Love is Dead
Love is Dead
Love is Dead. Love is Dead. Member reactions:
Great works. water mark is distracting though.
Agreed. But beyond that the work is strikingly pretty. You are going to have enough of these to put together a book pretty soon. Nicely done hidden. Anyway, love is alive... I love this hehehe
LOVE.. Hate..All together and Heart touching Chop

Funny Abe Vigoda Not Dead!

Abe Vigoda Not Dead!
Abe Vigoda Status. Member reactions:
Poor guy. Every year I hear reports that he's dead and then he's not. It would be funny if it turns out he's immortal.

Funny Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead
. Member reactions:
I can't see her face i am eagerly waiting to see here face hidden


NONE OF US MEN SA WHICH WILL BE THE END OF OUR ... DECEMBER 2012 THE DEATH CHIMPS AND ALL THE MONKEYS IN LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS COME BACK FOR REVENGE EVIL THAT MAN HAS CAUSED THEM..... EXTERMINATE THE HUMAN RACE...-------------------------------------to make the face of this monkey I used the faces of five monkeys ... lots of small pieces. Member reactions:
berdulano my fiend thankkkkkkk very muuuuuch tooooo good whit me ...
..... can't wait to see that happen.great job hidden ...AS ALWAYS
Wicked nice chop.Does the concertina play a nice tune. (But, you got "9mm" backwards on chimp's toy)
salis my friend my imagination is endless ... i will also see the end of the men soon .... hehehe ... thank you very much friend salis as always from "hidden"
steve10 thaaaaaaaank you my friend hihihihi... the dead chimp song the machine guns... not the concertina... the dead chimp is very hoped that nobody saw the 9 mm shot backwards ... now i have to fix it you're a hawk's eye.
thaaank you disaster... veeeery cooool
doc paul... thaaaaaaaaaaank you man
Zombie chimps, I love that idea. Brilliant chop.
senthil17 thank you very much mate
stevegsq thank you friend, i am happy you love my idea of "zombie chimp"
visualverve i thank you in confidence .... i hope you are a good seer .... thanks man
full marks to this chop excellent way the monkey used in this chop its so nicely done and the detail is so wonderful to see the cigar in its mouth
Good job hidden you had a great idea and i like it, nice effectsgood luck =)
This is the Master-peace, you made a monkey to Champion thats the art
Another Master's work done Fantastic work done
Rickytrek, once again CONGRATS. I love monkeys and I love your pic, Yours tops....
congratulazioni fratellone...................... hai visto.......... pi ce ne... e peggio ...........meno cene.... ....e peggio he....he....he...... cmq sempre a cresta alta. ciausssssssss............... e a presto...
Eheee... stavolta ti ho surclassato; but CONGRATS on silver AMICO mioooo
i like the Scenarios you come up with, to explain your chops, congrats Ricky

Funny Carroll Shelby dead at 89

 Carroll Shelby dead at 89
" --> Carroll Shelby dead at 89 RIP Mr. Shelby. Member reactions:
We miss ... may his soul rest in peace nice tribute paid by modifying his car as his coffin
Clean and neat Nice way of transport at the end...
Thanks all, I hope everyone understood that this was done with great respect for a great man.

Funny Rick Santorum Zombie in The Walking Dead

Rick Santorum Zombie in The Walking Dead
Santorum fills in as a zombie on the hit show The Walking Dead. Member reactions:
Perfect fit
What a job great zombie look given to his face very well done

Funny Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter
. Member reactions:
"beautifullllllllllllll", fantastic colours

Funny Shakira Visits The Dead

Shakira Visits The Dead
. Member reactions:
This is the most unbelievable entry.Its her B'day..Fantastic work zombie kinda work on skin especially on the leg.
It's get me scared, Nice one by bit scary ... Parental Guidance (PG)
Terrifyingly real. I would not want to come across her in a graveyard. A dark night sky would be even scarier, but would probably have given me heart failure. .

Funny Dead Osama Bin Laden Gets 72 Urchins

Dead Osama Bin Laden Gets 72 Urchins
Full View PLEASEMay 2, 2011 Osama bin Laden's body buried at sea. Member reactions:
Excellent work & I love the play on words
TY diamonds, merci BOULPIX, TY&TY again D-Man
Peace at last; he looks so natural. Great job.
Paul, toledoeagle, geriatric Many thanks
Congrats QT.. Great stuff and so funny.. I Thought this was Ricky's for sure cause of all the smiley faces, . But I guess your a smiley guy too. I'll have to remember that now. Lots of times the comments are a dead giveaway to the artist.
Congrats moon........... freaking delicious.
Truly brilliant. I like the way you kept the colors subtle instead of over-saturated. Great details. Worthy of the Gold.
Thank you so much everyone, I really appreciate it and Funkwood, I have to admit that sometimes, including this time, I intentionally try to disguise myself by using different styles of comments, often trying to resemble someone else in particular . . . just for fun, and to keep ya' guessin' Thanks again to all for your votes and great comments.Gold is always a good thang.
That's a smart and funny thing to do QT. You had me fooled. I'll have to try that for a while, cause personally, I get tired of knowing whose chop it is before voting ends....Keep up the good work bro.
super work qt. Great saturation and clarity.
Thanks again FW, and many thanks to you oldman, I appreciate you noticing such details
spectacular... maaaaaaany congrats... you are a great...

Funny Dead Dido

Dead Dido
No freaking ballons or cakes here. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Member reactions:
This is "out of the box" strange, but hilarious. Oh, and thanks for running me down, hidden. "Toys R Us Home delivery." Too much.
I never saw the Doctor in diapers before...YIKES.
Dog days are here again, good work if you can get it. Thomlin was a cut out in storage.

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