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Funny Delivery Pictures

Drug deliveryFunny Drug delivery
Member reactions:
delivery van - bieber-cyrus
Very good job. Two of the most discussed people of the moment togather. Bad example
Kewl Work. Bieber looks distant. And Miley looks like the...'a mind is a terrible thing to waste', poster girl.
Amazing piece of stuff I would love to say that the concept and execution is very well done hidden, good luck
Congrats on the bronze, Elegary. You are on a roll.
Bronze congrats, Elegary. Love the ashtray head.
Excellent composition and congrats on the Bronze
thanks for your comment splatshot , newmaster, pcrdds, hitspinner, wanderer thank you very much

Mail delivery alert. How already 50???Funny Mail delivery alert. How already 50???
Member reactions:

Happy Birthday Nicolas.
So cool dynamic chop - even the bubbles getting out of the bottle.
Fantaaaastic job i like tooooo funny really, compliments my friend
Remarkably codifies my ever lasting impression of Nick Cage. Excellent chop.

Member reactions:

Amazing Good to see the octopus and the submarine

Bearly Express DeliveryFunny Bearly Express Delivery
Member reactions:

Delivery boys struggle very hard from all the obstacles good show of the animals creating obstacles for him

Pizza Delivery And MoreFunny Pizza Delivery And More
Member reactions:

Pizza delivery guy admits to going into customers' homes and smoking pot with them.
What's this. Do you mean to tell me that a pizza delivery boy may be smoking pot. damn, what's this world coming to. Next thing ya know Grandma will be getting a Rx for it too.
Now Newsy delivering Pizzas instead of top pic stars for the chops good one
Pizza and pot smoking... ahh good ole college days. Another chop that made me supa hungry.
... and the wood.... That makes it, what, quadrofecta. Oh, boy, you are on a roll.. Congrats again.
Thanks, everyone. Now, now, Newsy...don't tell me you were that way in college. Thanks.

Domino's Pizza DeliveryFunny Domino's Pizza Delivery
Member reactions:

When it's GOT to be there in 30 minutes or less. (Of course, they can't guarantee what kind of shape it'll be in when it gets there.)
Freaking brilliant thats the secret of there 'in the nick of time' service

Quickrete Delivery ServiceFunny Quickrete Delivery Service
Member reactions:

.... The truck turned into a Concrete Crushing Machine... Love the add on of the Concrete Vessel to the Truck and good matching of Colors too
Perfect chop with clean and smooth work, Very well done with the source. Very very good idea of this 'Quickrete Delivery Service'

2012 Special DeliveryFunny 2012 Special Delivery
Member reactions:

This artwork is copyrighted by me and can be used at Freaking News.

Bear Baby Delivery in Operating RoomFunny Bear Baby Delivery in Operating Room
Member reactions:

HUH. You are, definitely, out of your mind. High marks.
geriatric. Yes, I'm insane...but not legally. Thanks.
New Idea, Nice Costume and Great Execution
Thanks, Newsy. We all know YOU are really the father.
OK, Paul, since you spilled the beans that I am a father, I have to tell the second half of the story - that YOU are really the mother
Congratulations on being sane, by Law, and your latest Win.
Thanks, geriatric. It's a fine line I walk. Bwahahahah.
Thanks, Ms. Kellie. Thanks, Mr. S. Thanks, doodydog.
ahahahaha is tooooooooooo funny pcrdds... congratulations and greetings for the nex work bravo..... see this.... may form part of the experiment ... o no..
Yes, I remember that one, RICKY. I did this as a tribute to my brother who just retired from being an OBGYN.
Congrats on the Gold. Pictures from before you retired are still allowing you to make an income, huh (hah).

Mail Delivery Postman Shot From CannonFunny Mail Delivery Postman Shot From Cannon
Member reactions:

Delivery VanFunny Delivery Van - This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this photo of a delivery van any way you wish. Some examples - give the van a pain job, place the delivery guy into unusual places and situations, etc. Many thanks to Ding Yuin Shan for providing the source photo.

Sochi Olympic Torch DeliveryFunny Sochi Olympic Torch Delivery - This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will start on February 7, but the Olympic touch is already on the way from Greece to Sochi, traditionally hand-carried on ground and even on water. On today's source photo the tourch is seen delivered through lake Baikal in ice-cold water just days ago. Photoshop the photo of Sochi Olympic torch delivery (photo credit: RIA NOVOSTI) any way you wish. This is a speed contest with just a day for submissions.

Express DeliveryFunny Express Delivery - This Saturday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop the photo of this express delivery guy (photo credit: Kamyar Adl) any way you wish. Some examples are - show what unexpected things may happen to the delivery man on the way, make him deliver the boxes into some unexpected places. These are just some ideas. This is a speed contest with just a day for submissions.

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