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Funny Daughter Pictures

Daughters of AnarchyFunny Daughters of Anarchy
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Eminem's Daughter is Homecoming QueenFunny Eminem's Daughter is Homecoming Queen
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Eminem's daughter crowned Homecoming Queen It looks like Cee Lo Green's daughter might be a little jealous.
Really, a Doc chop. Didn't guess that at all. Well done Doc, I like the new style

Brad, Angie and daughterFunny Brad, Angie and daughter
Member reactions:
Don't look at the camera Shiloh . full view is better Sources
Good one... all the faces were well merged and nice color balance done to match up the classical painting
C'est vraiment très bien, j'adore, j'ai voté 8 mais j'ai hésité à mettre 9 (mais comme je participais... je craignais plus celle là que d'autres du top 4), toute façon avec mon karma vérolé snifff... il faut faire des images grande taille ils aiment bien, mais il n'y avait pas bcp de sources en haute résolutions je crois c'est vrai ^^
Thanks guys . thanks X . Armatien je vais essayer, merci.
Do you see that orang hot spot on Angelina's face, Ariel. That happens when you push color saturation too far. It is more common in cheaper PS programs than actual Photoshop. I am just pointing that out as a tip. It's not a critique. For all I know you may have wanted that effect. Overall, nice shop, great integration

Mario Lopez And DaughterFunny Mario Lopez And Daughter
Member reactions:

Cute picture. I'd adjust levels a bit on the girls face to blend it in a little smoother. Nice work
Look at Mario's head...that's the head that was there.
Yeah, I know....the girls head was a slightly different than Mario's neck. looks smoother now.
Yes...I just made a slight hue adjustment.
I have seen the original pic sometime ago... but this one is most freaky like the concept of holding the beer bottle good job done
Love how you added the armpits hair and the beer bottle. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
I like too you added the beer bottle and the hair great work, silver congrats Pcr.

Mother and daughter Funny Mother and daughter
Member reactions:

The face of Mother is much pretty then the Baby and baby is too smart
Thank you Eric, hope nobody don't mind I change the baby face sorry for the late edit.
Nice work Sunshine … I like the "binky" in the mouth

Mother and Daughter LibertyFunny Mother and Daughter Liberty
Member reactions:

This is too good, Never expect this entry very well done you have given Mother Liberty her child really a good move ... Like this very much
Hats off to this concept, great come up with wonderful Idea
thanks guys. bronze wOoT
Very nice JL ... I knew this would win ... Very clever. Bronze congrats.

Bruce Willis Welcomes his New DaughterFunny Bruce Willis Welcomes his New Daughter
Member reactions:

Bruce Willis Welcomes Daughter
Amazing how DNA can come back to haunt you...
Thanks, LunaC...thanks, Disasterman...thanks, geriatric.
Baby Brucecilla is beautiful............. NOT. Bwahahahahahhaahh... Funny.
Freaing idea the lady behind in the frame is also amazing
Cute baby smoking Funny photo on the wall looks like freak mommy of freaky baby
It's too hilarious to see baby face and specially his hair it too funny and look how he smokes good work on the cap too
Thanks, deaddog...thanks, balodiya...thanks, ericnorthend...thanks, diamonds...thanks, rajeshstar.
Defaced Demi Moore on the wall in the background is some sweet icing on this cake. Nice win. Well deserved.
Congrats on the Bronze,Paul.....excellent work.
Way to go Paul , Congrats on the Bronze
I won't mention the fact that his right hand is behind the kid instead of holding her (oops, guess I did), but this is great. Congrats on the Bronze. (I thought he was sleeping with Michelle though - ha)

Beyonce and Jay Z`s DaughterFunny Beyonce and Jay Z`s Daughter
Member reactions:

Beyonce gives birth
I missed the deadline for the Beyonce contest. Sorry.
Nice one.. I was about to ask why didn't you enter it in the Beyonce - Jay-Z Baby contest. I see you missed the deadline.
very well done with good work on hair and diapers, and good thought of entering this image in this contest
She is so cute Like the way u have done. Very nice. Hey Hidden u Missed ur place in Beyonce..
Good one, ugly kid and welcome back, good to see you have time again.
I love kids, but this one would freak me out. NICE JOB.
Nice work Azure Sky, and welcome back by the way … loved your Barack Presley as well.

My Daughter and a Big Bottle of CokeFunny My Daughter and a Big Bottle of Coke
Member reactions:

Wonderful chop, wonderful daughter. However, please remove the snake paint job (or paint it differently) otherwise it's considered "recycling" of your previous work.

Katy Perry and DaughterFunny Katy Perry and Daughter
Member reactions:

Nice work. I like the soft look & lighting.
Thank you PixJockey, Kellie, Geri and KeepitReal I appreciate your comments..
Ahhh, glad you submitted this chop here. It's cute and fabulous.
Thank you Nesy, Xaos once again I am honored..

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