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Funny Die Pictures

Die Holiday HardFunny Die Holiday Hard
Member reactions:

Fantastic work.... well designed and great work in the title as well
Silver for Jim to - you ruled this contest. Congrats again.
That's one gritty lookin` Santa. Nice work jimshorts
A twosome. Great work, you are on a roll. Congrats

Kenny Dies AgainFunny Kenny Dies Again
Member reactions:

Nice editing.... well done with the Egg concept looks good ...

Die EasyFunny Die Easy
Member reactions:
Bruce Honored
Excellent chop.... full of fire works engulfed the chop and the Gun Hole is amazing great view of brain from the head awesome chop with Bruce wills enjoyed the Beer with a fly
Awesome and Mind-blowing yeh. I mean it... Mind it Brain dead .... Head hunter.... Love it
Glad to see u working again, hope things are good. Congrads on the cup.
Another hit from the spinner. Great work.
Vlad, please check your inbox. I sent you an internal mail on the site, thanks pal
Wild stuff, Tim. Congrats on the bronze.

Die HardFunny Die Hard
Member reactions:

please try again
He is Bruce.... and its hard for him to Die.... Very funny.. love this new poster Waiting for its release good chop.... love the war scene created behind
Superb. Great Promot Cant wait till release of the movie Great work done here
This is my favorite of the two … nice work on the aging process … Funny as well.

Member reactions:

ELECTION DAY is approaching scarily, but HALLOWEEN night too... 20+ pics merged together...
Superb. Phenomenon concept and nice body
Marvelous.... a super combination of stocks and great to see the scars made on the body a real Halloween contest awaiting for 6th
Great illustration work, PixJockey, very professional looking … a lot of great chops in this one.

Before dying.Funny Before dying.
Member reactions:

“Humor is always based on a modicum of truth. Have you ever heard a joke about a father-in-law.” Aphorism, "Dick Clark"
..........Thank you very much my friend Chili........
Excellent idea Music Passion can be seen here.
Great Caricatured head nice expressive face and the lord of death also surrenders before his music good job
.....Thank you very much, my friend Balodiya. exactly... a quotation, which I loved: "Music is the soundtrack of your life" ....For now, Dick Clark ... so long......♪♫♬♩♬........ and thank you very much, my friend Rajesh☆☆☆. You know you always see the messages in my work.
Wonderful effects and great expression like it
........Thank you very much, my friend eric......... Glad you like it.
Thank you very much Donnza. "a lovely compliment."
..........Thank you very much, my friend Robert...............
come sempre una gran bella caricatura amico mio, complimenti e congratulazioni sono d'obbligo... mi piace tantissimo l'ambientazione funebre, un bellissimo oro fratellino... ------------------------------------------ as always a great beautiful caricature my friend, compliments and congratulations are of duty ... i really like the funerary setting, a beautiful gold little brother ...
Molte grazie al mio fratellone Riccardo. sono molto felice che ti piaccia. anche per gli insegnamenti dei tuoi fantastici lavori....... sono felice di risentirti. mi sei mancato tanto..................................................................................... ....Thank you very much to my brother Richard. I am very happy that you like. also because I'm learning a lot from your great work... nepaguy59 thank you very much. ...Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Thank you very much. kellie......... ....Thank you very much geriatric. .... thank you very much, my friend Chili............... am very happy you enjoyed my work...................... I hope it's like up there in heaven............................

Sumo Wrestlers Playing DiceFunny Sumo Wrestlers Playing Dice
Member reactions:

Andy Rooney DiesFunny Andy Rooney Dies
Member reactions:

Andy Rooney dies: End of an era
Smooth and beautiful, great tribute to a great man...Congrats DD.

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 5.0Funny Bruce Willis in Die Hard 5.0
Member reactions:

Bruce Willis - Bruce Willis Finds A Good Day To Die Hard Stock
Nice one ..... I know this Background loool
Thanks balodiya . I'm glad you like my work. How many known sources used, the work on the face and was very complex. But I love him in detail, are waiting to be answered, for publication in a journal, I hope it's the tenth commission charged by fn. Very hard this week I made twenty new caricatures for a disco, Hollywood. After the inauguration, the publish. Thanks again to all.
.....Thanks rajeshstar...... I'm glad you like my work.
Why don't you provide a link to these publications, I would love to see them.
Yes. Just open the restaurant put the article online, However, a small fee ... but thanks very much for your interest. Deaddog friend very happy.
Great use of the sources. You make a very good job, i like it.
Thanks JoaoN. I'm glad you like. I love composing from many sources
What's the name of the restaurant and small fee for what.
small fee to gain money, the site of local or nearly completed and will be online soon, clear code programmed in php, java script actions, very beautiful, the name is a surprise, I'm sorry for my bad English. After the contest we placed a couple of photo montage video work, even for local TV, but for now they are hidden site web....etccc......
Pcrdds Thank you very much. congratulations to you.
Congrats on the SILVER PSMandrake, great job.
.....JoaoN....... Thank you very much.
Awesome work brother i like all details here .. big congrats on your silver .. was close race this time
thank you very much friend kratos.. Congratulations to you too.. for now I'm realization many studies with the nine brushes and use a lot of sources ..... I am honored to stand next to you.
I cant believe that you are still trying to "CHEAT" by voting down the other entries Giving 15 of the entries a 4 is just another example of how you try to manipulate the results of virtually every contest you enter.
Yeh I aqree, and I certainly do not think that Krato's winning image was worth only a vote of 4 :/ Really Marco it is ridiculous and so transparent what u r doing here, also people recognize your wk and words and with the way you vote they are going to do the same to you. Ya not doing ya self any favours here all :/
and mine was worth a 3. and a 5. whereas the other items presented mine, were rated with 3, and 4 ...
my karma has been blocked by a couple of competitions and has no value, I do not understand, soo why accuse me, and not, who I voted down, also finished second
However, frankly speaking, according to the opinion mo are not the only one to be voted down in the forum I read a lot about this, especially the citations made ​​in my favor, of course we know, that I have received very heavy with private messages and insults threats, but I do not think everyone thinks I vote at the bottom, as has been explained by others on the forum, Of course I also apologize, but someone should do it like me.
Both votes of 4 & 5 were from users that had no karma and prob never will just because of the way they vote, everyone else voted accordingly on this image. And hey your vote makes u just as bad as they are, haven't u ever heard 2 wrongs do not make a right. Karma or no karma u tried to manipulate the vote & that makes you look pretty low in the eyes of the other authors here, insulting to them to say the least. You're just digging your own grave here Marco. As I have said b4 your are a brilliant PSer, but a very bad player with other people, to the point users are leaving because of you.
know that I have already recorded everything, and printed all the other emails, in more than you know they are sick, and make jokes about the pit does not seem nice. However at this point I let myself. I retreat, thanks very much to all. I was happy to be here, sorry for the trouble, and many many thanks for giving me a bit of force to get better with my illness, greetings, and good continuation.

Live Free or DieFunny Live Free or Die
Member reactions:

hmmmmm. you must be from New Hampshire...
Congrats again RT. I really, really like this one. I think it's freaking cool.

Ratatouille, Die Hard 4, and SickoFunny Ratatouille, Die Hard 4, and Sicko - Pixar's "Ratatouille" opened as number 1 movie in America this weekend with the estimated ticket receipts of $50 million. Following this rat race is "Die Hard 4" flick with Bruce Willis which keeps the second spot after opening last Wednesday. Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" opened in only 441 theaters on Friday, but did exceptionally well in each theater, and holds the 9th place in gross box office receipts. Combine any of the following movies - "Ratatouille", "Die Hard", and "Sicko" - in cross-placing characters, movie scenes, posters, or merging in any other way. You can design the new movie titles or keep the old ones. We will allow any of the "Die Hard" installments to be used, however "Die Hard 4" is preferred. Merging all the three films into one is allowed; or just take any two of them.

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