Rubber Burger with different flavours
Rubber Burger with different flavours
Rubber Burger with different flavours. I know you tried our Hamburger and don't like it. Hamburger is chewy.

Funny A different Mermaid

A different Mermaid

Funny Horse of a different colour

Horse of a different colour

Funny Wedding night different approach

Wedding night different approach

Funny Eat Different - Apple

Eat Different - Apple

Funny Different Styles Of Racing a Motorcycle

Different Styles Of Racing a Motorcycle

Funny A different Surreal India

A different Surreal India
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Member reactions:
Congrads on the top 10 finish. Some people see a six, one word, " " just above average. A 5.
Thanks guys. I guess we did not have a big surrealism crowd this time around.
Very artistic . This contest was high level
Great effort but, Xaos54 is back in town and hogging the Winner's circle.
Well it's hard going up against a fantastic artist with the latest gear, Ger. If we were playing pool I'd be shooting potatoes with a broomstick compared to his 15K Balabushka If you saw the antiquated crap I have to use to produce my chops your jaw would drop. Many thanks for the votes folks. I won't be doing much surrealism in the future, you have spoken ... I listen

Funny Two Different Worlds

Two Different Worlds
They will probably never ever meet.
Member reactions:
Cool concept and lighting effects, congrats on the gold madame.
Thanks all for the lovely compliments
Stunning work, congrats on the win, Madame. and big welcome to Freaking News.
Congrats on the gold MadameThenadier. Great chop.
Fantastic work friend and BIG welcome to freaking news , glad you join us

Funny Man and Woman on Different Planets

Man and Woman on Different Planets

Funny Many Different Flying Machines

Many Different Flying Machines
Member reactions:
Creativa entrada. Felicidades por la plata.
Nice composition, excellent work, congrats.
that was great work jmana I like this one alot it's was my favor , congrats on the silver man and keep up great chops
Top entry for sure... Congrads on the silver

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