Obama Debate
Obama Debate
Obama Debate. Lincoln v Douglas style debate Obama Sets Off a Debate on Ties Between Religion and Government
Member reactions:
Excellent composition and the chosen face expressions of Obama are perfect.

Funny Chicken and Egg Debate

Chicken and Egg Debate
Chicken and Egg Debate
Member reactions:
---- eggsperts. I think it's the chicken. What about you guys.

Funny The Bush Cruise Debate

The Bush Cruise Debate
Rage, and cause I didn't think of it.
Member reactions:
Look George, those missiles were NAMED after me. I know what I'm talking about... you're so glib.
Good matching. Now at least Bush has somebody sensible to debate with...

Funny Democratic Debate

Democratic Debate
(Really concentrating on the democratic agenda) Hummm, good stuff.
Member reactions:
I must comment: I don't see the humour here.

Funny John Kerry Debate

John Kerry Debate
Kerry's Debate Preparation
Member reactions:
Oh, yeah, I just must be a pain in the a$$... G-e-r-i-t-o-l
Excellent. Love the 'we are the world' and voodoo doll additions.
Its a full time job looking at this image, lots going on... nice job
Hilarious. That Kofi cracks me up every time I look at it.

Funny DEBATE Bush Kerry

DEBATE Bush Kerry
An oldie... reloaded .
Member reactions:
I would have made Kerry's face alittle more orange, but it looks good.
That's damm funny. I like whos winning too.

Funny Al Gore vs John Kerry Debates

Al Gore vs John Kerry Debates
Kerry tries to act happy as Al Gore endorses him on live TV. Of course, Al goes a bit overboard.

Funny Chicken or Egg Debate

Chicken or Egg Debate
"First of all I must say that it is relevant to the topic.....but how can we even begin to think of voting when we can īt even resolve this simple problem"

Funny Senate Debate

Senate Debate
Although Bush and his companions, Rumsfeld and Powell, hadn't said anything anymore for the past three weeks, their 4 month Filibuster continues until they sit down and loose their right to speak. Until then, they will be granted the right to share their opinion about the need of child-proof caps on liquor bottles.
Member reactions:
Nice work on the collars. a little shadow or changes in brightness would make it better

Funny Reclaimed Waste Water Debate

Reclaimed Waste Water Debate
A young man filming a PSA about reclaimed waste water doesn't realize his dog innocently ruined the shot.
Member reactions:
This is kind of funny. I like it because it makes me smile. Reminds me of my dogs who could ruin any shot I took of them by urinating in the picture. Cute idea.

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