you.I am also curious that, as he did.
I used Illustrator to trace the back of a figure, moved the vector lines around to make the back of Obama, pasted it in Photoshop, used an airbrush for the 3d effect and superimposed Obama's real face on the reflection layer, which isn't an exact reflection. Copied some hands from another picture. Then I spent hours making little bits on a layer and the bottom layer was an oval office scene. The mirror was simple, just used the distort filter. I don't know Maya or 3D Max.
Truly amazing work, and thanks for describing the work process. Great photoshop "kitchen" you have

Funny Barack Obama Disintegrating

Barack Obama Disintegrating
When Satire Becomes Reality: Welcome to Bizarro World As Obama’s base registers growing opposition to yet another fruitless, unwinnable war, the president is coming to rely on support from the neocons... Source
Member reactions:
only Great ... only fantastic ... man it's awstastimc work , welcome back
Yes-outstanding.I wonder who did this one...HMMMM.
Excellent work.. This is what you call a come back...
Thanks all Bizarro is the anti-Superman. I had done Obama as Superman and now it's only fitting to do him as an anti-hero, especially considering the level of angst nowadays. Bizarro Code states: "Us do opposite of all Earthly things. Us hate beauty. Us love ugliness. Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World.". Bizarro bonds: "Guaranteed to lose money for you".
Talk about losing credibility. (Obama) Great chop.
Another Outstanding chop, What's new. Congrats Rainman
Obama was chopped here from A to Z. Congrats on the gold, AZ.
Excellent work Rainman... Congrats on the Gold...
Congrats AZ. Full view shows awesome texturing and detail.
Like riding a bike, excellent fx and elbow greese Rain. Congrats.
Our Great king has return with great power .., I knew that was you , coz only great chopper like you who can make this one ... easy to get gold for you congrats AZ and keep up great chopping , Welcome back
always a wonderful image ,, and incite into the world we see congrats rain.
A slow burn to decomposition. Hahahahah excellent art.
You know, Patrick Swayzes house is called "Rancho Bizzaro". Stay gold Pony.

Funny Demi Moore Disintegrating

Demi Moore Disintegrating
Source Picture Please view full.
Member reactions:
Good work. See full size to appreciate the detail.
I'm honoured that someone with your 'shopping skills has rate my work well. Thanks.
I appreciate time you spent on this chop, but I don't like "originality"... you copied Mark Monciardini's work for one of "Photoshop Top Secret DVD" tutorials... as I said, nice effort and patience
So 'ivosevicv' are you saying that any skills/techniques learnt though a tutorial cannot be applied to your own composition., I think its a good job.
ivosevicv - I did run through the tutorial on the Photoshop Top Secret DVD, but I've also embellished the technique, using different stock and layer sequuences, and finishing touches. The composition is also different. If I was to produce work using methods I hadn't learnt elsewhere, you'd be getting just MS-Paint entries I am afraid.
Everyone should use tutorials to help develop their chopping skills and enter often to show others you can walk the talk
thanks for all of the kind words. Still getting hammered in the rankings.
You did a great job following the tutorial, my only critique is the big pieces don't have any texture and are too computer generated, but overall Great Job....
Congrats Shark. Second is yours. Great chop.
Outstanding work. I commend you for learning and applying a technique found in a tutorial. That's how the bar gets raised around here.
Congrad on the win. This was one heck of a good entry.
i don't have anything against using techniques learned in tutorials, of course. i mean i do it too, but i just wanted to say that i don't like when someone is using someone else's ideas... would you came out to an idea that it would be cool that someone's face disintegrates in space if you didn't see that tutorial. i think not... i didn't say anything about technique, i think you did well (except that you could leave pieces textured, like someone already said above). It's just originality of idea that bothers me... congrats anyway.
the disintegrating into face thing is a bit of an art cliche though. Mark Monciardini didn't invent it, he just appropriated it, and I have done the same.
...although he done it in educational purposes no hard feelings man, i like the way you work, i just said i (so that is just my opinion) would like your work more if it is more original...

Funny Pepsi Disintegrating a Mouse

Pepsi Disintegrating a Mouse
Pepsi Co. Admits Mouse Body Would Disintigrate from Mountain Dew
Member reactions:
i just puked a little in my mouth )) ,,um ty ,, nice work,,by the way.
Wild story. maybe it would of been better to put a Mountain Dew can in, instead of the Pepsi can , since the story is about the acid in Mountain Dew ... Other wise this is great .
'Mystery' is the correct spelling for the record. PS work is funny and innovative.
That looks nasty (but in a good chop way).

Funny Disintegrating Rose

Disintegrating Rose
Member reactions:
Good job. Interesting and compelling image. The execution might be lacking in the area where the rose is transforming to dust though.

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