David and George
David and George
David and George. Member reactions:
Yes, should have out a news link as per the contest directions. This would make a great fit into a Vintage contest too

Funny Jennifer Lawrence Loves Larry David

Jennifer Lawrence Loves Larry David
Jennifer Lawrence's crush on Larry David Larry David is an actor, comedian, writer, director and created, "Seinfeld." He also had a show on HBO called, "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
Member reactions:
If they dated she'd be older than his daughter right. Jenner, grow up already.
A little stunned over not seeing this one with a cup. It is quite well done
Thanks, everyone. Win some, lose some, Tim.
At this rate AZRainman will have to get back to work to hold his title at FN.

Funny David Bowie

David Bowie
Member reactions:
Vibrant job.... excellent mix of colors good one
Nice use of color and texture. Fun to look at.

Funny David Bowie

David Bowie
David Bowie Exhibition original size source images used
Member reactions:
Too freaking awesome, especially in the original view. Bowie is one twisted fella outside of the box.
Excellent caricature wit intense facial expression. Me like.
Superduper congrats. Nice clean work. I did not know he was a painter
Thank you kindly fellow choppers turn and face the strange, ch-ch-changes

Funny David Letterman and Son

David Letterman and Son
Member reactions:
I would make the kid's face smaller as it seems like two dads here

Funny David Letterman the Chimney Sweep

David Letterman the Chimney Sweep
Sweep for ya, gov'nor.
Member reactions:
His head is small and hat should produce some shadow
Excellent. He looks determined to do the job right.
And a third to place 3 in the top 5. You gone crazy girl. well done

Funny David Letterman the Astronaut

David Letterman the Astronaut
Member reactions:
Vitruvian astronaut tag and the mike on his chest.
All yours are Good. Happy Easter my friend.

Funny David Letterman the Stuntman

David Letterman the Stuntman

Funny David Letterman the Sleazy Hotel Owner

David Letterman the Sleazy Hotel Owner
It looks like sidekick and pal, Paul Shaffer followed along with Dave.
Member reactions:
Adding Shaffer complements this chop nicely. Every night they should have a list of "Top 10 Rooms"
Thanks, Andrew and G-Man. A Happy Easter and Passover to one and all.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Happy Easter.
Thanks, Newsy. You too. Have some Easter Borscht for me.

Funny The Cobert Report Starring David Letterman

The Cobert Report Starring David Letterman
Member reactions:
His face looks a bit darker than his hands, otherwise good job done
Ohhhhh double play... Ha Great job... Congrats on the 2 in a row
... and congrats on the wood. Two out of 4 ain't bad

Funny David Blaine

David Blaine
Well known illusionist and stunt man David Blaine turned 40 on April 4. Blaine is often called "magician of the millenium" and his stunts included being buried alive, drowned alive, and frozen in an ice cube. "Time started taking its toll on my body, but my best stunt is yet to come", said Blaine on his 40th Birthday. To mark the 40th birthday of David Blaine, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny David Cameron

David Cameron
After the UK elections, where the Labor party suffered a shameful defeat and folded the 13-year rule, the conservative leader David Cameron began his first day as Britain's prime minister after striking a deal with the Liberal Democrats to form a coalition government. This will be Britain's first coalition government since Winston Churchill formed a unity government during World War II. U.S. President Obama called Prime Minister Cameron after the transfer of power to tell him that the United States "had no closer friend and ally" than Britain. Goodbye Gordon Brown, hello David Cameron! To welcome Britain's new prime minister David Cameron, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny David Letterman

David Letterman
It's David Letterman's big birthday today. He started in TV as a weatherman, and you see it in most of Letterman's shows. Today he turns 60. That's 20 hotter than today's weather. In this contest you are asked to photoshop David Letterman any way you like. Examples may include paintings, time travel, magazine covers, etc.

Funny David Beckham in America

David Beckham in America
David Beckhman, England's most famous soccer player, signed a five-year contract to move to the USA and play for LA Galaxy soccer team to make soccer more popular with the American audience. Before moving to the USA, David Beckham had to learn a few things about America. Despite what they think in England, he understood that soccer and football is not the same. As he explained to his wife: "In America they have a game where big guys in helmets kick and throw an elliptical ball. It's called American soccer." In this contest you are asked to photoshop David Beckham promoting different products & sports in USA, or show how Beckham will Americanize and spend his time in America.

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