Deadpool+Mary Poppins
Deadpool+Mary Poppins
Deadpool+Mary Poppins. Member reactions:
sorry, my comments didn't go in, so put it again.
Thought this was a winner for sure, Darn Good Pic, Should Had WON.
Another Quality entry Mrassad I thought would be Top 5.

Funny Deadpool Dog

Deadpool Dog
Please use the original to view the image compression issues.
Member reactions:
Good one, looks like a little Devil Dog.
Bronze Congrats, Mano. Awesome Build with many details.
Congrads on the Bronze Cup, always excellent work.
Congrats on the Cup, Mano. Nicely constructed Idea.

Funny Pink Deadpool with Hello Kitty

Pink Deadpool with Hello Kitty
Member reactions:
Welcome to F.N. Evaaa. Excellent job on your 1st Chop

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