Dali Highway Sign Design
Dali Highway Sign Design
Dali Highway Sign Design .

Funny First North Korean Drone was designed from American prototype

First North Korean Drone was designed from American prototype
Obsolete Russian technology plus North Korea natural resources. War is war, but lunch must be in time.
Member reactions:
Always get a kick out of your entries. Congrats Wanderer
Thank you, my friend. Politicians will continue do their business and we'll do ours.
Congrats Wanderer so much imagination poor out of ya. Well played

Funny Kim Jong Un's North Korean Nuclear Bomb Design

Kim Jong Un's North Korean Nuclear Bomb Design
North Korea's Nuclear Program: How advanced is it.
Member reactions:
Great job. Woody congrats, GRM. "The devil's in the details"
He's a detailer for sure. Congrats GRM. Beautifully crafted masterpiece
we'll be in big trouble when he learns how to read. congrats GRM.

Funny Chinese Lunar Lander Design

Chinese Lunar Lander Design
What will the Chinese Lunar Lander look like. China readies 'high capability' rocket for manned mission to Moon
Member reactions:
Nice to see you again, Reg. Clever stuff.

Funny Michelle Designing Bushes in White House Garden

Michelle Designing Bushes in White House Garden

Funny Salvador Dali's Fashion Design

Salvador Dali's Fashion Design
Member reactions:
Thanks eric,,,baloya.. seems Salvador is a fashion designer with a flair for the Unusual
Great work like the shoes with different models
rajesh thanks.. pomegranate pantent leather
Boulpix.. Goat.. thank you . Im glad you liked it.. its Drew Barrymore ,,but after a attached the lips i thought it lost the resemblance ...
Congrats Preemie...I like how you layered Dali's artwork over the skirt
. A knock-out. Seriously creepy with the ants, girl. Hey. I see Drew Barrymore. The "doll" theme is so good, I'm gonna steal it some time, The shoes, the price tags, the neon sign ... all fabulous.

Funny Etch-A-Sketch Original Design

Etch-A-Sketch Original Design
Early prototype, prior to the addition of the vertical dial.
Member reactions:
Hahahah yeah it is. Sort of reduces the whole idea down to start
Sometimes less is more. Very clever chop.

Funny Indoor Pool Designs by Michelangelo

Indoor Pool  Designs by Michelangelo
A tour of Michael Jordon's incredible estate is not complete without a look at this faboulous indoor swimming area designed by world famous architect Michelangelo.

Funny Internet Designed Bathroom

Internet Designed Bathroom
photoshop work on an ordinary bathroom to make a complete IT bathroom.......showing extreme addiction of the internet in today's life........
Member reactions:
It's fantastic in full view... I totally want such bathroom.
nice concept, I would give the Google some perspective
congrats on the silver and your first trophy at FN
Silver congratulations, and special congrats on your first trophy amitkhera.
Congats amitkhera... very clean and very well done..
thanx every 1 for the appreciation & voting 4 me................
you are rocking man ... congrats on the silver and big welcome to freakignews
Nice job on this, congrats on the silver.

Funny Functional Design Cutlery

Functional Design Cutlery
Member reactions:
A very good and funny one... A few typos in the health warning though, but it might have been done voluntarily.

Funny Rejected iPhone 6 Designs

Rejected iPhone 6 Designs
Apple announced their two new super-sized iPhones - the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Sized at 4.7 and 5.5 inches they actually feel more like a mini iPad rather than a bigger iPhone. The apps had to be completely rewritten for the larger screens - e.g. The Messages, Stocks, and Mail apps now have a two panel horizontal view. Despite these adjustments, the super-sized iPhone 6 are not as easy to use as their predecessors - typing sms messages with just one hand and your thumb is going to be a problem - as the keyboard is wider and the left letters are hard to reach. Samsung Galaxy smartphones were criticized for their Godzilla sizes and heavy weight, but the new iPhone 6 Plus is even bigger. The release date is September 19. Size is definitely going to be a widely discussed issue for the iPhone 6. Let us show the iPhone 6 designs that would be rejected as inconvenient - make them too wide or too long, shape them into a square, triangle, circle, or any other forms. You can also show how apps could be located/designed in those inconveniently shaped iPhones.

Funny Design a Horse

Design a Horse
The upcoming year 2014 is The Year of The Horse. The horse is the 7th zodiac sign in the 12 year Chinese cycle. Horses are present in Chinese legends way more than any other animals. The Greek mythology worships horses even more - they even created the legendary half-man, half-horse creatures - centaurs. To greet the upcoming 2014 Year of The Horse, create your own horse by using parts of different animals (or humans).

Funny New 100 Dollar Bill, rejected designs

New 100 Dollar Bill, rejected designs
While the government shutdown goes on, a new 100 dollar bill was released into circulation this Tuesday. The US Treasury, like most of the government, could not be reached for comment. The new Benjamins are almost twice as expensive to print as their predecessors, but have many new anti-counterfeit features, including the hidden text and pictograms that can be seen only under special light. The last re-design of $100 bill happened in 1996. $100 US bills are especially popular abroad - foreign treasuries and tourists hold close to a trillion dollars in $100 bills. Do you think it's a good time to start printing new money? Photoshop any designs of the new $100 bill, that were rejected for one reason or another.

Funny Design a Snake

Design a Snake
The upcoming year 2013 is The Year of The Snake. According to Chinese astrology, people born in the year of the snake are endowed with wisdom, have good luck with money and can easily charm people, so they have lots of friends. Probably the only drawback for the "snake people" is that they are capable of biggie lies, when they need it. They make great writers, filmmakers, and politicians. To welcome the upcoming 2013 Year of The Snake, design your own snake from any items, materials, or animals.

Funny Rejected iPhone 5 Designs

Rejected iPhone 5 Designs
With the introduction of iPhone 5, Apple again raised the smartphone bar. Although it sports a new design to accommodate a wider and longer screen, the iPhone 5 is not a radical departure from Apple's successful formula. The device still transports its users into Apple's world of digital media and 700,000 mobile apps. The phone's screen was expanded to make it more comfortable to hold in your hand and operate with your thumb. The device is encased in glass and aluminum and, like previous models, comes in two colors, black and white, with a silver back. Show possible rejected designs of iPhone 5 that didn't make it to the market for any reasons.

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