Kangaroo Dave
Kangaroo Dave
Kangaroo Dave. This is Dave the kangaroo that was bullying folks in Brisbane Australia, he liked to hang out at the golf course a lot.
Member reactions:
They can be real A55holes from what I gather Nicely done

Funny Dave Matthews Cut in Half

Dave Matthews Cut in Half
"Would you not like to be, sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free."
Member reactions:
Over and above the ground good one like the two parts.... and good colorful base
Thanks, everyone. First 'Chop' I did in a loooong time.

Funny Dave Chappelle and Prince Gay Wedding

Dave Chappelle and Prince Gay Wedding
Member reactions:
pretty cool

Funny Dave Grohl Caricature

Dave Grohl Caricature
Member reactions:
Quality work. I like the Freak Show drum.

Funny Dave Letterman's Many girlfriends

Dave Letterman's Many girlfriends
Late nights at the late show.
Member reactions:
Letterman gets lucky.
Nicd composition but low res Letterman (and Letterman type)sticks out.
Good idea, but I have to agree with LunaC. The neck area is not blended very well.
Totally agree with the above. Find a higher resolution source of Letterman, and you have a killer entry.

Funny Dave Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

Dave Letterman vs. Sarah Palin
Palin: Letterman Owes Women An Apology
Member reactions:
Perfect well almost, turn the smile to a frown, or turn the culture around, demonizing woman and degrading their children, shouldn't put a smile on your face. MM T-shirt Hit's the Spin on this.
controversial topic i think,, she put her children in the public eye by parading her child in the media,(the 17 year old), as a proud unwed mother ,,and against abortion ..i personally dont think letterman was aiming for the younger sibling,,plus without satire or humor .. i dont think this site can exists,, ...ok,, i had to express myself ,,you may delete this,,
His joke was no worse than those that were said months ago.
Me loves this. Many details - best seen in full view. Beavis like Letterman wearing Mickey Mouse T-shirt with Disney tag is freaking awesome.
Oh yeah, me wonders what A+++++ chopper did this. Beautiful work. Letterman finally got his smug little bubble popped.Frankly it's karma. The guy has made millions putting others on the spot and making them uncomfortable. Tons of celebs wont even do his show. So it is his turn in the barrel. Hehe I dunno Pree. Sarah was at the game with the 14 year old daughter... sure seems like the joke was aimed at her.
Congrats Funkster Lesson of the day, learn to laugh instead of going postal.
Funkwood, this rocks. Congrads on the bronze.
OK...I'm scared now. Way to go Master Funkwood.
funk)))) great chop,, fuuunny caricature... congratulations ...
Thanks all. I've always thought Letterman, unlike Leno, has an abrasive, crude sense of humor. I took great pleasure in chopping this pain in the arse, .
As usual great stuff funkwood... Congrats
that was great work funkister ..... this made me gussing between you and hitspinner Congrats on the bronze
Another Funktastic work of digital art. It is always an honor to compete with such choppers.

Funny Dave Navarro Camera Eyes

Dave Navarro Camera Eyes
Member reactions:
Good job, but the shadows from the cameras are a tad overdone I think
wasn't really going for shadows, more like infection

Funny Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave Money

Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave Money
Member reactions:
Is there a family connection between the Haitian president and E.M..

Funny Dave Chappelle Waiter

Dave Chappelle Waiter

Funny Dave Chappelle the Waiter

Dave Chappelle the Waiter
Now we know what Dave Chappelle has been doing. View full please.
Member reactions:
Lovely clean image. the face is very well integrated.
Good job. There is a black line across his forehead and on his chin though. Otherwise, it's a darned good entry.
Very nice. Love the colors and lighting on this pic. Good job.

Funny Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews Band
Use your imagination to create images of how "big Stink" will impact Dave Matthews Band, their careers, CD's or the music industry in general. Feel free to use any other bands or artists in your submissions. (and don't forget to hold your noses!)

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