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Funny Deceptive Pictures

Deceptive Shrek AdvertisingFunny Deceptive Shrek Advertising
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Love the source but the added elements look a bit blur. still nice idea .
i liked your picture, but you spelled ogre wrong.
Yeah... little donkey... what are you waiting for .. GREAT pic .

Deceptive ReflectionFunny Deceptive Reflection
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Deceptive AdvertisingFunny Deceptive Advertising - The Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs in Georgia is suing one of the biggest local automotive dealers Bill Heard Enterprises Inc. for the deceptive advertising campaign to Georgian residents. Over 10,000 sent ad fliers were designed to look like General Motors recall notices, asking to bring their vehicles to Bill Heard dealership to check whether they qualify for a free service recall. The advertising scheme was designed to get more customers, but was not authorized by General Motors. If the court rules against the automotive dealer, it will have to pay a total fine of $50 million ($5,000 per each of 10,000 violations). Bill Heard companies have been fined for deceptive advertisements twice in the last four years. Design advertising that is deceptive in one way or another. Some examples are: "Beer is Healthy", "We care about food quality. Chinese Food Association." Your advertisement can be in any form - fliers, billboards, posters, magazine ads, etc.

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