Not quite St.Paddys day Alien
Not quite St.Paddys day Alien
Not quite St.Paddys day Alien. least i tried
Member reactions:
Love your incredible style Robin. Fabulous shades of green and combination of Alien/St Pat. Should have went much higher
Well played robin. I love what you did with the 'Alien' title.
Yes I got spanked pretty hard, but I should have known better. After all it was for St. Patrick’s day.

Funny The Green House for a Day

The Green House for a Day
Member reactions:
Lol nicely worked with great perspective on the fountain.

Funny Valentine Day

Valentine Day
Member reactions:
Good one. But, if you are going to include the small print, you should change that also.
Thanks Bob, hope I get time to fix it later.
Congrats on the wood hobbit.
, Awesome and love the fuzzy heart. Woody Congrats, Hobbit.
Strong illustrative feel to this. Almost feels Wood cut. Quality grats on Woody
Well done..some nice detail in this hobbit90

Funny happy valentines day from the space forc

happy valentines day from the space forc
hope you enjoy
Member reactions:
Fantastic, as always with awesome extras. Great to see your work again, Robin.
thanks guys i miss doing artwork for freaking news
We miss seeing you enter your artwork Robin, yours is some of the finest on FN.

Funny Wash Day

Wash Day

Funny New Year's Day, 2019

New Year's Day, 2019
Member reactions:
Congrats SplatShot, good one, love the little guy on the one.
Thanks, Hobbit. Yeah... I figured you might. She's a Michael Parkes Sculpture.
Congrads on the Silver Cup, very artistic.
Thanks Mano, Bob, Gummy, PSH and Ho. Was gonna add more... but darn it, I was fresh out of Zombies and Killer Clowns.

Funny Got to love old age, one day at a time

Got to love old age, one day at a time
Member reactions:
No wonder you're a chopping machine, there's four of you. Outstanding selfie chop H.H..

Funny Aviation Day Lego Edition

Aviation Day Lego Edition
Member reactions:
, TOUGH TO DO CHOP. Angular lines in all directions like that are hard to control. Good job.
A heck of a job, Manosart. Best seen in the original view to appreciate.

Funny Flag Day Santa

Flag Day Santa
Every star and stripe was hand drawn.
Member reactions:
So Cute and good work..
Truly deserved Gold for the work done to the original source. Congrats LunaC.

Funny A Day In Savannah

A Day In Savannah

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