Dumb & Dumber in Dead and Deader
Dumb & Dumber in Dead and Deader
Dumb & Dumber in Dead and Deader. Dumb and Dumber 2: Dead and Dead-er....where harry EATS Lloyd.
Member reactions:
I hand painted all of the gore effects and the zombification of Jeff Daniels. Animated work in progress coming soon.
Here's the Work in progress animation: link
Totally exhausted thrilling full of Craziness and classic chop of ear Good texture to make it freaky as well
Awesome job done with full craziness seen in their relationship great work can be seen in the source
The WIP is amazing. The detached ear is a cherry on top.

Funny Dead Girl Barefoot in the Garden

Dead Girl Barefoot in the Garden
Barefoot in the Garden OH......stepped on a STICK.... Large Size Source Images
Member reactions:
Ouch,,,I don't know about you but if I had just stepped on a stick like that I would have thrown my cigar 1/2 way across the graveyard.
Thanks Gummy, I Appreciate your comment.
Stepped on a stick and the leg piercing perfectly matched the comment... good work on the background to look scary
Ahhhh a twofer. Congrats on the termite food... Great Halloween chop
Thank you very much Geriatric, Thanks Hit-man, I would rather be "front row" but Wood is Good.
Another freaking beauty from SS. Congrats on the wood.
haha . just seen this . made me laugh . thanks
If you put sticks in both hands and feet plus a crown of thorns...stigmata meets the exorcist.
Thanks NewsMaster.. Thank you SteveRS. I find it funny too. I'm still laughing. Thanks I appreciate your comment MissPix. I agree..one of the comments I received said she looked like a mix between Linda Blair and The Penguin. I pretty much think that nails it.

Funny Woman Buried Isn't Dead

Woman Buried Isn't Dead
Woman turns up alive after her own funeral
Member reactions:
Raise from the Hell.... There is no rest when there is no peace so come out of the under world good chop showing the lady erupted out to prove her state of life well done

Funny Tribute to Dead Dog

Tribute to Dead Dog
A Tribute while he is, still, alive. "WOOF." FULL View works Best.
Member reactions:
" I'll raise you one 'HA.' ... 'HA.' 'HA.' " Thanks for the comment.
Kinda spooky, but fine chop Long live DD.
Full view does work best, fine chop, geriatric with a bad azz seagull
G-man, I just saw this, if it's for me Im honored.
It tanked so, call me when yer' Dead, DeadDog and I'll do better on the next one.

Funny Chairman Mao in The Ungrateful Dead Poster

Chairman Mao in The Ungrateful Dead Poster
To many Mao's a hero but he'll always be the most prolific mass murderer of all time to me.
Member reactions:
A superb work of art pacovilla, needs to be viewed full version to really apreciate.

Funny Kim Jong Il in Land of the Dead

Kim Jong Il in Land of the Dead
Land of the DeaD

Funny Walkig Dead Brains Advert

Walkig Dead Brains Advert
I guess a TV show qualifies as a modern product.
Member reactions:
Zombies with brain drink is awesome... Great thought and nice look given to Zombies in the chop really scary
Its Different but very interesting concept
Terrific recipe, full of intelligence as ingredients
Lol Eric...those poor zombies only get fed what comes out of my brain.

Funny Skull of a Dead King

Skull of a Dead King
Old King left him only his skull head and his Crown
Member reactions:
Great Skill displayed on the Skull love to see the Lamp post hanging over it Fabulous job to see the Crown over it
Balodiya , My Friend Thanks very much Suni271980: Thanks a lot My friend all of you are Best

Funny Abe Vigoda Not Dead!

Abe Vigoda Not Dead!
Abe Vigoda Status
Member reactions:
Poor guy. Every year I hear reports that he's dead and then he's not. It would be funny if it turns out he's immortal.

Funny Field of the Dead

Field of the Dead
Member reactions:
I can't see her face i am eagerly waiting to see here face hidden

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