Lonely Woman Sitting by a Dead Christmas Tree
Lonely Woman Sitting by a Dead Christmas Tree
Lonely Woman Sitting by a Dead Christmas Tree.

Funny Dead Dinosaur in a Coffin Painting by Paul Delaroche

Dead Dinosaur in a Coffin Painting by Paul Delaroche
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Thanks, Hitspinner. It was my favorite from my opuses.

Funny Dog Floating in the Dead Sea with his Master

Dog Floating in the Dead Sea with his Master

Funny Dancing With Zombies in the Walking Dead

Dancing With Zombies in the Walking Dead
Love the show walking dead and seeing as Rick is a Manly man who best to put lady legs on him
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Just wondering if the tutu and legs are a little light an fluffy. Interesting image nonetheless.

Funny The Dead Babysitter

The Dead Babysitter
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Ho House. This was you. Fooled me big time. Great looking chop
You are really getting the hang of source compatibility and composition. I R impressed

Funny John Boehner Dead in Zoo

John Boehner Dead in Zoo
Click Here For The News Story
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Nice work but, 'R.I.N.O.' . I missed the point.... (RHINO)
R.I.N.O. = Republican In Name Only. John Boehner is the Repb. Speaker of the House. People accuse him of being a Democrat sometimes.

Funny The Judgement For Dead Person

The Judgement For Dead Person
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Hard to judge this one without sources ...

Funny Kirk Douglas Is Not Dead

Kirk Douglas Is Not Dead
People Magazine mistakenly published Kirk Douglas's obituary That's his real name on the sign, by the way.
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I remember as a kid how I was impressed with the Spartacus movie and Kirk Douglas in it. May this man live many more years, but this chop cracks me up.
Great looking caricatures Paul, congrats on the woody.

Funny Jeff Bridges in Walking dead

Jeff Bridges in Walking dead
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Funny Carl Grimes in Walking Dead

Carl Grimes in Walking Dead
Little Red Riding Hood Meets "Walking Dead's" Carl Grimes. Your bonus Bad Lip Reading
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TY Jere Funny stuff huh. TY Swashbuckle
Poor little Red Riding Hood, very good entry.
Nice Work. Thanks for the bonus. It was hysterical. Lol
Thanks Splatshot, Newsey, Luciano, Eric and Joan.
Congrats, Hitz. Nice job with the tones...
i thought it was a splatshot production, which is a good thing. really cool. could just as easily have won the gold imo.
Great chop Hitspinner, like jmx, I thought it might be Splat as well. Some of yours are easier to spot, and some, like this, keep ya guessin'. Congrats on the Wood, as it's been mentioned, this one could have gone a number of ways.
Thanks QMS, Bob and Wanderer. Man, QMS and Jere, you guys caught me off guard. Though complementary to be compared with SS I was like, "Huh." and scratched my head. I don't see the resemblance. So I took his fine rooster chop and treated it like I finish most chops of late. I might have gone a little overboard on the contrasting and grit but they are remarkably different from SS clean and polished approach and natural coloring. Then I looked back on some earlier chops and I see the similarities and how you guys drew the comparison. Lately I am into color blasting and I thought that was the tell Here was my Experiment with all great thanks to SplatShot: SS and Hit
Congrats on the woody Tim. I love the lighting effects in this one.
Thanks Tim. I like the color blasted version of my chop. I especially like what it did to the hat and arrow. Are you doing this in Topaz or accomplishing it or parts of, more manually with the PS filters. I see resemblances to what I've been doing lately with the strong color tone and and the low detailed, almost suggested background image of the forest. Your caricature has a crisp outline, without the heavy painterly effect. So... I can see where you may thrown a few people off as to who's work this might have been. But Not I... I had you pegged for this piece all along. . I have to agree with Funkwood..the lighting effects are exceptional. Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours, Tim.
Happy Gobble gobble right back at you. Thanks. Actually I do all the color burning with the standard PS brush mode. I select the overlay setting and burn in the hot and cool highlights. You start entering photoshop 601 class trying to figure out which colors to burn with because of you go too dark you will get little artifact flame ups. Drives yone nuts. But once I got control of that I started having some real fun. The textures I stipple in and then process through a bunch of filters in a Topaz suite I purchased. And thanks Newsy.

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