DEMO CRACK TICK PARTY Demon . Member reactions:
Hmmm don get this one. Will have to call you

Funny Demon Schumer, Destroys America.

Demon Schumer, Destroys America.
Merry Christmas to all on Freaking News.
Member reactions:
True, he doesn't quite work at Anything.
Great comeback Hobbit, and so true I see a very cool work and lot of effort went in to this.
Yeah, how has that guy not become cannon fodder for the conservatives. There is a mystery. The fact that he gets away with what he does screams that he has the goods on somebody very powerful. Or... it could be that he is an idiot that thinks he has the magic chicken stick. Fine chopEtta. Happy New Year XX
Thanks ReggieRey and Tim, I pray we have a better year , also that a few Republican sinks in the swamp, you all have a Beautiful New Year...

Funny Barack Obama the NWO Demon

Barack Obama the NWO Demon
The Question Keeps Coming Up In The Media.
Member reactions:
Impressive. You have captured the real Obama.
Nice detailing... great finish and made a good use of spider on his shirt
Thank you Rajesh and Sabre. I wanted to represent symbols of all religions but ran out of time. The point I think is clear that whatever his religion he is a shady character.
Nice concept and Some Really Wild Chop'n.
Thanks, Many, Many Many Many hours as you no doubt know.
Correct you are but do you like the chop. Hehe
Congrats, Hitspinner. Please continue we want to know answer for question.
Thanks Andwhat and Andrew, dunno if we ever will really know. He draws lines in the sand that mean nothing, so what is his truth.
Congrats, Hitman. Fabulous image. The candle is my favorite part. Were just gonna accept your answer(s) and let the truth be determined by you. That will be better than "The Obama" deserves.
Oh my GOSH THIS IS SUBPERB and there truly is something sinister about him. This pic gives me a chill, those eyes. Congrats on the win. I hope the answer isn't what I thought for years now.
Silver congrats, Tim. Great job but you were too kind to him.

Funny Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Make Peace with Isis and Demon

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin Make Peace with Isis and Demon
Member reactions:
No disrespect, but what Bush has to do with ISIS.
There are no saints in paradise...Awesome chop hidden.
Bright, Bold, and Bizarre. Just the way we like it.. Congratulations on the Gold, Elegary.

Funny Demon From Underground Watching

Demon From Underground Watching

Funny Demons Watching the Sunset

Demons Watching the Sunset
Member reactions:
Bird thinking, I didn't sign on for this.

Funny Hillary the Witch and Her Demons

Hillary the Witch and Her Demons
Member reactions:
This is great very Interesting job done Nice effects
LMFAO rajesh, yes it does

Funny White House Demon Eric Holder

White House Demon Eric Holder
Member reactions:
A new department is in force now and its being controlled by a head

Funny Angel and Demon Children in Love

Angel and Demon Children in Love
Member reactions:
Nice title perfects matches to the Image... both the stairs meet at one point and depart to their own destiny one way there is a snake and the other fire so be there and Make Love Great chop.... like the concept of fire and snake
Brilliant thought and perfect execution...this is really a Glass Half Full

Funny Demon Girl Playing Cards

Demon Girl Playing Cards
Member reactions:
A Horrific incident... a un-natural events happening... great mix of scary events in this chop Well done with this makeover and the Crow looks stunning there
Ohh this is cool great thrilling scenery with the suspense of the picture she is looking at

Funny Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons
The Boston Globe said that the GOP major strategy these elections is to demonize Clinton, present her to Americans as the devil in human skin. Most Americans however believe that no angels are running for president in 2008. Photoshop celebrities (also politicians, historical figures) as angels or demons / devils. Add halos, wings, feathers, or horns and tails, etc. The sky (heaven) or hell is the limit :)

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