Jeff Koons Destroys the World
Jeff Koons Destroys the World
Jeff Koons Destroys the World.

Funny Putin destroys Western food

Putin destroys Western food
Putin Destroying Banned Western Imported Food
Member reactions:
The proverb says: "Eat breakfast myself, share dinner with a friend, a dinner give to the enemy." But Russians eat as if they have no friends, no enemies ...
Great. Lot of things here, but some in background (bottles,cans) seem too big.
In Russia everything is big and only small ... President.

Funny Obama Destroys the Constitution National Enquirer

Obama Destroys the Constitution National Enquirer
Member reactions:
All freaks at same place especially the Iranian Dr. Nuke
Congrats on the bronze, Paul. That Dr. Nuke looks shady.
Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, Newsy...yes, "Dr. Nuke" IS shady. .

Funny Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts

Isis Apes Destroy Artifacts
Artifact Thugs ISIS thugs destroy priceless ancient art
Member reactions:
Excellent and a bit scary too... then again so is their vandalism
I would have expected ,ore outrage considering we are all supposed to be artists. Thanks for the comments, guys.
I expected this one definitely to place. Go figure.
Though not meant to, it may have caused some discomfort with folks sensitive to the subject. Sometimes chops that deal with Islamic bad apples don't do very well and that is understandable. But it is current news, chop-able stuff and that is what we do. It actually takes courage to take these idiots to task because they can't laugh at themselves and tend to get all violently angry and kill people that object to their BS.

Funny Giant IPOD Robot Destroying City

Giant IPOD Robot Destroying City
Member reactions:
Interesting thought it looks like unfolding model of a cell phone rather than iPod. The helicopter source is quite pixelated
Top 5 congrats...... Very transformerish..

Funny Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found with Barack Obama

Destroyed IRS Hard Drives Are Found with Barack Obama
Several important IRS hard drives were somehow destroyed and no one is taking the blame
Member reactions:
Oh Yes. We, finally, found a use for this useless Toad.
, just noticed my hard drive (Newsy) is there too, as well as FN's.
Congratulations # 1...I suppose there are more.(.)
Great representative statement, Doc. Funny as He11 Congrats

Funny Dinosaur Destroying the City

Dinosaur Destroying the City
Destroying the city.
Member reactions:
Cool beans.

Funny Destroy Your Career

Destroy Your Career
Member reactions:
Looks like they are coming out of some celeb purgatory,

Funny Barack Obama Escapes Just In Time Before Earth is Destroyed

Barack Obama Escapes Just In Time Before Earth is Destroyed
Member reactions:
Awesome. But I would remove the stars. With that much brightness from the earth and the asteroids, you wouldn't able to see them. Just google 'blue marble earth' and you will see what I mean.
I know that, Eltrut, but I tried it with a black background and it was just missing something. I've now removed a good deal of the stars.
I thought Obama would be the one pushing the button....nice work
Good thing he stocked up on ciggies. Now the only thing he heeds is to find a new planet to rule it.
Looks much better....My favorite in the contest.
He'd be the first to run for cover. Nice Rocketship.
Awesome... Job done... Great work on putting the astroids in the path to strike the earth Well done in the chop where the Earth burns and Obama was the first person to get trigger off to some distance planet with the stocks like Marlboro very funny he needs cigarettes more
Genius work, Looks like Hidden got the HD Zoom Multy-Mega Pixel Super Cam which captures Obama's escape . Brilliantly done with all necessary stuff with him
the fire on the Earth is great.. I see Obama found a space craft ,, good since he took away americas shuttle :/
"ZOOOOOM." Love the jet-trail. Double Congratulations.

Funny Giant Boy Destroying City

Giant Boy Destroying City
Member reactions:
Excellent work good effects of smoke and the city in destruction well done with this chop

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