Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead 2
Evil Dead 2.

Funny Fidel is Dead

Fidel is Dead
One of the most loved--and most hated--men in history. New York Times Story
Member reactions:
Should have scored way higher, perfect composition.

Funny Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Funny She Even Lied About Being Dead

She Even Lied About Being Dead
Hillary's Death
Member reactions:
Congrats on the wood. In other words: W00T.

Funny Just one call and you'll be a dead dog!

Just one call and you'll be a dead dog!

Funny Dead New World Order Idea

Dead New World Order Idea
The NWO is breaking
Member reactions:
The climate is changing, DD. Thanks for the comments and votes.
Excellent quality picture as usual, Hits.
dont know how this didnt get a cup Hits mate. brilliant clean work
Thanks John, Elegary, Andrew, DD, Luciano, Crafty and Hobbit.

Funny EU is Dead

EU is Dead

Funny Giant Dead Bird on the Beach

Giant Dead Bird on the Beach

Funny Dead Cross Country Skier

Dead Cross Country Skier
Member reactions:
Little ones riding tracks was the golden touch. Congrats on the win, DD.
Thanks folks, thanks Champ, I thought so, instead of a train, a bunch of little unicycles..
Congrats on the gold, DD. Wonderful (and spooky) remake.

Funny Lonely Woman Sitting by a Dead Christmas Tree

Lonely Woman Sitting by a Dead Christmas Tree

Funny Osama Bin Laden dead?

Osama Bin Laden dead?
The whole world was waiting for the photo proof that the world terrorist #1 Osama bin Laden was killed. However, President Obama said that he won't release Osama Bin Laden corpse photos because they are too disturbing. Since The White House refused to release the "final photos" of bin Laden, we decided to release them ourselves. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Osama bin Laden dead or half-dead (if he's still alive?). A good example of entries we would like to see in this contest can be seen in this half-dead Fidel entry. (OK, but chop Osama, not Fidel this time.)

Funny Dead Celebrities?

Dead Celebrities?
Create advertisements / billboards for companies using dead celebrities or politicians.

Funny Dead Celebrities

Dead Celebrities
It's time to bring the dead people back to life. Using dead celebrities, world leaders and politicians create images showing them in an obvious current event, or in some way that brings them "back to life". For example show them as fat people living today.

Funny Dawn of the Dead

Dawn of the Dead
Photoshop 'Dawn of the Dead' movie with new cast crew (actors, politicians or celebrities of your choice), or design the movie sequel.

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