Go Directly To Jail
Go Directly To Jail
Go Directly To Jail. Caricature was created for this project.
Member reactions:
Excellent. Believe it or not, I use to carry the GET OUT OF JAIL card in my wallet and pulled it out at the jail. They all laughed, then booked me.
That's funny DD. I'm guessing (hoping) they weren't booking you for drugging women so you could have your way with 'em.
Ha, no, illegal discharge of fireworks. Not the 4th of July.
Hidden, I like your style. Deaddog, I can't believe we have such criminals among us..
It's a long and hilarious story...... too long.
Brilliant idea, and caricature work. Instant recognition.
Awesome use of a classic. Silver Grats LunaC.
Clever.... And really nice line work. Congrats on the cup
Glad to see this finish good. When it comes to photoshop, this is as real as it gets, I don't doubt it for a second.. Grats Luna.

Funny Lindsay Lohan Goes Directly to Jail

Lindsay Lohan Goes Directly to Jail
Member reactions:
Great concept. I bet this could be a great promotional poster for Monopoly.
Congrats Sidkain I didn't see this till I voted this morn, GMTA....
Congrats on the wood SidKain, great chop.
AZ, just said the same thing on your sweet chop, ty gang
that was very cool sidkain , congrats on the woody , keep going

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