Emma Watson And Prince Harry in Disguise
Emma Watson And Prince Harry in Disguise
Emma Watson And Prince Harry in Disguise. It looks like Emma is already practicing the "Queen Wave."

Funny Aphids Disguised Hidden Inside Car Ladybug

Aphids Disguised Hidden Inside Car Ladybug
Incoming. Protect the Queen and her babies.
Member reactions:
Ha. Let's take the family car to the zoo.

Funny Clint Eastwood Disguised as an Indian Woman

Clint Eastwood Disguised as an Indian Woman
The Indian version

Funny Julian Assange Disguised as a Woman

Julian Assange Disguised as a Woman

Funny Bashar Assad in Disguise

Bashar Assad in Disguise
Member reactions:
Congrats Pixjockey. I thought Jennifer would win something as well. She was my favorite pic from pix.
I like that HD thing going on and a pretty darn good disguise. congrats

Funny Wolf Disguised as a Farmer

Wolf Disguised as a Farmer
By fair means of foul

Funny Edward Snowden in Disguise on Wanted Poster

Edward Snowden in Disguise on Wanted Poster
Member reactions:
Excellent. How about making one of the agencies, "Freaking News."
uahahahAHAHAH Maybe the NSA should print this one .
Awesome collection of different look and whereabouts very well done nice chopping of different facial looks of one person together
Mindblowing stuff Its Really Awesom job done good to see so many characteres
I guess this has already been approved as WANTED POSTER... BEST Freaking CLASSIC CHOP

Funny American Golthic Disguised as Charlie Chaplin

American Golthic Disguised as Charlie Chaplin

Funny Tony Hayward in Disguise

Tony Hayward in Disguise
Large please
Member reactions:
nice one. Clean hands & spotless shirt, too.
TY. Something tells me he's safer over there than in the US. L MAO
Thanks, I had to do tons of scrubbing with the smudge tool set to 5% on this one as the sources were soo bloody grainy. I might have softened it a bit too much and blew it on a few masking points
the oily walking camel is an absolute hoot, great peice
... This really cracked me up... Great work Hitspinner..
Hehehehe Thanks guys Anything for a giggle

Funny Vladimir Putin Disguised as Michelle Obama

Vladimir Putin Disguised as Michelle Obama
Seeing 'Red' Over Russian Spies Sources
Member reactions:
, that would of smoked in the spy contest too.
I have just twitted this one to FN followers. This rocks.
This is a soon-to-be Masterpiece in the FN Gallery, I feel.
Alternate title "The Spy Who Loved Me" . . thanks for the nice comments and Newsy 4 the Tweet.
jtotheotothee Thanks for the comment. I typically don't use Topaz effects universally. I apply them to certain elements. I like the Topaz effect on hair. It's a personal preference. Here's the pic w/o the Clean fx: http://tiny.cc/0phqf I should also mention, the name of my first rock band (in 1977) was called Topaz, I'm the kid on the right. http://tiny.cc/hv01v Me and Topaz go way back.
Would of never of guessed you being in a stoner band of the same name, ...that pic is a hoot. It's official, Topaz trips balls in more ways than with just photomanips
TY Newsy, I was just changing servers and messed it up a tad.
It's ok I've seen better in my folder.In my folder is some of the great art, the big boys and girls have created over the years at FN and this is just the latest one. Beautiful work.
Congrats on the gold KeepItReal, perfect chop. Great use of sources and just for the record, I like this version with the Topaz added better. Great job.
Excellent. Top of the game chop and they just don't get any better. I guess I must have zonned out this contest, totally missed it and now I am glad I did . Jesus, you guys pulled out the big artillery in this one.
Congratulations-I thought this would do well. If you can-send me a taste of your Topaz music.
Thanks all for the comments and the votes. My highest score on FN... This was just one of those chops that seemed to work without fighting it too much. To place with such stiff competition in this contest is an honor.
Congrats KIR, great chop and even has a Makarov pistol
Congrats Keeper, awesome image and outstanding effort in this contest. I also love the topaz effect on hair...
that's truly amazing work .. strange i can't see my first comments on this contest , maybe firefox drinking alot . COngrats on the gold mate , really FANTASTIC work .. all blends and details are amazing
Congrats on the win, KIR. One of your best chops yet, in my humble opinion. Also, me likes the topazed version better
I think you scored the highest in all of FN. I looked at mine highest was 9.4, and checked a few others too.
, thanks for that info AZ, I'm blown away. I still don't hold a candle to your work, very humbled. Thanks again to all that voted and for your comments, FN Rules. P.S. You may want to look back, I might also hold the title for the lowest score on FN too.
hey teacher , you forget my robochess . scored 9.6 and also had the lowest score keep going keepo

Funny Celebrities in Disguise

Celebrities in Disguise
Using celebrities only (no politicians), see if you can "dress them up" or apply some makeup that would make them appear in disguise. Do not disclose who the celebrity is, let users guess in the comment section.

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