Fashion Designer McCartney T-Rex
Fashion Designer McCartney T-Rex
Fashion Designer McCartney T-Rex. Stella McCartney is a fashion designer. Paul McCartney's daughter.
Member reactions:
Looking smooth. I like how she's is holding the bone.
smooth work with the transition in sizes. THe t-rex head needs work

Funny Black Boot Porsche Designer Car

Black Boot Porsche Designer Car
Member reactions:
Excellent work. The second shoe should have a wheel and bumper visible too
I know how impossible it is at times to find the exact orientation. You were lucky to find even "one" vehicle with an orientation to fit so well. Kudos on a fantastic job. I love this.
I left the other shoe as it was to show the difference.
I am stumped. I had this one picked as a very definite possible winner.... Sometimes I get so confused. . Beautiful work Luciano

Funny Jet Designer In Her Office

Jet Designer In Her Office
Member reactions:
One of the best works in the contest. You really gave this office setting an aviation feel.
I want one of those. Great Job AJ. Congratulations.

Funny Mini Rabbit Elephant New Designer Pet

Mini Rabbit Elephant New Designer Pet
Member reactions:
tusks are mounted a bit low but its awesome, great idea

Funny Designer Kratos Wanted

Designer Kratos Wanted
I would like to thank Kratos, that contributed to the portrait of this work. DesignerKratos Thank you very much..... Please full view.
Member reactions:
What's the .... .. really fantastic work .. I will print it in my home many thanks hidden , good luck
Thank you very much Kratos.....
realmeert . i should switch off my photoshop and run a way hahaha
Hahaha...the most wanted in the world. Quickly we catch he and gets present. Kratos doesn't go too far that we easy to catch your. Its fantastic poster design.
This is great. Nice design, awesome concept......Kratos better watch out if the 20,000,000 statement is true though...they'll all be after him
Have edited the picture. From now on, Reward: $ 20,000,000.
This is awesome.. Fantastic. Nice design and great composition.
20.000.000 ... now I must really be careful from fn members hahahah
$20,000,000.. that is like.... a kazillion FN credits
hehe Yes $20,000,000 ...
Another amazing piece man. Your work is fantastic dude.
Bracey : :O Thank you very much ,dude. Thank you.....'re ready for the Big-Time with this chop. You will have to battle Kratos though. Congrats.
Congratulation amadeus1990. Because this very good poster.
Congrats amadeus,... I kinda suspected this was yours. Great tribute to Krtaos, our king in the making..
Thanks guys.
really great one amadeus I will print it today but I am afraid about that maybe my friends will believe that and they will catch me hahahhaa thank you so much and it's great honor for me ... also congrats on the silver
Thank you very much for your congratulations Kratos. You do not need to thank you for my honor to have been used in the portrait. Thanks my friend
(szia Krisz,félreolvastad,azt írta,h gyanakodott is rá,h te csináltad a képet,gondolom mert már ismer téged annyira,szal nincs gond ) CONGRATS AMADEUSZ..
Jaaa okés,akkor rosszul értelmeztem. Rendben van. Thanks Gabol.

Funny Fashion Designers Dressing Sarah Palin

Fashion Designers Dressing Sarah Palin
Member reactions:
Not sure I understand the title, it's about jewelry .
Nope it's her spending party money on EVERYTHING designer. just a normal mom from next door. sure she is
Great choice of topic. Most awesome blending.
Just like any hockey mom would buy, all she needs is designer pitbull lipstick (Neiman Marcus only), and on the party tab.

Funny Designer Watch

Designer Watch
Click on image for bigger.j
Member reactions:
JJ Infinity - The official watch of brokers and Wall Street crashes. Get one today.

Funny Designer Bongo Drums

Designer Bongo Drums

Funny Designer Gas Masks

Designer Gas Masks
They're all the rage.
Member reactions:
Love the idea and especially the Mickey Mouse mask but the text on the zebra one is off. Too bad.
Problem solved Grabthar. It bothered me too but I couldn't seem to get it fixed right so I just removed the text. Thank you for your comment.
Love the fashion spin. One of the best in the contest.
nice, atlast a mask that matches the hand bag =P

Funny Paris Hilton Designer Jail Glasses Frames

Paris Hilton Designer Jail Glasses Frames
From the Paris Hilton fashion collection comes these new Designer Frames. I've heard Lindsey Lohan has some of these frames on order.
Member reactions:
The idea and execution both deserve a merit.

Funny Designer Masks

Designer Masks
Face masks run out as residents panic! Surging pollution levels are driving panicked residents of the Indian capital, Delhi, to queue up for face masks, leading to shortages across the city. "I am ready to wait for an entire day, but I am not going without buying masks today," an angry customer shouts at a shop assistant in Delhi's Khan Market shopping centre. Others join the commotion as shop assistants struggle to pacify angry customers, some of whom have been waiting for more than two hours to buy masks. The shop, which sells the high-end Vogmasks brand, has no stocks left and customers have been told to wait until the afternoon. The masks generally come in a variety of colours and designs, but with stocks selling out, people are happy to settle for whatever they can get their hands on. Design face masks of any shape or style that you would like to see that protect people from pollution! From branded masks to masks with advanced technical features, use your imagination! For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny Designer Handbags

Designer Handbags
Mrs. Obama raised a lot of eyebrows today when she was seen with a $1,000 designer handbag, revealing the luxury life the first lady is living in these harsh times for the country. On the other hand... she's not supposed to walk around with a plastic shopping bag, right? Let's come up with some unusual handbags - re-shape them, or use some unusual materials for designing your handbag. (...and who knows maybe one day your handbag creation becomes a fashion icon selling for $1000 just like Michelle's bag.)

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