Self Dentistry
Self Dentistry
Self Dentistry. Keep Calm and Smile On.
Member reactions:
I'll never see my dentist in the same way ..
Great work, definitely got the freak factor. Congrats on the Bronze.
Great build and morphing. Congrats on the bronze, Karar....
Congrats, K9. After seeing your image, wearing dentures seems less of a pain in my arse.

Funny Lizard Calling Jungle Dentistry

Lizard Calling Jungle Dentistry
Eating too many insects will rot your teeth. Everybody knows that.
Member reactions:
... Rango is very expressive with that call
Hilarity factor: HIGH. Brilliant execution too. Love the tooth button on the phone
Silver Congrats, LunaC.. Great work on that funky, meth mouth chameleon

Funny Twilight Dentistry

Twilight Dentistry
Reduce please
Member reactions:
Now I wanted to go to the dentist. Discouraged Hi,Hi,Hi...
This is hilarious and very clever. Vampires with dentures. They dont bite, they suck.
Congrats HS Funny stuff and great execution.
Congrats on the gold Hitspinner, Great chop and funny stuff
Congrats HS. Nice work. There were so many good pics in this contest.
Looks like a WB Television poster from the Frog channel,i.e., very real looking. I would believe Buffy is going to Dental school if I didn't know the series. Congratulations.
, I am surprised. Thanks for the votes and comments, folks. I guess funny wins over good once in a while. Now I'll just wait and see how many Twilight fans paper my house hehehe. I probabally crossed a sacred line by turning cool, brooding teens into toothless toons
Congrats Hits, great win, hats off. You got me and Rain in the same contest, heheh.
Congrats on the gold HIT.This is so funny,it cracked me up
I wasn't going to say a word, Funkwood But that is rare. Thanks Jo, but I can't even spell intel.. intil.. intal.. you know what I mean
awesome mate...just brilliant idea...hahaha

Funny Dentistry Budget Cuts

Dentistry Budget Cuts

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