Kim Jong Il in Land of the Dead
Kim Jong Il in Land of the Dead
Kim Jong Il in Land of the Dead. Land of the DeaD

Funny Walkig Dead Brains Advert

Walkig Dead Brains Advert
I guess a TV show qualifies as a modern product.
Member reactions:
Zombies with brain drink is awesome... Great thought and nice look given to Zombies in the chop really scary
Its Different but very interesting concept
Terrific recipe, full of intelligence as ingredients
Lol Eric...those poor zombies only get fed what comes out of my brain.

Funny Skull of a Dead King

Skull of a Dead King
Old King left him only his skull head and his Crown
Member reactions:
Great Skill displayed on the Skull love to see the Lamp post hanging over it Fabulous job to see the Crown over it
Balodiya , My Friend Thanks very much Suni271980: Thanks a lot My friend all of you are Best

Funny Abe Vigoda Not Dead!

Abe Vigoda Not Dead!
Abe Vigoda Status
Member reactions:
Poor guy. Every year I hear reports that he's dead and then he's not. It would be funny if it turns out he's immortal.

Funny Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead
Member reactions:
I can't see her face i am eagerly waiting to see here face hidden


NONE OF US MEN SA WHICH WILL BE THE END OF OUR ... DECEMBER 2012 THE DEATH CHIMPS AND ALL THE MONKEYS IN LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS COME BACK FOR REVENGE EVIL THAT MAN HAS CAUSED THEM..... EXTERMINATE THE HUMAN RACE... ------------------------------------- to make the face of this monkey I used the faces of five monkeys ... lots of small pieces
Member reactions:
..... can't wait to see that happen. great job hidden ...AS ALWAYS
Wicked nice chop. Does the concertina play a nice tune. (But, you got "9mm" backwards on chimp's toy)
Zombie chimps, I love that idea. Brilliant chop.
full marks to this chop excellent way the monkey used in this chop its so nicely done and the detail is so wonderful to see the cigar in its mouth
Good job hidden you had a great idea and i like it, nice effects good luck =)
This is the Master-peace, you made a monkey to Champion thats the art
Another Master's work done Fantastic work done
Rickytrek, once again CONGRATS. I love monkeys and I love your pic, Yours tops....
i like the Scenarios you come up with, to explain your chops, congrats Ricky

Funny Carroll Shelby dead at 89

 Carroll Shelby dead at 89
Carroll Shelby dead at 89 RIP Mr. Shelby
Member reactions:
We miss ... may his soul rest in peace nice tribute paid by modifying his car as his coffin
Clean and neat Nice way of transport at the end...
Thanks all, I hope everyone understood that this was done with great respect for a great man.

Funny Rick Santorum Zombie in The Walking Dead

Rick Santorum Zombie in The Walking Dead
Santorum fills in as a zombie on the hit show The Walking Dead
Member reactions:
Perfect fit
What a job great zombie look given to his face very well done

Funny Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter

Funny Shakira Visits The Dead

Shakira Visits The Dead
Member reactions:
This is the most unbelievable entry. Its her B'day.. Fantastic work zombie kinda work on skin especially on the leg.
It's get me scared, Nice one by bit scary ... Parental Guidance (PG)
Terrifyingly real. I would not want to come across her in a graveyard. A dark night sky would be even scarier, but would probably have given me heart failure. .

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