Hulk and Shrek Fighting on a Desktop Screen
Hulk and Shrek Fighting on a Desktop Screen
Hulk and Shrek Fighting on a Desktop Screen. In this work i used two programs - Photoshop: for painting Shrek and composition . - ZBrush: for sculpting hulk model . you can see the T-Pose on this link :
Member reactions:
Pretty awesome - you drew them from scratch.
NewsMaster : Yes I do .. there is steps for sculpting hulk model and shrek was a quick painting in one layer only from scratch
PSMandrake : I didn't use Zsphere .. I was started from sphere using Dynamesh method
PSMandrake : Me too, But i use it with 3Dmax. thanks PSMandrake
Congrats on the gold, zoomcrom. Your first gold with us, woo hoo.
SplatShot : thank you very mush SplatShot
NewsMaster : thank you alot really i'am very happy thax
thank you andwhat, Hitspinner, MsgtBob, Wanderer, SplatShot and LunaC ^_^
Congratulations on the Gold, Zoom. Awesome work

Funny Steve Jobs Desktop Tribute

Steve Jobs Desktop Tribute

Funny Dibkey Eating Desktop Wallpaper

Dibkey Eating Desktop Wallpaper
Donkey is eating my desktop, somebody save my computer ...
Member reactions:
I agree, this is a fabulous chop and very imaginative. Well done.

Funny Pacman Computer Desktop

Pacman Computer Desktop
watch out for your icons

Funny Desktop Fondue

Desktop Fondue
Now, you can look forward to the day your Computer has a complete and total meltdown..
Member reactions:
This makes me feel hungry...and I'm on a diet... nicely done.
Loved the caption. Wonder how many calories are in this...

Funny Hamster Desktop

Hamster Desktop
Don't forget to check out the latest Hamster Inside extras such as the Hamster Inside patented Autofeeder
Member reactions:
Ha ha. Good work, hey.- that's the PC I use.
I heard they are already inventing the dual chimp Motherboards too

Funny Avatar Desktop Wallpaper

Avatar Desktop Wallpaper
sources For all you "Avatar" fans out there.

Funny Sunflower Sun Desktop Wallpaper

Sunflower Sun Desktop Wallpaper

Funny Desktop Dolphin Fountain

Desktop Dolphin Fountain

Funny Desktop Computer Tower on Planet of the Apes

Desktop Computer Tower on Planet of the Apes
My God. It's full of cables.

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