Digital Woman Portrait
Digital Woman Portrait
Digital Woman Portrait. Digital Art
Member reactions:
You did a pretty good job on the beads and pearls. I remember a picture of my mom in similar hair and attire. Very nice.

Funny Digital Woman Painting

Digital Woman Painting
Digital Art

Funny Young Girl Digital Painting

Young Girl Digital Painting
Digital Art
Member reactions:
Thank you for your comments CraftyOne, balodiya, and lucianomorelll.

Funny Young Girls Digital Painting

Young Girls Digital Painting
I had to darken the background using the adjustment panel to get a better effect. Digital art.

Funny Lady in Black digital painting

Lady in Black digital painting
Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Looks like that gal in Jewel of the Nile, Kathlene Turner. Nice work Joan Wilder McKay

Funny Posing Model digital painting

Posing Model digital painting
The book case took me the longest time to do. Digital art.
Member reactions:
If the shoe fits and all that, but in this case I don't think it does.
There are two gold things under her skirt, what are they.
Nice Painting, Hidden. Original view is the best. I'm a bit confused as to the position of her legs though. Perhaps it is the horizontal shadow line across the front of the dress.
Sweet. Stool I believe, Luciano. I really like this one. Would make a great print

Funny Old and Young Woman - Digital Painting

Old and Young Woman - Digital Painting
Digital Art.

Funny Girl Digital Art

Girl Digital Art
Mixed Media

Funny Woman on a Sofa - digital painting

Woman on a Sofa - digital painting
Digital Art,
Member reactions:
Yes, the doll chest is a great feature here.
Everything works beautifully , I think it's one of your best works, Joan

Funny Retro Woman Digital Painting

Retro Woman Digital Painting
Digital art.

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