Gehenna Where Death Lives
Gehenna Where Death Lives
Gehenna Where Death Lives. Member reactions:
, Merry Creepmas. Outstanding job done, Hidden. Luv the lil voodoo ornaments and his neighbor ready with the mistletoe.
Excellent Work, Hobbit. Congrats on the Cup.
OOOOOOOOOOOOO Creeeeeeeepy Well done and congrats...

Funny The death of the Republic

The death of the Republic
Member reactions:
Nice lava flow and the Macron's expressions.

Funny The Death Star Looms...

The Death Star Looms...
The Death Star lurks behind innocent Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po.

Funny Death Star Droid

Death Star Droid
Member reactions:
I love this piece, I gave it 10. Congrats Manosart

Funny KimJong Un Death Star Controller

KimJong Un Death Star Controller

Funny KJU vs Death Star

KJU vs Death Star

Funny Death Star Bowl

Death Star Bowl
Darth Vader is hosting a charity football match for new death start construction fond
Member reactions:
I take it by the ball this is European football aka Soccer. Nice shadows.
Thanks Wanderer
Thanks Crafty1, I made clone quarterback by pieces, using a base model, then I shadowed the members

Funny Death Ball Time Out

Death Ball Time Out

Funny Death Star video game

Death Star video game

Funny Death Care from Kenyan Marxist

Death Care from Kenyan Marxist
Happy Winter Holidays, friends. Best wishes for all of you.

Funny Death Star

Death Star
In the Star Wars universe, there is no more terrifying weapon of mass destruction than the Death Star. Darth Vader may not have been impressed with the original Death Starís ability to destroy a planet, but its capabilities certainly struck fear within the heart of the Rebel Alliance. We got a quick glimpse at the early stages of the moon-sized laser cannon at the end of Revenge of the Sith, but it wasnít completed onscreen until the events of Rogue One. Now, two Star Wars fans have released a new CGI short that breaks down the major steps of the Death Starís construction. Create any images that are themed using the Death Star from Star Wars. PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more information about Santa Visit This Link

Funny Osama's Death Certificate

Osama's Death Certificate
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin keep giving President Obama a hard time. First they demanded to see Obama's birth certificate, and now they demand to see Osama's death certificate. Since the photos of dead Osama won't be released by The White House, it's only natural that the world wants to see some alternative proof of Osama's death. Photoshop Osama's death certificate. It's up to you whether to include some Osama's final photo in the certificate.

Funny Death as Animal

Death as Animal
The issue of New England Journal of Medicine from July 26 published an article about the cat called Oscar that lives in a nursing home and can sense death of elderly patients just hours before it happens. Once the cat smells the death, it will curl up next to the patient, and the death usually happens within 5 hours. Oscar's accuracy has been dramatically high in over 25 cases, and the nurses would usually call the patient's family members once the cat curls up next to him. Photoshop how Mr. Death would look like if it was an animal. Any type of animals are allowed in this contest - mammals, fish, insects, etc. - except humans. Show us the animal version of the grim reaper.

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