Defiant Handcuffed Lindsay Lohan
Defiant Handcuffed Lindsay Lohan
Defiant Handcuffed Lindsay Lohan. I hope i didn't overstep the boundaries,if so please delete
Member reactions:
This caricature is really great,i love itI dont know about the middle finger,though,it might get deleted.
andwhat i thought that also,but she had the fu on her fingernail so i took a chance since it fit the truth and ty silver
i am glad it didnt get deleted is funny as hell,and awesomely done
NO smoking in Jail unless yer' Lindsay Lohan-eh. Funny in a scary sort of way.
Before I checked her finger-nail in full view I thought it said FN Sweet chop. The finger is borderline though, but since it's sort of pointing down we'll assume this is how she counts her blessings
it's was amazing preeiememem , alot off great entries were in this contest too , keep going
she's one tough looking broad pree, good work

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