Barack Obama's Earthquake Detection Device
Barack Obama's Earthquake Detection Device
Barack Obama's Earthquake Detection Device. birds always know when they are in danger
Member reactions:
I like how you showed the motion effects here. I see you showed Obama quite open-minded too
Awesome chop. Don't know where his satisfaction come from in this situation... and we coluld also discuss about what looks lika a brain, but cannot be...
Great work... Obama with a brain... unbelievable
Congrats on Gold Elegary... This shaky hands is a nice touch.
Very well done... Congrats on the gold....

Funny Charlie Sheen Trying the New iScratch Itch Scratching Device

Charlie Sheen Trying the New iScratch Itch Scratching Device
To avoid embarrasing moments,... The iScratch will scratch your butt, anytime Apple of course.
Member reactions:
I almost spit out my coffee when I saw this. Well done, hidden.
the depth of field here is way off but the idea and foreground are great.
its too funny and hilarious to see the iscratch
Most of the Apple products are mutually scratch free but this one is a product by watching this I was scratching mine.........Head

Funny Barack Obama Earthquake Detection Device

Barack Obama Earthquake Detection Device
Member reactions:
I, always, wondered where/how he got his ideas. Thanks for clarifying that question. Humorous image-good luck.
Very clever. Congrats on the silver, An70.
One more Congratulatory footnote for An70.

Funny Russian Absolut Vodka Spying Device

Russian Absolut Vodka Spying Device
Please accept this gift of vodka President Obama.....
Member reactions:
Cleanly blended - the devices look real. Vodka is probably with a truth serum too
Really great work. Kinda makin me thirsty.

Funny Monet's Improvised Explosive Device

Monet's Improvised Explosive Device
Member reactions:
Love the painting texture you achieved with the integrated elements. Feels like modern scene painted indeed. Great to see you back, ganga.

Funny Man Wearing an Anti-smoking Device

Man Wearing an Anti-smoking Device
Some of us need more incentive than others.
Member reactions:
Awesome, I like the expression. Great image
Just when I though I've seen enough diamond chops in this contest, I see this one. I can't look at it without admiration and laughter at the same time. Superb. The look on the dude's face is Fan-freaking-tastic.
good job. lots of work here.and the result: .A WEIRD PHOTO FINISH..
I missed this one before. Visceral . . . and awesome.

Funny North Korean Nuclear Detonation Device

North Korean Nuclear Detonation Device
Each North Korean General has one of these handy at all times. The most important is Kim Jong Il's, (on right) ; it's the only one that works.
Member reactions:
As many Korean couples admitted, Kim Jong-il is the best match-maker

Funny MP3 Devices

MP3 Devices
iPot mpee3 player.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. The motto "Stink Different" is awesome
Oi. Quit taking the ... out of Apple. nicely done
Is that a camera on the iPot Mini.. Yikes.
Someone please send this to Steve Jobs. BWHAHAHAHA. Funny shiznizzle.

Funny Keyboard Voting Device

Keyboard Voting Device
Keep it simple
Member reactions:
Thanks everyone for voting. I missed it - had a long, long day today - sorry.

Funny Remote Control Voting Device

Remote Control Voting Device

Funny Earthquake Detection Devices

Earthquake Detection Devices
Yesterday a 6.9 earthquake rattled the Northern California coast. No damages or injuries have been reported. Today a series of moderate earthquakes shook up houses and streets around the world. This comes just before the third anniversary of the devastating Tohoku earthquake in 2011 which caused massive tsunami and triggered the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant meltdown. Earthquakes can hardly be predicted, so it's important to detect them as soon as they happen to react and minimize possible damages and injuries. A good detection device spots an earthquake that happened thousands of kilometers away, giving you time to get away from any buildings or structures that may fall. The problem is, such professional earthquake detection equipment is very expensive. What do we common people do then? Photoshop any earthquake detection devices that would warn you about earthquake shakeups one way or another. Many thanks to johnx1 for the themepost.

Funny Voting Devices

Voting Devices
America votes to choose its next president today. Since the infamous issues with paper ballots in 2000, when Florida decided the fate of the elections, electronic voting equipment have gradually replaced paper ballots, but these voting machines have their own issues from system glitches to privacy issues to hacking vulnerability. Paper ballots are still used in some polling places in the US and US embassies abroad, as well as in postal voting. The state of New Jersey (we don't call it hell for nothing!) decided to allow voting by email and fax these elections, and sparked a lot of security concerns as well as counting issues. Online voting is also practiced in some states. With all the problems with the currently used voting methods, we ask you to design a new (idiot proof or not) voting device, method, or ballot, that will help America choose its next president. Most importantly, do your civil duty - go and vote today, if you haven't already!

Funny Earthquake Detection Devices

Earthquake Detection Devices
Since Tuesday's earthquake in the US went strangely unnoticed for many residents of the earthquake areas, our very own Doxieone has "patented" a simple yet effective earthquake detection device. Photoshop more earthquake detection devices that would warn you about earthquake shakeups one way or another.

Funny Pigeons Devices

Pigeons Devices
Let's help the scientific pigeons project and show the world what the equipped pigeons will look like. You can also take the idea further and equip the pigeons with other devices (as long as the device is carried / located on the pigeon). Pigeons only please, other birds will be disqualified.

Funny Multi Tasking Devices

Multi Tasking Devices
Not everyone can juggle so many things successfully. Create a device that will combine multiple functions in order to aid in the multi-tasking needs of the average person or criminal.

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