We Deliver
We Deliver
We Deliver.

Funny We Deliver

We Deliver
US coalition bombs ISIS oil tankers in Nineveh
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Funny Stork Delivering a Baby

Stork Delivering a Baby
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Thank you ladies. -Twas the point, a little change in style and tone from the routine.
Congrats on the Bronze. Used one of your baby pics.
TY Andrew, Hobbit and Bob. Nope, Bob, it is actually a very famous water baby source pic. I always wanted to do something with it, been hanging out in my puter for a couple of years. So I cartoonerized the rug-rat.
Cute baby - red heir and greet eyes. Congrats on the bronze, Hits.
thanks...Sideways eyes it was a deconstruct and rebuild. Sort of fun
Congrats on your win, one little cute guy, love the eyes.

Funny Dirty Harry Reid Delivers Spending Bill

Dirty Harry Reid Delivers Spending Bill
Cromnibus Passes Senate Vote

Funny Snail Delivering the Mail

Snail Delivering the Mail
Better a year late,then never
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Hard to distinct elements when nearly all of the same colour.

Funny Mr Bean Delivering Beer to the Queen

Mr Bean Delivering Beer to the Queen
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Very funny... your magesty beer definately make to have some lick on it
The chop and the royal beer are great, but the legs are in an awkward position - they can't really connect to Mr. Bean's torso. Do they belong to his female companion maybe.
Another and another...and this is what happens. Gooood .
NewsMaster, Mr.Bean is innocent. Girl just is using time during the stop. Probably she is drinking too. LucianoMorelli, weekend is ended and we have to stop drinking procedure, but we can continue next weekend.
Ahh, awesome edit, Andrew. Now there's no confusion about the legs

Funny Huge Oak Tree Delivered

Huge Oak Tree Delivered
A neighbor of mine recently had a huge Oak tree delivered, using a massive, 90 ton crane to lift it over his house. Everyone on the block came to see this spectacle. I, of course, am now making fun of it. Bud is a retired fire chief from a nearby community with a great sense of humor. He told us we'd get free donuts for coming to the event and all he had for us was a tiny box of mini-donuts.
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So, you live in a great neighborhood for your purposes, I surmise. Everybody is Nuts.
Yes, we are all crazy. That is what makes it so much fun.
Great story. I would demand a ride on his tire swing if you win. Love the art work too.
He's got a huge backyard and I wanted him to put in a baseball batting cage...but he wouldn't listen.
Came here for the chop, stayed for the story, hahaha. Both are great
Congrats on the gold, Paulster. Part of the winnings go to the charity donut club for your neighborhood
Thanks, everyone. I'll make the donation in your name, Newsy.
Thanks, Gummy, hidreley, Elegary and its40here.
Congrats on the gold, Doc. That makes 201 and put you in the #2 rank over a guy many feel is one the greatest choppers that ever lived. That would be Funkwood. You still have quite a way to catch AZRainman but best of luck. Well done
Thanks, Tim. Don't think I'll live long enough to pass az. .
Congratulations. Your neighbor must have gotten a chuckle from your efforts.

Funny Vladimir Putin Delivering Chinese Prodcuts to Russia

Vladimir Putin Delivering Chinese Prodcuts to Russia
$400bn (237bn) deal for Gazprom to deliver Russian gas to China and Chinese products to Russian people
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Is that what he got in change of gas . Obvious he is so happy.
Like this political satire. How do you like it that they decided to never disclose the gas price in the contract.
Mr.Botox tries to find any country for support "New" Russia. So far it were North Korea, Somali and Belarus and now China for chip price of gas. It is not a business it is political union. Good Luck Mr.Botox and very sorry Russian people.

Funny Chelsea Clinton Delivers a Baby Looking Like Obama

Chelsea Clinton Delivers a Baby Looking Like Obama
Chelsea Clinton will have a baby later this year.
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A happy family all together again. I like how you included the Hillary 2016 promotional material
She's really happy,.....but her father and mother....

Funny Angels Watching a Stork Deliver a Baby

Angels Watching a Stork Deliver a Baby
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Imagination beyond limits.... People imagine that kids were being dropped by swans into the world after couple being married

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