Dean Jones in Love Bug Movie Tribute
Dean Jones in Love Bug Movie Tribute
Dean Jones in Love Bug Movie Tribute.

Funny Dean Martin Caricature

Dean Martin Caricature
Member reactions:
Nicely Done. Is he drinking a Dean Martini.
Excellent hahahaaha. Dean is one of my favs
Yes I also like this great caricature of Dean.
Filled with some retro nostalgia - me likes.

Funny Brooke Shields Loved Dean Cain

Brooke Shields Loved Dean Cain
Dean Cain was Brooke Shields' first lover
Member reactions:
Thanks, everyone. That was the point, luciano.

Funny James Dean Taking a Selfie

James Dean Taking a Selfie
Youth addicted

Funny James Dean the Soldier

James Dean the Soldier
Member reactions:
Quality work. The Dean's face source seems low res though - has lots of color spots
It was ow res - not many good movie images from 1955 .

Funny James Dean's Ghost

James Dean's Ghost
Ghost sees a ghost. There were several incarnations of this chop: Source
Member reactions:
Great atmosphere. Could be the poster of one of his famous movies .
Good choice to not use full color. This creates much more mood and mystery.
danger and thriller mix of both is good image
The Mood... the Greyscale and the lighting on the darkest night creates shivers to the viewers great imagination and well executed
I like the faces on background and perfect street lights on the dark way good smoke effect
quality work with very good "like a drawing" texture
Thanks for the comments. B&W very rarely do well here so am I ever surprised. This was an attempt to mimic B&W darkroom magic... old school. It came out pretty cool, quite a departure for me
Congrads on the Woodie,loved the mood of this chop.
Nice feeling of old times mixed with danger. Congrats on the wood, Hitman.

Funny Steve Ballmer and Dean Norris

Steve Ballmer and Dean Norris

Funny Paula Dean Digital Art

Paula Dean Digital Art
Member reactions:
Nice effects and good caricature done on that lady inside the globe all the beams were focused on her
I was wondering if this might be yours, Robin. Pretty awesome choppage
Paula here, as well as in life, is ... shocking, hahaha. Great chop, robin.

Funny Paula Dean Racist

Paula Dean Racist
News Agent refuses to work with her because of admitted racial remarks
Member reactions:
Great pic but your news story is out of date (via link), though I can't imagine it would be hard to find another for this image
Updated. Her story is so malleable and dynamic that the chop still fits perfectly.
Obama as a super cop with super hair style looks amazing
Superb Very well executed Nice hair style and nice placing of the sandal in the mouth
Congrads on the Silver cup. broke the streak, damn.
Thank you for the votes folks. There you go HH, The gold chain has been broken , It's not exactly retiring but eases the angst. Ha.
This is soooo darn cute, great job and congrats on the win.
Congratulations, Hitspinner. I will add it to my favorites. THX.
Belated congratulations, Hitspinner. I was out for two days.
Thanks Gugu, Bob, Geri, Wanderer, Hobbit, Hook, Kellie, Ivan, HH, Doc, Balodiya, Rajesh and I'm missing somebody... ahhh eric. northend. Where'd he go. He's always around

Funny Paule Dean in Django Unchained

Paule Dean in Django Unchained
whos heard of paulas new cooking show on food network.

Funny James Dean

James Dean
February 8 is the birthday of James Dean. Dean was a rebel without a cause, but became history too soon. Same as his distant relative Howard. In this contest you are asked to photoshop James Dean and show how he would live his life these days. What movies Dean would star in, what products he would promote, Dean's life style, etc.

Funny Howard Dean Career

Howard Dean Career
Now that Howard Dean is out of the presidential race, show what career paths he'll choose.

Funny Howard Dean

Howard Dean
Photoshop what / who may increase Howard Dean ratings (or not) or will help bring more Dean's campaign donations.

Funny Howard Dean's Running Mate

Howard Dean's Running Mate
Use your imagination to find Dean's running mate - Vice President, should Dean win the Democratic presidential nomination.

Funny Howard Dean Records

Howard Dean Records
Show what photographic records of his past Dean might be embarrassed to open to the public.

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