Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Walking Dead
Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Walking Dead
Philip Seymour Hoffman in the Walking Dead. Member reactions:
Completely inappropriate and absolutely hilarious. Love it.
Very scary Movie poster The makeup of a zombie is really amazing good one
Really scary, I didn't recognize him at first glance
This one cracked This one made me spit my coffee out. Cracked me up. Nice one Evirio.
Just about what he looks like right now. Daem dude Nicely done
Thanks a lot all, I wanted to see if I hadn't lost all my skills

Funny Bird Dog Holding a Dead Duck

Bird Dog Holding a Dead Duck
Member reactions:
Sort of like feeding a chicken, chicken. Ha. When it comes to Dirds, anything goes. Great pic.

Funny 2014 the Dead End

2014 the Dead End
Member reactions:
Real dead end, freaky smoke and the mask is out of the box

Funny Walking Dead in the Living Room

Walking Dead in the Living Room
Member reactions:
Better than the others, but apparently others disagree

Funny Angelina Jolie the Evil Dead

Angelina Jolie the Evil Dead
Original picture, Angelina Jolie(A.J.)
Member reactions:
Thank you very much for all your comment. You are nice and I'm glad if you like it.
Angelina is on Fire. Proof that beauty is only skin deep. Great job.
Congratulations Krisztian. New Name, Same Great Art Work.
Almost Funkwood level . Really well done. Concrats on the cup
Silver congrats, KTO. Love the hair work.
Freakishly impressive art. Silver congrats, KTO.
Thank you very much for your congratulations, everyone. It is very nice to everyone. Thank you again: SplatShot Hitspinner geriatric pcrdds and Newsy Best regards or Sincerely, Krisztian (KTO)
Really loved this man.. Gave it a 10... Congrats on the Silver...Goat
Ohh, thank u very much, Goat. Very nice of you, Goat. Thank you for everything, my friend.

Funny Tribute to Dead Wife Paintings

Tribute to Dead Wife Paintings
Member reactions:
Awesome.... out of the bounds job done with a out of box creativity great finish well done

Funny Dead Surreal Woman Sitting in Surreal Sitting Room

Dead Surreal Woman Sitting in Surreal Sitting Room
Member reactions:
Surreal wonder it is. Love the red bird cat.
This is just Awesome The Parrot and Cat Combination is just superb Cute doggie too
A Freaky and different concept.... putting a cat face on the bird and a devil face on the beauty is really appreciable
So let me guess,,, She's in the Cat/Bird's seat. great stuff here.
I want one of those strange looking cats, great job as always and congrats on the win.
Both incarnations of this did well. Thank you folks.... Ya'll rock and apparently like the surreal as much as I do
Congratulations Hit-man. I think the cat sold the picture, but my favorite is the freaky doll crawling on stage.
Thank you all again. Yep SS, The cat probably should be a chop all by itself. Gummy
Congrats... BOY, you must have some nightmares. What do you eat before going to beds...
Grumpy. The trick is not to sleep Hehe. Thanks everyone

Funny Dead People Enjoying a Sunday in the Woods

Dead People Enjoying a Sunday in the Woods
Member reactions:
What a surprise. Thanks to all of you for your congrats...AND congrats to you, pcrdds on your silver in the sea gull contest.

Funny Dumb & Dumber in Dead and Deader

Dumb & Dumber in Dead and Deader
Dumb and Dumber 2: Dead and Dead-er....where harry EATS Lloyd.
Member reactions:
I hand painted all of the gore effects and the zombification of Jeff Daniels. Animated work in progress coming soon.
Here's the Work in progress animation: link
Totally exhausted thrilling full of Craziness and classic chop of ear Good texture to make it freaky as well
Awesome job done with full craziness seen in their relationship great work can be seen in the source
The WIP is amazing. The detached ear is a cherry on top.

Funny Dead Girl Barefoot in the Garden

Dead Girl Barefoot in the Garden
Barefoot in the Garden OH......stepped on a STICK.... Large Size Source Images
Member reactions:
Ouch,,,I don't know about you but if I had just stepped on a stick like that I would have thrown my cigar 1/2 way across the graveyard.
Thanks Gummy, I Appreciate your comment.
Stepped on a stick and the leg piercing perfectly matched the comment... good work on the background to look scary
Ahhhh a twofer. Congrats on the termite food... Great Halloween chop
Thank you very much Geriatric, Thanks Hit-man, I would rather be "front row" but Wood is Good.
Another freaking beauty from SS. Congrats on the wood.
haha . just seen this . made me laugh . thanks
If you put sticks in both hands and feet plus a crown of thorns...stigmata meets the exorcist.
Thanks NewsMaster.. Thank you SteveRS. I find it funny too. I'm still laughing. Thanks I appreciate your comment MissPix. I of the comments I received said she looked like a mix between Linda Blair and The Penguin. I pretty much think that nails it.

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