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Funny Dirty Pictures

Air your dirty laundry in publicFunny Air your dirty laundry in public
Member reactions:

Old Lady Maher  Down n DirtyFunny Old Lady Maher Down n Dirty
Member reactions:

Dirty DancingFunny Dirty Dancing
Member reactions:

Love is not always blind.... great work to show it happens

Dirtiest Man In The WorldFunny Dirtiest Man In The World
Member reactions:

The dirtiest man in the world claims he hasn't bathed in 60 years. He does look familiar, though.
He is looking very Danger and Nice Face cream Cream
Dat man iz not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get dirty so to say and something tells me he is a member of FN too
Too nuch time spent on chopping, no time for a shower
.... The dirtiest man got famous... ha ha crazy news and the chop is clean and clear good one and thanks for sharing this news
Just realized that's me. Lol. Time for a shower.

Dirty playFunny Dirty play
Member reactions:

This is awesome.... Ape loves Bananas

Zero Dark Dirty LincolnFunny Zero Dark Dirty Lincoln
Member reactions:

Zero Dark Dirty Lincoln
out of the box crazy idea very well executed

Member reactions:

Nice work and you make it dirty ... well done

Dirty Harry CaricatureFunny Dirty Harry Caricature
Member reactions:

awesomesitoula.... yes... do not scare me with that big gun watch you dirty harry ...
thaaaaank you paul... i am happy you like this one...
Great job. I remember this cartoon version of cowboys.
my only critique is that you should have made clint a bit younger to fit the time. apart from that you'r w.t.g
Fantastic work seen both with the rain and smoke, good expression on the face
thaaaank you bobraffo, you're right, but it seemed to me to do a tribute to clint as he was before he died
rajeshstar.... i sincerely thank you, i'm glad to see that you see all the details of my work ..... thanks again my friend.
Like the work on Head light and smoke from gun, good work on moon
Love it...I don't think he's dead yet though
Clint is alive and well, and I'm sure he would love this. But he must be getting forgetful because he left the car window down in the rain. (But I'm not going to tell him). Awesome work.

Dirty Hairy and a ChimpFunny Dirty Hairy and a Chimp
Member reactions:

Hahaha, the chimp face says "do you feel lucky, punk."

Osama Bin Laden with a Dirty BombFunny Osama Bin Laden with a Dirty Bomb
Member reactions:

al-Qaeda is Planning a Dirty Bomb Sources
Awesome idea, looks kind painting for my taste, but still nice worked
Total freaking hoot here. "wash me" writing on the dirty bomb is a cherry on top. Atomic car wash should probably be "Atomic bomb wash" however
Congrats on the bronze, Maksim. Great to see you back in the saddle.

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