National Debt on Doughnut
National Debt on Doughnut
National Debt on Doughnut. Member reactions:
Looks a bit like lifesaver indeed, but awesome idea nonetheless, and I love what you did to the dollar

Funny Greece Debt Discussion

Greece Debt Discussion
Greek economy is bleeding 600 jobs a day, 22m in GDP
Member reactions:
Lot of work... but well managed good one

Funny Worried Obama Under US Debt

Worried Obama Under US Debt
US debt ceiling panic starts up again
Member reactions:
Good composition showing the debt burden is more heavier then the natural calamities Like the inclusion of sea and the Statue of Liberty
Amazing way of expressing the News, complexity of Tax-calculation and all financial stuff always makes panic for all whether Govt/individual
Obama expression fully match the problems
Nice work Black ... ...Congrats for the bronze. I'm sure most of Washington is concerned about how to raise the debt ceiling

Funny Poltician Debt Ceiling Race

Poltician Debt Ceiling Race
Debt Ceiling Deadline
Member reactions:
This one totally rocks. Great political satire.
Like the graphical truth of our Presidents serving the country by raising the debts.... Bush worked more hard to keep the debt in a rising trend and Clinton kept it consistent
Wish I had seen this in time to vote on it. You were ROBBED in the scoring. This is really great--and deserved higher scores for the concept and execution. It's a winner in my book.

Funny Obama Laughs at Debt Book

Obama Laughs at Debt Book
Dumb Cuts
Member reactions:
Great concept of the Fire and the Farms... Obama comes first to give idea of spending cuts to raise funds good one

Funny Barack Obama Measuring USA Debt

Barack Obama Measuring USA Debt
Member reactions:
Congrats PixJockey on the Gold , This is really a masterpiece you did ....
Congrats Pixjockey . An other great job .
Congrats on the win, Obama looks so humble.
Congrats on the win, Pix. Very topical chop.

Funny Blaming Bush and Debt

Blaming Bush and Debt

Funny Henry Paulson National Debt Clock

Henry Paulson National Debt Clock
U.S. Debt Set to Soar in This Year
Member reactions:
Clever. Love many details and features described

Funny US Debt is Patriotic

US Debt is Patriotic
Member reactions:
funnny. Good one. (I think most of us can relate)

Funny Visa Debt Advert

Visa Debt Advert
Become a millionaire today, just charge it.

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