Collusion Delusion
Collusion Delusion
Collusion Delusion. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup, excellent stuff.
Darn Good Pic ReggieRay, this is One Evil Crumb, wish a Big Bird would pick him up and drop him in the nearest Sewer. Congrats on the two Pics.
Congrats on the Silver Reggie.Nice work.
I thought for a second Rainman was back.. Super work... Congrats on the silver
Thanks Gummy, Bob, Mano and thank you too House, that was nice. Great idea Hobbit, to have big bird dropping him in sewer HaHahaha.. Thanks You pay me the ultimate compliment Hits. Appreciated
Congrats on the Silver, Reggie. Perfect amount of altered effect in the most natural direction, makes for a super caricature work.(:
Thank You Splats,for the great compliments. Didn't take much to make Mule a caricature
Thanks for the compliment, Armatien. Miss seeing your artwork

Funny Monika Lewinsky Delusions Demotivational Poster

Monika Lewinsky Delusions Demotivational Poster
Member reactions:
Her name is still wrong... it's with a 'C' not a 'K' :-\

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