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Funny Digital Pictures

Asian beauty (digital portrait)Funny Asian beauty (digital portrait)
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Egyptian Megan Fox (digital portrait)Funny Egyptian Megan Fox (digital portrait)
Member reactions:

*~}{~* . Inspirational work my friend. Absolutely Astounding.
Excelent nice clean and silky and smooth face Lovely digitized face ...
hihihihihihiiiii...... ho come l'impressione che tu sia davvero innammorato della megan robbbbertino..... vero.... un bellissimo bronzo amicuzzolo mio ciay ps: "ti voglio bene anche se non sembra".....
Anch'io Ricky, anch'io Hi, Robin, THANK YOU.
As Paul says "clean as a whistle". Congrats on the bronze, Pix.

My Digital Portrait of Harrison FordFunny My Digital Portrait of Harrison Ford
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Da Vinci digital painting tutorialsFunny Da Vinci digital painting tutorials
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ha ha good nice tutorial post it in FN Forums

Hedley the Shipwreck Tour Digital ArtFunny Hedley the Shipwreck Tour Digital Art
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A caricature work of my favorite Canadian band Hedley. Their are currently on road with their Shipwreck tour. ( The singer / pianist Jacob Hoggard ).
excellent work. Love the floating piano and the clearness overall,
Awesome, great composition so clean and very well executed
Its a Marvelous entry great caricature and nice detailing its look like all the crystals were falling on him Your really rock
Superb. Composition, very nice eyes, so innocent, well done
Really nice iboudesign ... It's one beautiful shipwreck.
Isabelle. Great to see you back with this cool chop. Missed ya.

Once Upon a Time Digital ArtFunny Once Upon a Time Digital Art
Member reactions:

Stuck for a title,just another fantasy pic that enables me to indulge in escapism.
It's not a chop, Pat, entirely created from scratch and ty for your comment.
This is pretty cool job poor lizard on the stone like it

Brain Daze in the Office Digital ArtFunny Brain Daze in the Office Digital Art
Member reactions:

My current situation preparing for the High Court where I have to debunk obfuscation,omission and miscontruction of the facts in what was once a very simple matter of appealing a decision in the lower court.
yep that is how they make their $$ it always starts out simple and turns into your very own nightmare and it sux but the work you have here is a perfect depiction of it is what it is

Angel in the Mist Digital ArtFunny Angel in the Mist Digital Art
Member reactions:

hahaha, picked me did you Kempo.....Thanks mate
I would have preferred Nymph in the mist.
now why didnt i think of that Bob....your'e right...
Mystical angle sitting in this background is really looking great seems to be a distressed angle
Yup-you have your trademark Cosmicity.

Lust Digital ArtFunny Lust Digital Art
Member reactions:

Amazing... what a great entry, Out of the BOX
Much appreciated guys , on a sad note...the protagonist of this picture has himself said that he cannot display this on his face book page because of cultural differences...this picture might be offensive to his aunties and uncles and stuff Anyway just a little story i wanted to share..thanks for the awesome comments =) ( The Payoff . )
I dont have words to comment on this chop everything here is floating including currency, fish, ship, pineapple, clocks, shoes etc all in reverse order good job done after all
Congrats, on winning the Gold.....nice work.
Wonderfully done Vipez , Gold Congrats ...
Looks like what Dali would photoshop if he lived nowadays. Great surreal chop. Congrats on the gold, vipez.

Mother Duck and Babies Digital ArtFunny Mother Duck and Babies Digital Art
Member reactions:

Proud Mum duck starts off with 12 ducklings by the second day she is left with 9 and on it goes till she is left with one or two or none at all. All sorts of predators come into play from eels, pythons, owls, eagles and cats. It cuts a bit and you feel for the mum, but it appears mother nature has designed it that way.
bob, with your usual simply have done a great job, i like much your thoughts on the nature bravo...
Thanks guys, looking at the pic it appears I could the extra mile.
So beautifully done love this chop its too natural and lovely composition

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