Napoleon Dinosaur
Napoleon Dinosaur
Napoleon Dinosaur. Before there was Napoleon Dynamite...there was Napoleon Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Good job but it would be necessary to soften the contours of Napoleon.
Great work matching layers to painting style.
Marengo never looked so fierce. Great job.
Brilliant work and use of Napoleon. Congrats on the Silver, Luna.
Great vivacity based softening. I love it.

Funny The Salvador Dinosaur

The Salvador Dinosaur
Member reactions:
This is great. It's so coherent and perfectly strange.
Hatching dinos work so well with this Dali. Congrats on the Woody, Gummy.
Thanks all, Sometimes it's just fun to fool around.

Funny Please, Spay and Neuter your Dinosaur.

Please, Spay and Neuter your Dinosaur.
Member reactions:
Cool idea. Unfortunately, the dino on the left is floating (that's the bottom of the wall, not the ground he's on).
Thanks MsgtBob, hope this is better, he sure was floating.
A unique work, with nicely done dino dogs.
Hitspinner, I miss you so darn much, hope all is well with you, sorry I haven't been in touch, no longer on FB.

Funny Magritte and little Dinosaur

Magritte and little Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Great source idea, baby dino a nice touch.

Funny Kylian Mbappe vs. Small Dinosaur

Kylian Mbappe vs. Small Dinosaur
No Triceratops were harmed during the making of this manipulation.
Member reactions:
You better not let Mama Dino see you kicking baby dino.
Congrats on your win, my favorite, the little one by his foot is too cute.
If he would have been holding a Possum he might have won. Grats on the Bronzness
Thank you very much, Hobbit. And thanks for the fave.
Thanks, Gummy. I don't know. I'm sure someone would take offense in Opossum Kicking too.
Bronze congrats, SplatS. Baby back Dino ribs n fish for dinner Lol. Great Job
Thanks, Reggie. Well... maybe just the fish for dinner. I'm pulling for the Dino to get away (:

Funny Prehistoric Pi with Dinosaur Bones

Prehistoric Pi with Dinosaur Bones
Member reactions:
Nice, should've flopped the back ground since there are conflicting shadows on the bones
DeadDog gets the Bone. Gold Congrats, D.D. Great Job.
Great job DD. Congrats on well deserved gold The edits are due to a Brain fart.
Congrats on the gold, DD. Truly impressive stuff.

Funny Bernie Sanders Chased by a Dinosaur

Bernie Sanders Chased by a Dinosaur

Funny Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox Siting on a Couch with a Dinosaur

Christopher Lloyd and Michael J Fox Siting on a Couch with a Dinosaur
Blast from the past

Funny Old Painting Characters with a Dinosaur Skeleton

Old Painting Characters with a Dinosaur Skeleton

Funny Napoleon Riding a Dinosaur

Napoleon Riding a Dinosaur
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Bronze, Andrew. Nice work.
Congrats on the bronze . (even though the jurassic park logo made me vote lower for your pic, and made me lose karma and lose points to you)
Clever composition and choice of sources. I like what you did to the background paintings too. Congrats on the bronze, Andrew.
Thank you, Mrassad, Evirio and NewsMaster.

Funny Dinosaurs in Art

Dinosaurs in Art
What are we to make of all the depictions of dinosaurs in ancient art. Many believe that ancient cultures saw living dinosaurs, and thus were able to put them in carvings, paintings, little statues, etc. Of course that conclusion also means that dinosaurs were alive during the time of these ancient cultures. In this contest you are asked to show the evidence that dinosaurs co-existed with humans by including them in works of art - paintings, drawings, or statues.  PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. Many thanks to, Mundo for the themepost

Funny Dinosaurs in Art

Dinosaurs in Art
Creation Museum in Kentucky shows full size dinosaurs models on Noah's Ark and claims they coexisted with humans. Children ask many question at this exhibition, e.g. "Were there dinosaurs when you were a kid, dad?" In this contest you are asked to show the evidence that dinosaurs co-existed with humans by including them in works of art - paintings, drawings, or statues. Many thanks to Mandrak for the themepost.

Funny Riding Dinosaurs

Riding Dinosaurs
Humans long domesticated horses and ride them for pleasure, as well as for transportation, cultural events, and other activities. There are several sports events that involve equestrianism (horseback riding) - horse shows, horse racing, rodeo, polo, roping and many more. Humans learned to tame and ride not only horses, bot many other animals too - camels, donkeys, elephants, and even ostriches (did you know there are even ostrich races?). Our question today is, could humans domesticate and ride dinosaurs too, if they were alive nowadays? Take any pictures of humans riding horses (or other animals), and substitute horses (other animals) for dinosaurs. Riding dino skeletons is also allowed in this contest (as in the themepost). Many thanks to Laff for the themepost.

Funny Dinosaur Dogs

Dinosaur Dogs
Despite the popular notion that dinosaurs were big mean creatures, there were many "dwarf" dinosaur species about the size of modern dogs. Scientists are not sure whether these small dinosaurs ever wagged their tails like dogs, but judging by their vegetarian food habits, these dog-dinos were friendly creatures. Combine any type of dinosaur with any dog, thus creating a new species. You can also also use lizard photos as sources, since it's hard to find good dinosaur images.

Funny Dinosaur Cats

Dinosaur Cats
Say hello to Abydosaurus McIntosh - a new member of the dinosaur family that was found in sandstone near the Colorado and Utah Border. What makes this dinosaur species unique, is that, despite its gigantic size, McIntosh had a skull made of fragile bones which resembles the skulls of household cats. Scientists called the 4-legged long tailed Abydosaurus McIntosh a "friendly dinosaur" which was a vegetarian species. A friendly dinosaur with cat's skull... would it make a great pet? Would it roar or meow? In this contest your mission is to mix dinosaurs and cats any way you wish. You can use any kind of cats - from household cats to wild cats (lions, tigers, jaguars, cheetahs, etc.).

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