Dino Hawk
Dino Hawk
Dino Hawk. Member reactions:
Thank you of course, but it was easy 2 minutes work. Two original color pieces were connected together.
Yeah... I'm sure it was easy Andrew, but selecting great source images is a large part of building a great manipulation. I'm certain you know that. Super Work. Shoulda finished much higher, IMO. (:
Thank you my fried. It was luck with sources.
Great dino color, nicely done for 2 min. work.

Funny Dino Bird

Dino Bird

Funny Rue story how one day he killed Big Dino.

Rue story how one day he killed Big Dino.

Funny Dino Boxing

Dino Boxing
With 2 minutes to vote I was to late to enter the Dino contest, so here it is now.
Member reactions:
In front of the rope means that dino is out of the ring. Is it correct .
Yes, Otherwise he would have been taller.

Funny Baseball Dino

Baseball Dino

Funny Skiing Dino

Skiing Dino
Member reactions:
Yeah, I thought so too. With shadow it would have took a cup.
No I'm in the right spots, shallows or not, but then I'm the top of the bottom at FN.

Funny Football Dino

Football Dino
Member reactions:
Looks good even if head and helmet positions don't match.

Funny Scuba Dino

Scuba Dino

Funny Dino Wrestling

Dino Wrestling
Allosaurus vs Velociraptor, Paleontologists belive both were "Fighting Dinosaurs"
Member reactions:
One heck of a good chop, congrats on the win.
Man, what great sources. I see you had to do a little arm manips. Worked out great. Congrats mate.
Thanks for the kind words, Luciano, Hobbit, and Hits, appreciate it, yea with a little manip, these sources were ideal for the Suplex Throw
Congrats, UncleChamp . Do you know who finally win.
Thanks John and Andrew, I think Allosaurus (green) wins, after delivery of Suplex.

Funny Dino Tennis

Dino Tennis
Member reactions:
Pretty cool
For your shadows, use free transform, and hold down ctrl and alt while pulling on the center (middle) top dot. This way you can lay the shadow down onto the ground instead of just having a drop shadow. Once you have it positioned where you want, ass a slight Gaussian blur (to soften it). You can then also use a gradient map to soften it even more the further it is away from the caster.
MsgBob I will have to try that next time, Thanks for the tip.
I should add that the two balls on the left should produce shadows on the ground.

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