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Funny Death Pictures

Microsoft Spread: Brown Spread of DeathFunny Microsoft Spread: Brown Spread of Death
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BSOD EULA: The End User is responsible for this product's affect upon the User's End.

Nelson's contract and play with deathFunny Nelson's contract and play with death
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Creative chop, but he looks more like aged Obama here.
The face of the preparation, was used as a source of Obama's eyes. Nelson Mandela Source
Lots of work all around, face is very well merged and crisp work
Well illuminated and good background ... with a freaky smile infecting the world with peace and prosperity

After DeathFunny After Death
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Great.... work on both... They looks more like Zombies awesome job done good work on the poster as well

Alien deathFunny Alien death
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Alien With A Death Star EarringFunny Alien With A Death Star Earring
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Can Google Solve Death?Funny Can Google Solve Death?
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Can Google Solve Death.
Awesome chop... it looks like people of heaven and earth is more interested in Google Like the hand and the Fairies trying to Google

Death DealerFunny Death Dealer
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This is not kids stuff... he is selling some paranormal stuff very good in this new makeover
Clean chop with the dressing him new Tees and amazing mask full of scared mind
This dude will make a little fortune on Halloween

Life And DeathFunny Life And Death
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Very interesting theme and composition. Nice work. Maybe brighten, highlight and move the Grim Reaper to left so he appears more prominent.
Whole journey starts and ends in this chop, fatal truth and amazing placement of ferry

Prediction: Death or DivorceFunny Prediction: Death or Divorce
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Nice concept but the source image used for Hefner's wife is not really his wife me thinks.

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Osama's Death CertificateFunny Osama's Death Certificate - Donald Trump and Sarah Palin keep giving President Obama a hard time. First they demanded to see Obama's birth certificate, and now they demand to see Osama's death certificate. Since the photos of dead Osama won't be released by The White House, it's only natural that the world wants to see some alternative proof of Osama's death. Photoshop Osama's death certificate. It's up to you whether to include some Osama's final photo in the certificate.

Death as AnimalFunny Death as Animal - The issue of New England Journal of Medicine from July 26 published an article about the cat called Oscar that lives in a nursing home and can sense death of elderly patients just hours before it happens. Once the cat smells the death, it will curl up next to the patient, and the death usually happens within 5 hours. Oscar's accuracy has been dramatically high in over 25 cases, and the nurses would usually call the patient's family members once the cat curls up next to him. Photoshop how Mr. Death would look like if it was an animal. Any type of animals are allowed in this contest - mammals, fish, insects, etc. - except humans. Show us the animal version of the grim reaper.

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