Trump Negoates Trade Deal With The Queen
Trump Negoates Trade Deal With The Queen
Trump Negoates Trade Deal With The Queen. They said that She had more fun with this visit than She has had in the past 25 years, Now we know why.

Funny The Art of Double Dealing

The Art of  Double Dealing
Member reactions:
Good one, but why is his name plate blurry.
That's how the source picture was, should I change it.
Truth... Hahahaah. I saw a pretty well researched video that connected Comey and the Clintons way far back. The point was Comey was given jobs where he could gather intel and run interference for the Clintons. This is all very curious as he masqueraded as a Republican... really walked the walk. Congrats on the woody, Kerri. Revealing chop
Congrats, Pree. Nice work on Comey's caricature.

Funny World New Deal

World New Deal

Funny Art of the Deal by John Kerry

Art of the Deal by John Kerry

Funny Barack Obama's Nuclear Deal with Iran

Barack Obama's Nuclear Deal with Iran
Full text: Obama gives a speech about the Iran nuclear deal He makes the statement about no nukes on his watch in paragraph 26.
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Top plate, Bob. Congrats on a top 5 finish. Could have easily grabbed a cup

Funny Deal with the Devil Vladimir Putin

Deal with the Devil Vladimir Putin
Please see in original size
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I like the praying Putin to the pot of gold. I think it would work better zoomed on to that part. would make a stronger picture. Adding lots of stuff only works when you mastered the art of blending, otherwise it becomes to busy with objects. still a great effort though.
Bronze congrats, Andrew. Perhaps think about blurring the background so the figures in the foreground stand out.
Congrats on the bronze, Andrew. I agree, that adding too many elements often overloads a chop. Decent work though
Congrats on the Bronze, Wanderer ... I agree with the other critiques made, and I would add that a big part of the art of blending various images, is to be strict in keeping with the given light source and resolution quality of the base image that you are adding other numerous and various images to. I will also add, that, like most here at FN that continue to chop on a fairly regular basis, your constant improvement is easy to notice.
Congratulations Andrew, on the Bronze. Great Job
Congrats on the bronze wanderer,great chop
Thank you, everyone. Completely agree with all of you. I used already very reach with a lot of details background of the old church and it brought a lot of details. I am trying to improve my skills and style with yours friendly advice. Thanks again.

Funny John Kerry To Shine Shoes For Iran Deal

John Kerry To Shine Shoes For Iran Deal
Nuclear Deal With Iran Details Emerger
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Very well done... great feel overall in this chop
Congrats, Swashbuckle. Only you could take second place in Paul's perfect art gallery.
Congrats, Swashbuckle. Only you could take second place in Paul's perfect art gallery.
congrats on the silver cup, swashbuckle. Good stuff.

Funny Barack Obama Deal Going Down in Oval Office

Barack Obama Deal Going Down in Oval Office
Member reactions:
Thanks, balodiya, thanks Sunshin3, thanks, rajeshstar.
Funny, and well done . . . I think I'd like it better if the cash was going through his hand as if he's clenching it in that fist . . . but that's a nitpick
Yeah, and congrats on 6th to you, deaddog.
Thanks, Kellie. How'd I know you'd like it.

Funny Obama's Bomb Deal With Israel

Obama's Bomb Deal With Israel
obamas bomb deal with israel raises the spectre of war

Funny Hillary Clinton Strikes A Deal

Hillary Clinton Strikes A Deal
Headline: Diplomat delivers the freedom and curse of decadence marking the fall of Jihad.
Member reactions:
I can see by early votes some of you just don't get the humor and think it's insulting Islam or some misconstrued idea like that. The gag is funny if you are educated on the subject. Read "Most suicide bombers are Muslim" In Psychology Today. Thread to follow: The basic comedy is, if you ain't getting laid and releasing frustration, you're likely to blow schitt up. Hillary's solution. Get them to whack happyjack
Quality photoshop work, but I feel the essence of this composition is complex and hard to grasp without reading the explanations from the author. - I am on TV though.
Woody for Hits, aka "fine wood collector". Congrats, mate.
Well, I copy that Newsey. Never let it be said I don't challange you guys to think deeper. If I simplify the art it's like dumbing it down and that would be so disrespectful to my fans and friends they'd have a right to shoot me. So sometimes I make them hard, make you look a second or third time. But when I see low votes come in on a A++ or better chop, I have a pretty good idea that somebody ain't looking close enough hahaha. How do I know that. Because I am guilty of it myself. Hugs... and many thanks for the votes and comments...cheers
Actually,I don't see why you have to apologize for that murdering Psychopath-in any comical situation. I would like to see him with his head in his hands. At any rate-Congratulations HS; always stimulating work.
oh my god...hahaha...really funny chop and excellent caricature work. Congrats Rwpike.

Funny Comey Book Deal

Comey  Book Deal
Former FBI Director James Comey will soon receive a $10 million dollar deal for a tell-all book with a publishing company very soon. Several publishers are in a bidding war for Comey’s tell-all book. Comey’s book will detail Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and his dealings with President Trump. The Daily Mail first reported the book deal. James Comey’s book could give the public deep insight into what was really going on with the Clinton investigation and why did he not charge Clinton for crimes she clearly committed. Create the book cover that you imagine we will see for any James Comey book in the future! For more background information on this story Visit This Link

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