I Need Dentures
I Need Dentures
I Need Dentures.

Funny Barack Obama's New Dentures

Barack Obama's New Dentures
Member reactions:
Hey, If I had a set of choppers like that I'd have to change my screen name.
Out of the box.. Yeh I mean it... Teeth Out of the box(Chatter Mouth) , Brilliant concept hidden and genius work
Its a temporary adjustment.... all secrets revealed here

Funny Dolly Parton's Dentures

Dolly Parton's Dentures
Member reactions:
Parton me, but that's hysterical (including the title) Great job.
She looks awesome.... and her teeth drop to the correct place hilarious chop

Funny Tiger Woods' Dentures Flying Away

Tiger Woods' Dentures Flying Away

Funny Old Man with His Dentures Out

Old Man with His Dentures Out
Member reactions:
laughing my arse off....I think you nailed it
I am totally speechless...and apparently, toothless as well.
This is Fu$#in& hilarious and completely true.....
Hilarious... Addicted to chopping and i m addicted to give him good comments... Ha ha her mother has teeth and he dont good job done
Freaking idea Marvaleous performance The Interior and the whole room looks awesome good clean and neat job done
Caught Choplifting I am just like my Mother Master item here
Hysterical … I thought this might have been done by Gummy, nyuk, nyuk, nyuk … Love the mom pic, Congrats, funkgold.
great horny toads awesome first and second win funkwood
Beyond words, love it. Congrats on both wins,you're tops.......
Thanks all. This one's been simmering on the back burner of my mind for a while, so when It started chopping, it only took a couple hours.
This is hysterical. "Caught choplifting." hahaha. Congrats on da gold, funk.

Funny Denture Glue Ad by Van Gogh

Denture Glue Ad by Van Gogh
Member reactions:
I think you mean to use the word: Lose-not loose. ..

Funny Dentures Falling From the Sky

Dentures Falling From the Sky
just for fun
Member reactions:
Cool chop and great gif.. I wish freaking news had gif contests too . I love making gifs as much as chopping......
Pree...you stole my occupation. I'm suing. Bwahahahah. Great job and Silver congrats.
PCRDDS the whole time i was chopping away i was thinking of you.,, ty
Congrats pree. Don't remind me whats around the corner.
Okay, Pree...next time I chop I'll think of you. That's a promise.
very different approach ha ha very good Congrats
Lotsa fun in this. Looks like Fish from Barney Miller..
he does. ,, i made him from a few ppl
Congrats on the silver, Pree. This would make a nice poster for any dentist's office.

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci Dentures

Leonardo Da Vinci Dentures

Funny Jim Carrey Holding His Dentures

Jim Carrey Holding His Dentures

Funny Dracula Needs Dentures

Dracula Needs Dentures
Member reactions:
If Dracula do not have teeth... then how it will suck blood

Funny Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE

Dog Meets Dentures = SMILE
This 'smiling' dog ended up with a bizarre grin after clamping its jaws around a discarded set of false teeth. Lucas Alves Magalhăes, from Monte Aprazível, Brazil, found his dog, Pandora, chomping on the dentures after finding them in the garden of his home. The 32-year-old, a deputy headteacher at an agricultural college, said the false teeth appeared to fit perfectly in the animal's mouth. Give ANY animal a set of HUMAN TEETH. As in this news story, try to make the teeth fit perfectly in your animal's mouth. No Politicians, No Entertainers allowed! For more background on this story Visit This Link

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