Dick Clark Heaven Reunion
Dick Clark Heaven Reunion
Dick Clark Heaven Reunion. Member reactions:
Awesome Combination Very well done Music Lovers
Dancing in the clouds and the galaxy behind welcoming the great persons from earth
Thanks, everybody. Appreciate the nice comments.
Silver congrats Dr.Paul
Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Chili Man.

Funny Dick Clark Chocolate Bar

Dick Clark Chocolate Bar
Member reactions:
This is really awesome job great labeling of his name
Great Obituary in terms of Branding the great Clark
Great work cleaning up & adding same font, came out real pro.
Thanks Kellie, I appreciate the acknowledgement.

Funny Young Dick Clark

Young Dick Clark
Im trying a new adobe cs6 (beta) this was my 1st attempt,, and my 1st tim colorizing a black and white.
Member reactions:
so beautiful he is always remains in our hearts so clean and pure job done love it
Smooth work, lovely colors and great composition
Congrats, on the wood......great work Pree.
You did a wonderful job here Kerri , Congrats on the woody

Funny Dick Clark UP Movie

Dick Clark UP Movie
Member reactions:
This really an awesome thought to mearge him here very good

Funny Dick Clark Through the Years

Dick Clark Through the Years
Member reactions:
Nice tribute paid well merged with different facial expression
If you dodge away the dark shadows and use hue to make the skin tones match a little better, then put a photo filter adjustment layer over it all, I think the heads might match better, also with the bodies. But really good sourcing, nice finds on the heads.. And a funny joke, too. Good luck.
Thanks guys Icy Yeah been working on it as had to rush the idea before going to work. will run out of time but was more of a fun idea anyway
John, been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Good job, congrats on a great chop.

Funny Dick Clark Farewell Disco Party

Dick Clark Farewell Disco Party
Member reactions:
this one is so lovely, I will be waiting for that moment good though .... Welcome Dick
Very nicely done, good colors and like to see him smiling

Funny Dick Clark Road to Heaven

Dick Clark Road to Heaven
Goodbye Dick Clark..You brought my generation a lot of good times,and great music.Now all that's left are great memories..Rest In Peace, Mr. Teenager.
Member reactions:
Going towards the path which leads to Paradise, very well done its an awesome job to include the path and clouds filled all over this one is really terrific idea executed
Bronze congrats Mundo

Funny Dick Clark Young and Old

Dick Clark Young and Old
Member reactions:
Excellent Collection of the Talents nice job
Nice chop, good work with his time mentioning with the entry

Funny Dick Cheney Without a Heart

Dick Cheney Without a Heart
Cheney recovering after heart transplant "So what your say'n doc, is that I don't have to fake a hunting accident to speed the transplant list up a little."
Member reactions:
At last he got an Heart Donor, good concept to show him in a steel attaire, this shows his heart and the body is made of steel (brave heart) good chop, nice to mearge his face and the rest as a steel body . nice one
Very Interesting ConceptNose style is different

Funny Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant

Dr Clinton Gives Dick Cheney a Heart Transplant
US former vice president Dick Cheney gets heart transplant
Member reactions:
Good to see Clinton after a long time, everyone has a nice expression
Astonished to see a heart carrying by its own patient, is this heart of a doner or himself . Great work of putting this image as holding its heart, nice idea to create this funny expression found on Bill and Ms Clinton good job done
Many thanks guys for the comments..LIRASA:Welcome to FN.. rajeshstar:The heart that Cheney holding is his own heart and the donor heart inside him now.
Nice looking chop Black ... Congrats on the theme post.
This chop was an inspiration to the Heartless Celebrities contest. Really great composition.

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