Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found
Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found
Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found. Several important IRS hard drives were somehow destroyed and no one is taking the blame. Member reactions:
Oh Yes. We, finally, found a use for this useless Toad.
, just noticed my hard drive (Newsy) is there too, as well as FN's.
Congratulations # 1...I suppose there are more.(.)
Great representative statement, Doc. Funny as He11 Congrats

Funny Destroy Your Career

Destroy Your Career
. Member reactions:
Looks like they are coming out of some celeb purgatory,

Funny Yes We Can ! { Destroy America}

Yes We Can ! { Destroy America}
He must GO.. Member reactions:
YES, this will be a winner , no doubt :0)
Awesome entry really wonderful to see the background lit up with the firy light and Obama with two horns, two sharp teeth, and the crazy ears with a snake as his tail is really looking great wonderful job done HIDDEN
Looks so hot out there Ohh coz that's the New Jersey I guess..
Thanks to all of you for your great comments.
Gary, I would love to see her. We all had creepy ex-mother-in-laws.
hobbit my friend a wonderful bronze... deserve more many congrats for your bronze mate
Congrats, on the Bronze........great work.
Congratulations. Spittin' image of Mr. Hope & Change.
Congrats, EXCELLENT work and although the others are good I personally think you shudda got the Gold
Nice one hobbit90 ... A well deserved Bronze congrats.

Funny Giant Boy Destroying City

Giant Boy Destroying City
. Member reactions:
Excellent work good effects of smoke and the city in destruction well done with this chop

Funny New York Destroyed

New York Destroyed
. Member reactions:
This is so COOOOL....I would center the "Coming Soon" type . Greatest style ever.
Incredible...Great job..
a greattt movie poster... many complimets.... i like veeeery much this your work "hidden"
great gold funky... congrats for the win
Congrats Funkwood, the hits just keep on coming.
Thanks guys.This one started as just a poster, and when I realized I forgot to add Nostradamus I added the crystal ball with his reflection. It actually worked out better.
All your works are so . Double congrats and keep it up.
awesome work funkgold you keep doing rock works ..
Nostradamus in crystal ball catches the true prophesy spirit here - I luv it.One of his predictions came true for sure - Funk won gold in this contest.Congrats.
Awesome job funkwood. Congrats on the gold...

Funny Drunk Men Destroying Paintings in Museum

Drunk Men Destroying Paintings in Museum
TWO old drunk... DISASTERMAN and PCRDDS ENTER INTO A MUSEUM OF NIGHT ... And seeks to destroy an old painting of General Custer and Buffalo Bill.DISASTERMAN: HEY PCRDDS... WHY DO YOU WANT TO DESTROY THIS BEAUTIFUL PAINTING..PCRDDS: BEAUTIFUL ...... BUT DO YOU SEE THAT IS REALLY SUCKS ... it is better to destroy BEFORE THAT SEE THE OTHER PEOPLE .. Member reactions:
Hahaha.....Paul, don't destroy the painting or your Karma will drop
HA. Thanks for the clown nose, hidden. Excellent work.
disasterman, i hope paul not destroyng this paint.... 3 day for made.... hehehehe
thank you robby.... credi che abbia una possibility....
hehehehe ... paul does not worry about the clown's nose .... is only a caricature ... and then i had to see that you are drunk ......
Nice job HIdDeN. Can't say much for your humor but, chop is excellent. {Dr. Chuckles is held in high regard by his Fans at the Asylum.}
thank you geriatric for the comment.... hehehehe
10 and good luck
grasssssssssssssssssie robertuzzolo
Freaking hilarious.The two troublemakers, hahaha.

Funny Boy Riding on a Dragonfly in Destroyed City

Boy Riding on a Dragonfly in Destroyed City
2020. Member reactions:
Many thanks.. was after a post-atomic, all beings with genetic mutations
Many thanks to all, great contest. I really enjoyed myself. goodbye and thanks, best regards.

Funny Dog Destroyed Toy

Dog Destroyed Toy
I couldn't figure out what to do with the original so I gave it to our 'new' puppy for a toy ... it lasted about three minutes.. Member reactions:
It's those needle-sharp baby teeth ...
He's not naughty. He's a good boy -- a trifle destructive, but that's why I gave him the blimp to play with since it was frustrating me after I worked so hard on my own version of the Hindenburg Disaster ... but as you can see somebody else beat me to the punch ... (boom... ) and took gold.

Funny God of War Destroying Earth

God of War Destroying Earth
hope you like it the original photo is for god of war. Member reactions:
thanx so much for comment and for votes it's was a speed design

Funny Destroy Monuments!

Destroy Monuments!

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