Elvis Returns as a Demonic Doll
Elvis Returns as a Demonic Doll
Elvis Returns as a Demonic Doll. Member reactions:
some vertical white lines near the left edge
OMG, heart attacking freaky crazy and blood cold chop.... Awesome
Thanks ericnorthend and Newsey for your comments. Just keep some extra garlic handy and you'll do fine.
This is definitely one of your best chops yet. Your skills are perfecting day by day, bunacode.
Lol I just saw a video with a kid like this. Great....
Thanks Newsy and Hitspinner for your comments.

Funny Demonic Nicolas Cage

Demonic Nicolas Cage
Member reactions:
The different-colored eyes is a nice touch.

Funny Child Demonic Possession

Child Demonic Possession
Member reactions:
Looks like Junior got even for all the child abuse. Nice job.
Bad Timmy, bad. But great chop HIDDEN AUTHOR, great chop.
Great Chop, looks so terrific that even the spirits walk away... Teddy holding the dagger revels the whole story
Fantastic job done Color Combination is also very good
The work on the kid deserves admiration. I also like how you have put the torn photo on the wall
Congratulations. Looks like a bit of Carl3 in the image.

Funny Demonic Duck

Demonic Duck
The poor duck goes berzerk when he find out that the fellow duckies has stolen all his crumbs (version 2.0 with a vengeance)
Member reactions:
he IS quite angry, the other ducks stole his food,..
like how you have achieved the feeling of anger and frustration of the Duck gone berserk...
Fantastic light effects and great work on teeth.
let me tell you that the teeth is the teeth of a queen. tell you more when voting is over..
very wonderful done... well done well frankswin

Funny Demonic Painting

Demonic Painting

Funny Demonic Possession With Style

Demonic Possession With Style
Member reactions:
just got back from holidays, and saw this, fUbbBBkin' hilarious and a brilliant actual marketing concept,luv,luv,luv,u should have won.she sooo prett, and i want a pair.i lost my sunnies at the snow...well actually at the airport..funny,so im lookin too.

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