Destroyer of America communist-gunner
Destroyer of America communist-gunner
Destroyer of America communist-gunner. Never step here (to doodie and communism).
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Bronze congrats, perfect title for Burnie.
Congrats on the Bronze, Andrew. "Communist-Gunner" That Works.

Funny Left Wing Destroyer

Left Wing Destroyer

Funny Destroyer

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Top 5 congrats Assad.Creative and spectacular

Funny Destroyer


Funny Star Destroyer

Star Destroyer
Start DestroyerWhile Trump investigated the vandalism the Guy just happened to come back, I hope he won't miss it's target...

Funny Vladimir Putin the Destroyer

Vladimir Putin the Destroyer
Russia DOUBLES jets bombing Syria ISIS targets as single missile attack kills 600 jihadis End of ISIS. Russian bombs leave terrorists on 'brink of DEFEAT' with only 34 bases left
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It looks like he has a cigarette in his ear, but, of course it is not. Good chop.
He's a bit too trigger happy. Great chop.
Great composition and chopping. The bottom of Putin's face is changed so much though, it's not easy to recognize him
Thank you so very much for all your comments. Unfortunately, not so much like my picture to its members. For this reason, I am sad, but I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. For those who are like, thank you and I'm glad. I hope next time I create more lasting.

Funny The Russian Economy Destroyers

The Russian Economy Destroyers
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That sums it up nicely, flexing muscles when the country's economy and politics go down the drains
And yet even another fun-filled Andrew delight..........................

Funny Russian Jet Buzzes American Destroyer

Russian Jet Buzzes American Destroyer
Russian jet and American destroyer
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Putting ID markers in chops not good, the ship is the USS Jason Dunham (DDG-109)not Ross,is there a law against stolen honor.
I think the Ross is 71..
U.S. Navy Denies Russian Fighters Chased Off Destroyer USS Ross in Black Sea
Stunning aircraft Well done best of luck.
Problem of painting. It should have been 71 URSS but painter was dyslexic.
and on the wood. 3 out of 4 - ain't too shabby.

Funny Blue Bird the Destroyer

Blue Bird the Destroyer
Ultraman #97. The battle for Cardboardtown
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There are no hero's in Cardbordtown. Just winners and victims
Amazing.... Cardbordtown is full of victims and winners and amazing eye.... good job done on the details and the Ferocious blue bird is too good

Funny World Destroyer Space Movie

World Destroyer Space Movie

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