Mother And Daughter Bush
Mother And Daughter Bush
Mother And Daughter Bush. Member reactions:
What is coming from the nose on the baby.
Have you ever heard of a thing called PILL .
Hahhahaha cute one Doc. Congrats on the bronze.
Very cute chop, bubble bugger and all, congrats on the win.

Funny Mrs Diller and Daughter

Mrs Diller and Daughter
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Funny Daughters of Anarchy

Daughters of Anarchy

Funny Eminem's Daughter is Homecoming Queen

Eminem's Daughter is Homecoming Queen
Eminem's daughter crowned Homecoming Queen It looks like Cee Lo Green's daughter might be a little jealous.
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Really, a Doc chop. Didn't guess that at all. Well done Doc, I like the new style

Funny Brad, Angie and daughter

Brad, Angie and daughter
Don't look at the camera Shiloh . full view is better Sources
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Good one... all the faces were well merged and nice color balance done to match up the classical painting
C'est vraiment très bien, j'adore, j'ai voté 8 mais j'ai hésité à mettre 9 (mais comme je participais... je craignais plus celle là que d'autres du top 4), toute façon avec mon karma vérolé snifff... il faut faire des images grande taille ils aiment bien, mais il n'y avait pas bcp de sources en haute résolutions je crois c'est vrai ^^
Thanks guys . thanks X . Armatien je vais essayer, merci.
Do you see that orang hot spot on Angelina's face, Ariel. That happens when you push color saturation too far. It is more common in cheaper PS programs than actual Photoshop. I am just pointing that out as a tip. It's not a critique. For all I know you may have wanted that effect. Overall, nice shop, great integration

Funny Eddie Murphy and Daughter

Eddie Murphy and Daughter

Funny Jodie Foster and Daughter

Jodie Foster and Daughter

Funny Gwenneth Paltrow and Daughter

Gwenneth Paltrow and Daughter
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Cute baby with a different hairstyle from other mother.... well done
Good one, but I wish the daughter was more decognizable
Yeah, it lost some in the translation. Oh well, the only thing that isn't Gweneth is the curly blond hair and the baby body. Cant get much closer to the original than that. I took a photo of her with slightly wider eyes just to get away from the repetative type face transplants that use the same face and give a larger orbit, like real childs eyes. It came out so-so. This was the last chop done on the ancient software and little bitty PC. I'm back in business and loaded programs I used a few years back. Quality should climb at an expoential rate from here. Only 8s and above. But you guys will be the judge of that.

Funny Mother Vladimir Putin and His Daughter

Mother Vladimir Putin and His Daughter
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Crazy baby Putin and her mother so anxious to lift her up good one

Funny Rosie O'Donnell and Daughter

Rosie O'Donnell and Daughter

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