Hollywood Movie Directors Wearing Diapers
Hollywood Movie Directors Wearing Diapers
Hollywood Movie Directors Wearing Diapers. Member reactions:
Awesome collection of movie makers. What do rhino and pig mean .. The red car on the left is on a poster or in some way hanged .
Always funny and near the top, Congrads what new.
This director is the coolest of them all I like how you did them all in diapers
Hahahahaah captures the spirit of the contest. Very fun chop. Top 5...

Funny Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Diaper

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Diaper
Inspired by the Jim Carrey,Kate Winslet move "Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind"
Member reactions:
Awsome hahahahahahaahahahahaha too funny.

Funny Groundhog Smelling a Babies Diaper

Groundhog Smelling a Babies Diaper
If Groundhogs Ruled ,,they would pull little humans out of their homes ,and if they had a Stinky diaper there would be 45 days till spring :/
Member reactions:
There would be 45 days of snow, yellow snow... Great work.
That's what happen when you frighten a baby
ha ha.... good way to represent the green wave of stink flowing over the air
Thanks the contest was a gas.
Hahahahah That is just wrong. Cracked me up. Lots of work pree. Pretty good job on the paws. I always dread trying to make animal hands actually look like functioning appendages rather than stuck on stick figures that look like stuck on stick figures. Nicely done and congrats on the cup, sorry I got in the way, I mean, I'm not real sorry, but sort of sorry. oh heck I here squealing like a little girl hehe. Stay warm young lady. There is a brutal mess heading your way. We're right in the middle of it, mud, muck, snow ewwwyucky mucky.
yes hits hard to find nice nice groundhog hands And I love the competition....

Funny Shiver Me Diapers the Baby Pirate

Shiver Me Diapers the Baby Pirate
RED BEARD The Junior Pirate Please view in Hi-Res source photos The Original Pirate Song
Member reactions:
Cracked me up. Nicely done. I'd make the skull and crossbones smaller so it fits better in the lighter area.
Thanks guys. To pcrdds: I left the skull and crossbones the way it was in the source photo .
Agree to pcrdds 1st comment, though I saw the source photo. Since this looks like a portrait to me, I would think about to blurry the background to increase the focus on your junior pirate.
Thanks for the input guys, adjustments have been made
Thanks for edit. by the way: My son especially likes the bottle
Hahaha, even a golden tooth. Great tats too. Freaking love this chop.
Thanks so much everyone for your votes and comments . . . it's truly appreciated . . . and thanks again to pcrdds and TiredTom for your input, much obliged . . .
Great idea and lots of details, love the tattoos and the bottle. Silver congrats.
Freaking hysterical. Congrats on the silver - good loot, Mr. Qtr.
Many thanks Sunshin3, Chili and Newsy . . . much appreciated.

Funny Lisa Nowak Diaper on eBay

Lisa Nowak Diaper on eBay
Looks like she autographed little Nathan more than just a photo. Think it was a cry for help. Hmmm. Nowak photo rakes in profits on eBay Please view full for clearer image. Thanks.
Member reactions:
Woot. Only two more days to go & they are MINE....
Full view needed. I sold them to Midian. Love the entry.

Funny Lisa Nowak Wearing Astronaut Diapers

Lisa Nowak Wearing Astronaut Diapers
Wearing diapers is against the law in Florida unless you are over 65 years old.
Member reactions:
Love the entry and the author's comment
. Very funny. She seems a bit large in relationship to the car size to me. Love the sign.

Funny iPhone in a Baby Diaper

iPhone in a Baby Diaper
Ok, I changed the diaper..Yuck.
Member reactions:
Great idea. and actually a much cleaner chop post edit. (Pun intended ) Good show
this is a big help to all mom. wish i had one of this.
great edited version. wierd ideas sometimes help. i like it.

Funny Taco Bell Baby Diaper

Taco Bell Baby Diaper
Free with every purchase.
Member reactions:
This is simply fantastic idea and diamond execution. This Taco Bell e.coli diaper is what we'll soon need

Funny Senior Citizen Diapers

Senior Citizen Diapers
Keep your loved whys dry and happy

Funny Depends Urinators Diapers

Depends Urinators Diapers
Member reactions:
Keeps you dry all through the day and night

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