Legionnaire Disease
Legionnaire Disease
Legionnaire Disease. Bug is back news
Member reactions:
Thank you very much, Doc, Steve,Luciano, Eric, Balodiya, Newsey
One HECK of a FANTASTIC job on this, as always, your pics are tops. Congrats.....
Why thank you Hobbit. Love your stuff too.

Funny Wheel Of Disease Game

Wheel Of Disease Game
Member reactions:
Excellent Nice game to play Must be very interesting
If you fail to answer correctly, you get the disease Thank you to geriatric and balodiya
Ohh the New Jersey game is here... its like do and Die Play till ur last breath...Freakingly done with there faces and his bad tooth is super idea
I didm't try for a woody, D-man. I tried for your spot Best man won, eeerrrr chop I humbly take a bow and go back to my nap. Thank you all
Looks like any other zombie game. Congrats on the Wood.

Funny Anti-disease Machine

Anti-disease Machine
Member reactions:
Prostate problems & Sore Throat would sound better. Humorous.

Funny Barack Obama Disease

Barack Obama Disease
Who says the pressure of the job isn't getting to him.
Member reactions:
that was nice work keep going also welcome to FN

Funny Hugh Laurie with a Disease

Hugh Laurie with a Disease
Member reactions:
You blend a leaf on his forehead . nice effect but blood in his eyes it is not realistic.
I'd say he should change his dermatologist
Primo texturing. He looks very contageous...

Funny Foot & Mouth Disease

Foot & Mouth Disease
Member reactions:
id like to walk on a carpet of cotton candy with those feet.
Gross. Kim.

Funny Foot in Mouth Disease

Foot in Mouth Disease
Surgeons Rebuild Woman's Cancerous Tongue Using Leg Tissue, Muscle
Member reactions:
A whole nother take of "Putting your foot in your mouth", maybe she'll get foot & mouth disease now. Yeh yeh lame

Funny Wall Street Bull with Mad Cow Disease

Wall Street Bull with Mad Cow Disease
Check out my sources
Member reactions:
This is very nice. The dark, heavily shadowing-ish-ness is a little overused, IMO. It fits very well here and is not heavy-handed.
This rocks. Fixed source projects are generally less inspirational to me but not when they are pulled from ambient elements and thrown into alternate enviroments like this one. Yeah, you worked it well ny friend.

Funny Angelina Jolie with a Skin Disease

Angelina Jolie with a Skin Disease
Member reactions:
As long as it isn't infectious , I still wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers. Just maybe a little Proactiv couldn't hurt.... or Herpeset
like what u did 2 her. U should have made her pulling out her hair as well cause her hands are all ready there. i'd risk infection as well.
She should not ride a bike without helmet

Funny Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Annison with a Skin Disease

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Annison with a Skin Disease
C'mon, Vince, at least she still has her signature hairstyle.
Member reactions:
Egads. Jennifer is lookin' rough. Nice job
Gnome body knows the trouble Jens seen...
Vince broke up with her wnen somebody told him that face is a mirror of a soul
Thanks everybody. Question from a n00b: How come the title changed on my entry. It went from "Jen's Skin Condition" to just the generic "Vince Vaughn". I noticed changes on other entries' titles in this contest. (maybe I'll ask this question in the forum if I have time later)

Funny Celebrities with Mad Cow Disease

Celebrities with Mad Cow Disease
Show the evidence that mad cow disease has already affected many politicians and celebrities.

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