Disconnected Mutant Phone Man
Disconnected Mutant Phone Man
Disconnected Mutant Phone Man. most sources
Member reactions:
I thought chopping under drugs was forbidden. Seriously a great job.
I knew this was coming...you've seriously snapped I think. Too Freaky Hidden.
Please leave a message. What's this guy trying to tell us.
Thank you. I think he is having an psychotic episode and lost contact with himself. When he is trying to call for help, he realises that he has lost contact with the outside world as well.
,this is just so cool.Its a freaking masterpiece.Hidden ,you so masterfully crafted this together.I am in awe.I just love this freaky genius here.Spectacular work here hidden
The best part for me is the Phone with Ear ... You are Master of PS.. call me. Bye
Jere Jere Jere... can you hear me now. Congrats on the gold, if you can still hear me.
Really good chop and congrats on the win.
Masterful build, Jere, super entertaining. Congrats
Congratulations Jere. Harrison Ford's mouth. and of course my bicep pose.
thanx everybody, for the high votes and great comments. yeah, that is indeed fords mouth. i wanted to use yours as well as those biceps, but the mouth was too big for the screen..
Congratulations. I knew that you did this just before I peeked at the results. Looks like Jeremix is "Back-in-Da'-House."
Amazing manipulation Jeremix. Talent +++ TY for the mega eye candy

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