The Real King Tut Was Deformed
The Real King Tut Was Deformed
The Real King Tut Was Deformed. What King Tut really looked like A recent autopsy has revealed that King Tut was deformed. He had a "girlish" figure, club foot, oddly shaped head and buck teeth.
Member reactions:
Classic chop . Great dipiction of body derived from autoposy description. Nice background and complimentary accessories too.
Great. Nice Reflection work too. The pot design was also good.
Great work... like the composition exactly to the news link and Hilarious to see the Toilet paper holder... want one for my washroom
He looks like the most unlucky guy of the past 2000 years.
Congrats, Paul. All your pictures are Perfect.
Congrats on the bronze too, Paulster. So, who's a dufus now, huh.

Funny Deformed Prostitute

Deformed Prostitute
Man calls police to complain about prostitute's looks
Member reactions:
yikes, he should have called the dog catcher
Looks very scary face But Nice texture good job done
Beautiful. Why the complain. I love the rose.
Looks make all the money... definately its a Man's job do see the looks first crazy news and well plotted the chop good one
The best in contest. Could be the gold if $100's attached.
Congratulations FootShot. Only 3 Dollars. Looks like a good deal to me.

Funny Sphynx Cat with Deformed Ears

Sphynx Cat with Deformed Ears

Funny Deformed Foot

Deformed Foot

Funny Deformed

When radioactive materials get into the wrong hands, bad things can happen.

Funny Deformed Baby

Deformed Baby

Funny Cow with a Deformed Udder

Cow with a Deformed Udder

Funny Deformed White Kangaroo

Deformed White Kangaroo

Funny Little Leeloo the Deformed Puppy

Little Leeloo the Deformed Puppy
My daughter-in-law's puppy, Leeloo.

Funny Deformed Deer

Deformed Deer

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