Queen Diana's Jubilee
Queen Diana's Jubilee
Queen Diana's Jubilee.

Funny Diana Ross with an Upside Down Head

Diana Ross with an Upside Down Head
...Inside out And round and round
Member reactions:
One of my faves in the contest - looks like a beard.

Funny Princess Diana in Germany

Princess Diana in Germany

Funny Diana Ross Michael Jackson Hybrid

Diana Ross Michael Jackson Hybrid
Member reactions:
Perfect merge... she can only replace the legend place... good one

Funny Diana Ross At Seventy

Diana Ross At Seventy
Member reactions:
Quite good caricature. The pie made of records is a clever touch.
Turning 70 and still looking as a new diva good one like the concept of Musical cake decorated with records
You kept the likeness like a seasoned pro. Congrats on the cup, Doc The diamond studded microphone is a great touch
Congrats on the silver, Paul. That cake is a cherry on top.
Thanks, G-Man, Andrew, Tim, Elegary and Newsy.

Funny Diana Ross Turns 70

Diana Ross Turns 70
Member reactions:
Now that is a different approach.. Cool, congrats on the woody Icy.
Congrats on the wood, Icy. Like that 70 pendant.

Funny Obama and Putin at Diana Ross' Birthday Party

Obama and Putin at Diana Ross' Birthday Party
Member reactions:
Haa Putin got what he deserves great chop with well illuminated... Like the vodka and the gift of Obama here good one
Fine job, congrats on the gold. You wavered on the likeness a little but you haven't seen her for five generations like a lot of us. I notice if you are not real familiar with a celeb it is very easy to wander away from the likeness. Big lesson there for all choppers. Like Luciano said, impressive use of colors. Very sweet.
Congrats on the gold, Elegary. Many fine touches in this chop

Funny Diana Ross and a Black Panther

Diana Ross and a Black Panther
Member reactions:
Like the comparision of Panther to her... good work
What's not to like, great job and congrats
Congrats on the bronze, Andrew. Clever idea about that clock time.
Thank you, Hitspinner, Elegary and NewsMaster.

Funny Diana Ross Upside Down

Diana Ross Upside Down
"Upside down ... boy you turn me, inside out and ... round and round ..."

Funny William and Kate with Baby Diana

William and Kate with Baby Diana
Best wishes to Kate and William.
Member reactions:
Great art job... Like the artistic work good to see Diana again... Nice and beautiful prediction
Marvaleous job done Qualify for the trophy
Nice idea and very cool face merge with the portrait

Funny Diana Ross

Diana Ross
African-American singer and actress Diana Ross is turning 70 on March 26. Born and raised in Detroit, Ross rose to fame in the 60s as a leading singer of her band "The Supremes", which rivaled "The Beatles" in popularity at the time. Ross sold over 100 million records combined during her career in "The Supremes" and the subsequent solo career after leaving the band in 1970. In 1993 The Guinness Book Of World Records named Ross the most successful female artist ever. For the upcoming 70th birthday of Diana Ross, photoshop her any way you wish. Image credit: European Pressphoto Agency

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