The Royal Dentist and His Highness
The Royal Dentist and His Highness
The Royal Dentist and His Highness. A day at the Royal Dental Clinic London

Funny A Trip To The Dentist

A Trip To The Dentist
Member reactions:
Excellent. You should apply a small difference in one of the eyes.
Damn lou, I had to take him to a dentist just to get him this far.

Funny Paul Ross the Photoshopping Dentist

Paul Ross the Photoshopping Dentist

Funny Barack Obama at the Dentist

Barack Obama at the Dentist
Paul "drilled" Obama often here at Freaking News. And he never used anisthetic. Will miss his playful wit and wry commentary. Rest in Peace PCRDDS.
Member reactions:
Ohhh yes, because going to the dentist scares me too.
Thanks. Was trying to mimic Paul's signature style: Larger heads on smaller bodies with lots of tasty details.
This captures Paul's style nicely indeed. He'd appreciate this one
Congrats on the gold, LC. Ya inched past me right at the wire It's pretty close to Pauls style me thinks.
Gold Congrats, LunaC. I think, Paul would like your your picture.

Funny Paul Ross at the Dentist

Paul Ross at the Dentist
Some dentists require more persuasion than others (cause they know what's coming.). RIP Paul.

Funny Dentist Wearing a Crown

Dentist Wearing a Crown
Member reactions:
Great idea. Well done. Paul would be proud

Funny Cheap Dentist in Mexico

Cheap Dentist in Mexico
Americans are flocking to Mexico for cheap dental work
Member reactions:
HA. Thanks for reminding me of my appointment Monday at the House-of-Pain.
Excellent chop. And great story which must be told. The latest estimate for Joan's root canal and cap. $2800. Estimated time, 3 hours. Poor girl, she has to work 7 weeks to make enough to pay for that. Now let us compare brain surgery Sue happy lawyers....
That toolkit in CowBoys belt is freaking brilliant
Looks like they took the price list from Taco Bell and just changed the "products" That el doctoro looks shady to me. I think I saw him somewhere
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...el doctoro is very shady.

Funny 3CPO and R2D2 at the Dentist with Darth Vader

3CPO and R2D2 at the Dentist with Darth Vader
This dental practice has seen better days.
Member reactions:
Nearly perfect . Complete it with an even small part of Fenner's feet/legs.
Love the room and everything in it. Excellent Job.
Congrats, LunaC.
xlent. You did gud... Congrats LC on a great job
Congrats on the gold, Luna. The force was definitely with you this contest.

Funny Moving Day for the Dentist

Moving Day for the Dentist
Source image
Member reactions:
HA. Love it. Think I'd better see a cosmetic dentist.
DMan in six pack abs and the squeezed Hallowen pumpkin are the most attracted views of the chop Good caricature
I certainly thought this one would beat the black and white. I guess you can't underestimate the power of B&W imaging. Excellent work..... Your caricature is top plate

Funny Retired Mutant Dentist

Retired Mutant Dentist
full view please... Here
Member reactions:
Oh, boy, does it get any freakier than that.
Now Were Talking, FreakShow Bay...Bee.
Nice Combination of man and alien u rock hidden best of luck
amazing concept and nice mixing of images
This chop shows the example of two sides of a Man... one is evil and other is good... great composition in showing the evil side and excellent works in the background as well Predictable winner
But,,,but,but..... what about me. (sniff, sniff... I'm not on the list)
Oh cool beans I made it,, and a Silver wOOt for you.
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. I am honored...
You are my hero, what color.......What vibrancy... what delightful weirdness. I see not much separated these two. Sweet work mate. Congrats
Congratulations S-Canine. It is a winner too...awesome job my friend.
Silver congrats, Mr. Silver. Thank you for the nice chop treat for the FN community.

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