Cheap Dentist in Mexico
Cheap Dentist in Mexico
Cheap Dentist in Mexico. Americans are flocking to Mexico for cheap dental work
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HA. Thanks for reminding me of my appointment Monday at the House-of-Pain.
Excellent chop. And great story which must be told. The latest estimate for Joan's root canal and cap. $2800. Estimated time, 3 hours. Poor girl, she has to work 7 weeks to make enough to pay for that. Now let us compare brain surgery Sue happy lawyers....
That toolkit in CowBoys belt is freaking brilliant
Looks like they took the price list from Taco Bell and just changed the "products" That el doctoro looks shady to me. I think I saw him somewhere
Thanks, everyone. Yes, Newsy...el doctoro is very shady.

Funny 3CPO and R2D2 at the Dentist with Darth Vader

3CPO and R2D2 at the Dentist with Darth Vader
This dental practice has seen better days.
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Nearly perfect . Complete it with an even small part of Fenner's feet/legs.
Love the room and everything in it. Excellent Job.
Congrats, LunaC.
xlent. You did gud... Congrats LC on a great job
Congrats on the gold, Luna. The force was definitely with you this contest.

Funny Moving Day for the Dentist

Moving Day for the Dentist
Source image
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HA. Love it. Think I'd better see a cosmetic dentist.
DMan in six pack abs and the squeezed Hallowen pumpkin are the most attracted views of the chop Good caricature
I certainly thought this one would beat the black and white. I guess you can't underestimate the power of B&W imaging. Excellent work..... Your caricature is top plate

Funny Retired Mutant Dentist

Retired Mutant Dentist
full view please... Here
Member reactions:
Oh, boy, does it get any freakier than that.
Now Were Talking, FreakShow Bay...Bee.
Nice Combination of man and alien u rock hidden best of luck
amazing concept and nice mixing of images
This chop shows the example of two sides of a Man... one is evil and other is good... great composition in showing the evil side and excellent works in the background as well Predictable winner
But,,,but,but..... what about me. (sniff, sniff... I'm not on the list)
Oh cool beans I made it,, and a Silver wOOt for you.
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. I am honored...
You are my hero, what color.......What vibrancy... what delightful weirdness. I see not much separated these two. Sweet work mate. Congrats
Congratulations S-Canine. It is a winner too...awesome job my friend.
Silver congrats, Mr. Silver. Thank you for the nice chop treat for the FN community.

Funny Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist
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Dentist for a Croc and $80 dollar for 1 hour really catching job to undertake

Funny Madonna Goes to the Dentist

Madonna Goes to the Dentist
Madonna’s rocking a mouth grill Full View please...
Member reactions:
Awesome chop, but I wish Madonna was more recognizable here
Awesome chop... like the golden brissles idea and Freaking News Idea with PCRDDS is gaining popularity day by day like this
Ha ha ha I was trying to peek thru the Magnifier
Woody congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. I had a feeling it was you....
excellent congrats silvercanine ... I cant even fathom what shes thinking ..
I like the edit, though she still reminds me Winona Ryder here

Funny Photoshopping Dentist

Photoshopping Dentist
main sources Tribute to my dear friend Mr. Paul. hope you like it Thank you Mr. Paul for letting me use your chops.
Member reactions:
Mindblowing Master job done Nice Wall poster all around
Nice collection of stuff, Genius chop best in its class
congrats Marco, nice tribute for one of the craziest, funniest,and most important OLDEST , people around here.
Stunningly well done. I thought Rod was back. Congrats on the top cup. I think you are in the running for most points awarded.
Congratulations. #1 on the Charts & # 1 in our Hearts. A humorously-fitting Tribute.
9,559 i've never seen that from the day i joined freaking news one year ago if i remenber well . Congrats
Eccellente PSMandrake.. Congrats on the Gold..
Congrats . awesome work and awesome score .....
Forgive me for being late with congratulations here, but you know I loved this chop. Congrats on the win, Marco, dear friend.
Thank you, Marco. We are very happy to have you on FN. Your talent has grown through the years and this chop is just another confirmation of this.

Funny Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being Hot

Dentist Fires Receptionist For Being Hot
Dentist fires his receptionist because she is too "HOT" and might make him want to have an affair.
Member reactions:
Well its good to remove the temptation,,,
Okay...the Bell just rang. ... Bertha IS HOT.
Crazy rule passed by the Court.... The dentist fired because he do not have faith in himself good composition done to match the story and the Dentist here with tongue out looks freaked up
Love it. Going to show this one to my dentist.
congrats pcrdds.... This chops sure a beute I think she resembles me slightly ,, but Im a narcissus at heart....
Thanks, Miss, resemblance whatsoever. Thanks, Tim.
Congrats on the Silver. I guess if this had actually been YOUR story, you would have got the Gold (ha).
Thanks, Penaplonk. Thanks, UncleChamp. Thanks, Bob. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Ariel.

Funny Mad Dentist

Mad Dentist
for my best friend " Paul "
Member reactions:
Oh you're in big, big trouble. .
Classic stuff Good luck.
If dentist do not have any job.... then he will try his luck on animals good one like the face of Bat... Indeed Bat is a Mammal but teeth were well placed by removing its own very hilarious
Congratulations SilverCanine. You are the King of Freaky....
Congrats on the silver, silvercanine. I see you made Paul very happy. Supa job.

Funny Jude Law at the Dentist

Jude Law at the Dentist
Member reactions:
Looks real. Great, old background, hidden.

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