Mark Zuckerberg: digital native
Mark Zuckerberg: digital native
Mark Zuckerberg: digital native.

Funny Asian Beauty Digital Portrait

Asian Beauty Digital Portrait

Funny Woman in an Evening Gown Digital Art

Woman in an Evening Gown Digital Art
This is just a digital art piece I did that I hope depicts a woman focusing on a conversation of interest to her.
Member reactions:
I think your goal was reached with great perfection. She really seems to be paying attention to something, it is very well represented by the expression in her eyes. I sincerely hope to see this work between the top 4, congrats.
Yae you really captured my attention very nice idea
Thank you very much for your comments Demboscki, balodya Yae, and Newsmaster. I do appreciate the feedback.

Funny The Smoker Digital Art

The Smoker Digital Art
I did this picture because I wanted to use my 'smoking brushes' just because they are fun to use, not to promote or put down smoking.
Member reactions:
Frankly, I think it's unfortunate that we live in a world where you feel that you have to justify the cigarette in your image. The hypersensitive, politically-correct contingent forces us to walk on eggshells and it shouldn't be that way. I'm no tobacco advocate, but if the woman in your picture is a smoker…then by-golly, let her smoke.
Thank you for your comments, balodiya and NewsMaster. Hi, AntonZ, I agree that sometimes we feel forced to walk on eggshells in order not to offend someone.

Funny Lying in the Grass with my Pug Digital Art

Lying in the Grass with my Pug Digital Art
On a nice day, when you have some time, this is a lovely way to spend it.
Member reactions:
Thank you for your comments, balodiya and NewsMaster. I appreciate them.

Funny Marilyn Monroe Digital Art

Marilyn Monroe Digital Art
Marilyn Monroe is immortalized in many pictures, old movies, and she even had a song written in honour of her by Elton John. Yet, Marilyn led a very tragic life and died alone in her bed, of a drug overdose, either by mistake or intent. She is an interesting person to draw.
Member reactions:
Yes.... very right she is the most beautiful girl the world lost
Quality work. I wish the image were bigger though

Funny Cocktail Party Digital Art

Cocktail Party Digital Art
This digital art was done by using a photograph for reference. The stonework in the background is the one piece that is not mine. It was from a Kozzie image. Also, I designed her dress but did not do the lacework on it. That came from an image on the internet too.

Funny Horse Digital Painting

Horse Digital Painting
A Horse That Paints
Member reactions:
Kicky job Hidden, love the chop and the story. Is Metro working on a wacom

Funny Digital Hybrid Earth

Digital Hybrid Earth
Member reactions:
Great slice popping out... The insider revealed the secrets of New Technology driven earth... I hope it would be the Man Made 2nd Earth for our survival good one and nice idea
Congrats winning the Silver Cup Weathergurl, a clever imagination
Slick industrial chopping there Weathergurl. Congrads on the cup
Very clever, very hi-tech chop. Congrats on your first trophy with us, W-Girl.

Funny Leonado Da Vinci Doing a Digital Painting

Leonado Da Vinci Doing a Digital Painting
The young Leonardo posts here almost every day with his screen name but he rarely wins. The competition is tough. His last entry here was "The Last Supper" with Obama's face in the middle. It came in 29th out of 30.
Member reactions:
good one... Mona looks great and the painting done on a modern gadget
Hahaha, totally modern Leonardo. Top job.
So you are much better than Leonardo then (ha). nice job.
Ha your self boB, I'm no better than 87% of the other choppers here.

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