Live Free or Die Hard
Live Free or Die Hard
Live Free or Die Hard. Member reactions:
Fully Funkified yet funkitized for your protection ...
Great Job. Kinda Freaky if you imagine having a conversation with this dude. ...
Superchop. Distorted but very recognizable.
Looks great to me. Cograts on the gold, Dan.Dang close horse race. 0.018th difference. Thinner than plumbers tape
Thanks all. Yeah I didn't realize how close it was until you mentioned it Tim.
Congrats on the Gold, Funkwood. Perfect build and caricature work.
Congrats on the Gold Funkwood. I knew you had it bagged : )
*.* Faved., FunkMaster.
Congratulations Funkwood. Always spot-ON.
Congratulations Funkwood. Always spot-ON.

Funny Chocolate Billionaire dies

Chocolate Billionaire dies
Michael Ferrero dies on Valentine's Day. Ferrero Rocher Owner dies
Member reactions:
The man who gave the pleasure to generations.
Great job Chris. Oh well. Guess he made a lot of people happy and fat hehehe

Funny 2015 Craps Dice

2015 Craps Dice
Member reactions:
Very Interesting. It took some time to understand. Finally i understood. top of the is clear.

Funny White R.I.N.O. Dies

White R.I.N.O. Dies
Click Here For The News Story
Member reactions:
Nice work but, 'R.I.N.O.' . I missed the point.... (RHINO)
R.I.N.O. = Republican In Name Only. John Boehner is the Repb. Speaker of the House. People accuse him of being a Democrat sometimes.

Funny Die Hard Shrek

Die Hard Shrek
Member reactions:
Nice, but it'd be better to use the American version of the poster as most visitors on FN are English speakers
I would even love it without any watermark/text


Member reactions:
Me likes a lot. Some shadows are needed from the paw above the gun and from the gun itself

Funny run or die

run or die
Member reactions:
Amazing work,Nice face expression of Obama
Awesome caricatures & love the hair. Only problem I see are with the shadows.
Excellent chop but I agree with its420there, you must choice from where light comes from.
Great technique. I would change the composition a bit to make more sense - Obama attacking Putin for instance. Michelle attacking Barack makes little sense though. Also, I would decrease the head sizes - when they get too big it's hard to associate them with those tiny bodies.

Funny Die Band auf der Flucht

Die Band auf der Flucht
(The Band on the Run)
Member reactions:
The Bad indeed.

Funny Converse AllStar, Dies Hard

Converse AllStar, Dies Hard
Source Images
Member reactions:
Me likey lots are those the legs of a Wicked Stitch such a smelly death
Thanks very much Newsmaster, Gummy, 420 and QtrMS Yes my friend....smelly, yet a befitting end
Thanks Joan, Lu, Eric, and PSMandrake. 40+ yrs ago they were top of the line for basketball...if you were a serious player you had to have a $9.50 the Converse grip was superior to the $2.50 shoe.
A powerful and nostalgic image. Congrats on Silver, SplatShot
Thanks 420, Hitz, Doc, Bob, DD, Gummster, Silver-C, and Uncle-C. Thanks everyone for the votes, comments, faves, and all that admin stuff too.
They'll be back one day. Nice work Splat.
Thanks Geri Thanks LunaC, Maybe... I would kinda like a pair of them, just to wear around for kicks.
Thank you very much Andrew. Thanks very much, my friend PSMandrake. 40+ yrs old... I was telling the story thru the eyes of a friend. I do however currently play on a hardwood court. And I wear Ektelon's T9 Roadster. I think the best shoe going.
Congrats Splatshot, beautifully executed.

Funny Dying to be a model

Dying to be a model
Had a touch of the Modiglianis' here.
Member reactions:
Artwork. Liberty/old tapestry,Mandelbrot all togather
Unbelievably sweet.... Love it and congrats on the cup
Conratz on the bronze Laff. Great to see your work Trophy.
Congratulations on Wood, Laff.. Artistic with elegant flair
Congrats on the wood, Laff. Great to see you on the podium again.
Bless you all for the applause. Enjoyed doing this one.. but have been out of commission for months because of a film that grew over my repaired cateract. Unable to see properly to do my art... now I have been lasered... so back at it again. Thanks guys... huggs to all.

Funny Ratatouille, Die Hard 4, and Sicko

Ratatouille, Die Hard 4, and Sicko
Pixar's "Ratatouille" opened as number 1 movie in America this weekend with the estimated ticket receipts of $50 million. Following this rat race is "Die Hard 4" flick with Bruce Willis which keeps the second spot after opening last Wednesday. Michael Moore's documentary "Sicko" opened in only 441 theaters on Friday, but did exceptionally well in each theater, and holds the 9th place in gross box office receipts. Combine any of the following movies - "Ratatouille", "Die Hard", and "Sicko" - in cross-placing characters, movie scenes, posters, or merging in any other way. You can design the new movie titles or keep the old ones. We will allow any of the "Die Hard" installments to be used, however "Die Hard 4" is preferred. Merging all the three films into one is allowed; or just take any two of them.

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