FreakingNews Retired Old Dentist(FROD)
FreakingNews Retired Old Dentist(FROD)
FreakingNews Retired Old Dentist(FROD). full view please... Here
Member reactions:
Oh, boy, does it get any freakier than that.
Now Were Talking, FreakShow Bay...Bee.
Nice Combination of man and alien u rock hidden best of luck
amazing concept and nice mixing of images
This chop shows the example of two sides of a Man... one is evil and other is good... great composition in showing the evil side and excellent works in the background as well Predictable winner
But,,,but,but..... what about me. (sniff, sniff... I'm not on the list)
Oh cool beans I made it,, and a Silver wOOt for you.
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. I am honored...
You are my hero, what color.......What vibrancy... what delightful weirdness. I see not much separated these two. Sweet work mate. Congrats
Congratulations S-Canine. It is a winner too...awesome job my friend.
Silver congrats, Mr. Silver. Thank you for the nice chop treat for the FN community.

Funny Searching for a dentist

Searching for a dentist
Member reactions:
Dentist for a Croc and $80 dollar for 1 hour really catching job to undertake

Funny Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being HOT

Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being HOT
Dentist fires his receptionist because she is too "HOT" and might make him want to have an affair.
Member reactions:
Well its good to remove the temptation,,,
Okay...the Bell just rang. ... Bertha IS HOT.
Crazy rule passed by the Court.... The dentist fired because he do not have faith in himself good composition done to match the story and the Dentist here with tongue out looks freaked up
Love it. Going to show this one to my dentist.
congrats pcrdds.... This chops sure a beute I think she resembles me slightly ,, but Im a narcissus at heart....
Thanks, Miss, resemblance whatsoever. Thanks, Tim.
Congrats on the Silver. I guess if this had actually been YOUR story, you would have got the Gold (ha).
Thanks, Penaplonk. Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Ariel.

Funny Mad Dentist

Mad Dentist
for my best friend " Paul "
Member reactions:
Oh you're in big, big trouble. .
Classic stuff Good luck.
If dentist do not have any job.... then he will try his luck on animals good one like the face of Bat... Indeed Bat is a Mammal but teeth were well placed by removing its own very hilarious
Congratulations SilverCanine. You are the King of Freaky....
Congrats on the silver, silvercanine. I see you made Paul very happy. Supa job.

Funny Cyborg Zoo Dentist

Cyborg Zoo Dentist
Despite a terrible laughing gas explosion, Dr. Silvercanine is still able to practice dentistry.
Member reactions:
Very interesting story. Good job on the shadows.
Nice One Hidden. Crocodiles have like 70 teeth. Silvercanine is making a killing off of this dude.
Great job done with the robotic equipment used to practice the dentistry funny to see the croc having mouth freshener
Nice work, Doc ... Lots of details .... Tell him to switch to Direct TV
Explains where his appendages went great chop, Doc
Excellent work. He reminds me Justin Timberlake with his curly hair

Funny Homeless Dentist

Homeless Dentist
Member reactions:
, at the first glance I've read the sign as "Horse for Sale" Would that make him a horseless dentist. Superb work with the light and shadows here.
"HORSE FOR SALE" was brilliant. I changed it. Pauls drunk again... he's burning his arm. Bwahahahahahahahahahaahah
Horse for sale was so funny ...great job here.
Oh you've changed the house horse,horse house,horse horse,house house again....nice job again .
Its a wicked thought to sell the horse great use of source and the concept of shelter beneath the wooden beams is amazing and the sign board for sale is really hilarious
And that too by Owner I like the Yellow moon
Silver Congrats d-dog and no offense to Doc, but I felt this chop should have won the gold, hands down wonderful "outside the box" concept, and excellent execution, especially the light and shadows cast by the moon and fire great stuff.

Funny Street Dentist

Street Dentist
Source for this
Member reactions:
crazy Doctor stretching every-bodies mouth
Thanks, everybody...I appreciate the wonderful comments.
The guy in the waiting area seems to be nervous Judging by all the scary stuff he sees, I'd be scared too. Congrats on the bronze, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy...we spend our careers around people who fear us. Thanks, penaplonk. Thanks Splatshot.

Funny Leeann Rimes Sues Her Dentist

Leeann Rimes Sues Her Dentist
Leeann Rimes has sued her dentist, claiming he did terrible work on her.
Member reactions:
Looks like a little tit-for-tat photochopping going on here.
Things aren't always what they seem, GarRobMil.
nyuk, nyuk, nyuk great stuff, love the wall signs.
Nice Clinic Good architecture of the room
originally this story cracked me up. This entry is a nice touch. Very funny.
I sue the dentist by seeing this pic... freaky teeth work like the freaky sayings behind him and a Chimp is suffering from tooth-ace given by this dentist
Great dentist chop, and the wall posters are a cherry on top. Congrats on the bronze, too, Paulie.
Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid. Thanks, Newsy.
Never would've guessed this was yours,...I noticed you upgraded your equipment from the stuff I gave you..and fixed the space in between your teeth, . but now you have an overbite. I like the hair detail...the light could be a bit more diffused tho, looks a bit too sharp to me. Grats on the bronze.

Funny Fake Female Dentists

Fake Female Dentists
Fake female dentists take over dentist's office after hours and work on patients
Member reactions:
Too... Hilarious Love the pics behind, especially one the bowling arcade funny to see the blood oozing out of her mouth with a hammer is ready to blow
Cheers to her Full marks..... You reminded the movie 'Teeth'
Now that I see your old office, I can see why you are retired (ha). At least your wife didn't have anything to cause the firing of your assistants, like that other case (ha).
Thanks, Bob. Yes, seriously scary, Newsy.

Funny I'm calling MY dentist!

I'm calling MY dentist!
Member reactions:
This job was my favourite to win this contest. Anyway, congrats bigdbud

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