Dinner for Schmucks
Dinner for Schmucks
Dinner for Schmucks. . Member reactions:
the left ear could need some improvement, but nice.

Funny Dinner for Schmucks

Dinner for Schmucks

Funny What's for Dinner?

What's for Dinner?
. Member reactions:
Yes..O'Bama did say he has a taste for dog meat.Bo your toast.
catfish, collared greens, hush puppies n watermelon
grave meat rosted in full flame. Some dog stuff added for extra taste

Funny Dinner Is Served

Dinner Is Served
Looks like Hillary is hungry.. Member reactions:
Hahaah, just in time for Thanksgiving. That's one turkey Dems wanna see roasted.
Congratulations. He looks very unappetizing...
Thanks, Newsy. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Bob.

Funny Claude Monet. Romantic dinner for two.

Claude Monet. Romantic dinner for two.
. Member reactions:
You should make them look like they are painted, hidden.
good merge in this painting agreed to Paul... you should add some noise on their faces
Already i changed picture after Paul recommendation.Thank you, Paul and Rajeshstar.

Funny Enjoy UR Dinner

Enjoy UR Dinner

Funny Dinner

fresh not frozen. Member reactions:
Wood for penaplonk too. That's 3 out of 4. Triple congrats.


. Member reactions:
Funny events .... Grand Pa is getting us live chicken for the party ...
thanks, I think we should at least stick to the theme..
Just a little rework, thanks for ur commentsClick here
Try again.Click here


hi jeremix my friend... how are you... you make me happy... thaaaaaank you from deep of my heart my friend ..... 4 days of hard work,sweat and blood of my imagination .... hehehehehehe..
Fantastic Image. Great Humor.Bean looks crazed. I suspect he has spent too many days among the cannibals.
hi splatshot my friend thank you ... the humor is essential for a good job .... also i think that mr. beanson crusoe has eyes from the cannibal .... finished pigs of the island, i believe that the monkey eat .... poor monkey thaaaaaank you friend
Grande sequel Fratellone. Finalmente a trovato qualcosa da mangiare. adoro la forchetta nel naso. Una situazione tribale super fantastica.................. mi auguro danti 10++++++++++++++++++++++ sono felice di vederti a lavoro. E come noti un sacco di bene. Lol sei fortunato a poter mostrare il tuo lavoro......... Magari un giorno ci rincorreremo chissÓ. Ciao mio fratelone. E grandi complimenti......
oldman thaaaaaaaank you very much my friend you are tooooo good with me as always
silvercanine i thaaaank you my friend also you are tooooooo good with me hihihi
mandrakkyno fratellino mio ti ringrazio di cuore, sono un po a corto di fantasia... mi sono fissato con mister bean spero presto di cambiare personaggio... ne ho altri due mister bean pronti hihihihi ps: e grazzzzzzzzzzzzie ancora
haHhahAHhahaHAHha sei un uomo meraviglioso.a me piace molto questa serie di mister bean. il personaggio merita. e poi di fantasia ce ne molta.........anzi sono curioso di vedere prossimi.......... quasi quasi anche io ne realizo un altro. Ŕ personaggio che si presta molto alla caricatura. L'importante lo sai quale il mio consiglio sulle forme date
hi paul how are you... fine i hope thank you my friend... ooooh yes pooooooooooooooooooooor piggy hehehehe beware the monkey... is very much hungry...
mandrake ciao fratellino mio grazie del tuo apprezzamento... avevo il timore che una serie di lavori su di un solo personaggio potesse dare fastidio e stufare... ma tu mi dai il coraggio di continuare e mettere anche gli altri due mister bean nei prossimi contest ---------------------------------------------hello my little brother thanks for your appreciation ... i fear that a series of works on only one character could be annoying and stew ... but you give me the courage to continue and put the other two mister bean in the next contest
kellie tooooo good with me... thaaaank very much and a kiss on the cheek
Fantabolus job done.... Beam as a Hobbit and great to see the Little Monkey acting as a pirate is very hilarious great lighting effects and smokey all over chop is amazing No words to express this beautiful chop... Sure Gold
rajeshstar myyyy friend you make me happy today.... thaaaank for your all fantastic comments and for the compliments... you are a real fiend... thank you again raje
Amazing Master Bean looks stunning Nice to see the Folk in his nose gOOD Creative thinking and superb job done
balodiya gracjas mio amigo grazie amico mio, thank you my friend, dank meines freundes, tak min ven, merci mon ami, obrigado meu amigo, شكرا يا صديقي, arkadaşım teşekkŘrler, cảm ơn người bạn của t˘i... thaaaaaaanks in all languages trust in my work that i always show
I didnt get what i feelLaugh and thrill
ericnorthend thaaaank you very much my friend... i am happy you laugh for my job... thanks again
Golden Congrats my friend "masterpiece"....gold deserves gold
Congratulations Ricky on a well deserved win...Outstanding Work.....
silvercanine you are toooo good with me... thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks my friend
paul a great thaaaaaank also for you my friend
splatshot outstanding thank for you my friend.... and again congrats for you fantastic job.....
and a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thank all the friends vote for my work...
Rickytrek, your work is amazing and congrats on the win.You're tops.
a deserved gold for this freaking amazing work of art, ricky.
Congrats on the gold, Ricky.Another Bean beauty.

Funny Family Dinner Parties

Family Dinner Parties
Snakes would have posh dinner parties. Member reactions:
This is awesome... whats in desert hidden
The funniest part of this family is their forteeth taken out to have the first bite yummy... lovely gathering

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