Death of King Abdullah
Death of King Abdullah
Death of King Abdullah. Prince Salman inherits the throne and all of its perks after the death of his beloved half-brother King Abdullah. News Story Sources
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This one is over the top, love it, the oil drill on the top of crown is fantastic. Obama will be by your side soon.
Fascinating details. Do the flowers have a meaning.
I recognise the Paradise flower and Iris. Orchids and Jasmine.
I am not sure if the flowers have a meaning, but they were in a room with Prince Salman originally. Now I will have to research it.
Paradise flower = joyfulness, Iris = royalty, orchid = luxury/beauty, jasmine = grace
I dig the "Golden Oil Rig" atop his crown.
Superb caricatures. Just a point. I don't think in those countries they have ever seen one dollar bills.
Congrats on the win, want to see more of your work, you're doing good girl. Love it.
Thanks, everybody. by the way, I figured using US money was ok since we give them so much money for oil.
Well earned silver coolkat85. I expect The King has gone to romp with 72 virgins in Paradise. Yes the Arabs do deal with US dollars.
Impressive piece, kat. Huge news chosen, challenging topic, yet you chopped it splendidly. Congrats on the silver.

Funny Son Of Death

Son Of Death
Member reactions:
Thank you, Nanny, Newsy, Luciano and balodiya. It was the best I could come up with on short notice

Funny Death Cycle

Death Cycle
Just having fun. Trying to quit a 48 year habit myself. Great idea to bring more awareness to this issue. Thanks for providing the opportunity to participate.
Member reactions:
Clever. Minor technical issue to fix is to get rid of the dark outlines (masking debris) around the cigarettes. And I hope you quit smoking too - think of the bright future without smoking with body flushed out of these toxins and lungs breathing fully.

Funny Putin and the Death of Marat

Putin and the Death of Marat
"Oh Marat, you´ve been writing.. Let´s see what do we have here."
Member reactions:
Putin is reading the dad certificate of David.....
There is something here that people mast not know (KGB)
Nice one. You could have easily turned this into an OOB too

Funny Death

Member reactions:
Nicely Done. Looks like the fella on the left died an extremely painful death.


PS Army Masters Strange Sources
Member reactions:
The angel of the death. Very impressive chop.
Luv seeing the mix of images. Great Idea.
A right mix of spookiness and sci-fi here.
I had a wonderful day at the hospital. Not. Sorry for the late reply. I am fine, just some pre op testing for some upcoming eye surgery. Well well well Dang I got lucky and won again...... All I can say is thanks my friends, Bob, Retral, Doc, Newsey, SplatShot, Luciano, Kellie and Nanny. Yeah, I figured it was time for a simple old-school chop and just let the unmodified source selections do the work. We gotta return to basics once in a while just to stay sharp and I was starting to feel a little sloppy
Congrats on the gold, Paul. And I wish you a smooth eye surgery and a fast recovery, so that you come back to us with a pair of hawk-sharp eyes.
I have been called worse Thanks Newsey, Pacovilla and SC. The surgery is actually on the tendons in the eye lid but vision will definitely improve in that eye.

Funny Hamster with a Death Ray

Hamster with a Death Ray
may that been a contender
Member reactions:
Freaking stuff Very well executed..Good to see the little hands doing big stuff
Its a mouse war every where good war like scene created in the city

Funny Michael Schumacher VS Death

Michael Schumacher VS Death
in honor of the champion
Member reactions:
I can see the Biceps of Michael is strong than the death... he will definitely wins this
I wish for his good health and winning in life
Go Michael. I believe he will recover sood.

Funny Nelson Mandela's Death Contract

Nelson Mandela's Death Contract
Member reactions:
Creative chop, but he looks more like aged Obama here.
The face of the preparation, was used as a source of Obama's eyes. Nelson Mandela Source
Lots of work all around, face is very well merged and crisp work
Well illuminated and good background ... with a freaky smile infecting the world with peace and prosperity

Funny After Death Zombie Movie

After Death Zombie Movie
Member reactions:
Great.... work on both... They looks more like Zombies awesome job done good work on the poster as well

Funny Osama's Death Certificate

Osama's Death Certificate
Donald Trump and Sarah Palin keep giving President Obama a hard time. First they demanded to see Obama's birth certificate, and now they demand to see Osama's death certificate. Since the photos of dead Osama won't be released by The White House, it's only natural that the world wants to see some alternative proof of Osama's death. Photoshop Osama's death certificate. It's up to you whether to include some Osama's final photo in the certificate.

Funny Death as Animal

Death as Animal
The issue of New England Journal of Medicine from July 26 published an article about the cat called Oscar that lives in a nursing home and can sense death of elderly patients just hours before it happens. Once the cat smells the death, it will curl up next to the patient, and the death usually happens within 5 hours. Oscar's accuracy has been dramatically high in over 25 cases, and the nurses would usually call the patient's family members once the cat curls up next to him. Photoshop how Mr. Death would look like if it was an animal. Any type of animals are allowed in this contest - mammals, fish, insects, etc. - except humans. Show us the animal version of the grim reaper.

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