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Funny Dicks Pictures

Dick Cheney Riding a SharkFunny Dick Cheney Riding a Shark
Member reactions:

I thought this might be yours. Great job and funny. But what grabbs me is the pearl colloring in the shark.. that's wicked ,D. Did the sourcecome with that coloring or did you tweak it.

Dick Cheney`s  Disaster Dali PaintingFunny Dick Cheney`s Disaster Dali Painting
Member reactions:

A true beauty, Pree. Nice wood you're sportin
awesome work premiememe great to see your works again .. congrats on the woody and keep up top works
Freaking Beauty I say. Luv the full view. Love all the added & changed elements. Haliburton money is a good statement. It's a green chop Congrats on the wood, pree. Me thinks Dali himself would luv it.

Obama on Phone and Dick Cheney with a Shot GunFunny Obama on Phone and Dick Cheney with a Shot Gun
Member reactions:
"Look Dick, the Health Bill passed...Live with it."
. Finniest thing I've seen in a while.
Thanks, geriatric...and thanks to all who voted for me...except the blind who gave me a one or a two...

Dick Cheney as a WomanFunny Dick Cheney as a Woman
Member reactions:

Sarah Palins hair, Nancy Pelosi's earings and scarf..he almost looks friendly as a woman.
Excellent choice of sources. I recognized the hair right away.

Dick Cheney as Susan BoyleFunny Dick Cheney as Susan Boyle
Member reactions:

BRILLIANT. Susan Boyle and Dick Cheney are both immediately recognizeable.

Dick Cheney SantaFunny Dick Cheney Santa
Member reactions:

Sweet blend - he looks like he's going through his "bad list".
Yep, nicely blended but I still wouldn't sit on his lap

Santa Dick Cheney with Naughty ElvesFunny Santa Dick Cheney with Naughty Elves
Member reactions:

Cheney is known as "Babbo bar stewardo" all over the world.

Dicks pantsFunny Dicks pants
Member reactions:

Dick Cheney Laxative AdvertFunny Dick Cheney Laxative Advert
Member reactions:

Who could use a strong laxative more. The ONLY laxative to use phosphorus...

Dick in a Can PerfumeFunny Dick in a Can Perfume
Member reactions:

Olaman mate I love this and thought it was way better than mine
Very clean work and funny. Congrats on wood oldman.
Well, the entry got woody. Goes nicely with the brand name, . Congratulations, oldman.

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