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Funny Dental Pictures

Dental AssistantFunny Dental Assistant
Member reactions:
I think this would make a trip to the dentist much more pleasant.
^^ You mean every mans's dentist office.

Dental WorkFunny Dental Work
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Finally having an opportunity to see a dentist, Larry the shark was shocked that his dental bill came to $45,000.

Hershy`s Dental planFunny Hershy`s Dental plan
Member reactions:
Miracle product. It changed my life, let it change yours.
definently advertising material, very good

Airline Kit Dental CreamFunny Airline Kit Dental Cream
Member reactions:

Not really sure where you are going with this but if you are going to incorporate the airline logos into your work then you should use higher quality images so that your finished work will be much sharper and larger than what you have currently submitted. Here are a couple logos that you can use: Delta Logo Northwest Logo The logos should be slightly higher through the central portion than they are towards the edges when you apply them to a curved surface. The arch of the logo should also relate to the existing curves of the canister.

Dental Super FixFunny Dental Super Fix
Member reactions:

101 uses.
"Aw, them Docs and thur new-fangled ways."
"Just a pinch between tooth and gum. Almost like chawn terbaccy."
Looks like the tooth is being inserted upside down. Funny entry.
tooth is so big, but this r so funny , priceless expression
Love your source picture same with your idea.

Dental VisitFunny Dental Visit
Member reactions:

Time for a long overdue visit.
Comment deleted.
It's good as sometimes the message is more than the art.

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