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Funny Dating Pictures

Due DateFunny Due Date
Member reactions:

Ha ha nice war scene created behind Dog with cigar is highlight

Blind DateFunny Blind Date
Member reactions:

He brought her violets to match his tie and hat ribbon.
Thanks, everyone -- had this in mind for a long time, happy to finally do it.

Old Man Manning's parole dateFunny Old Man Manning's parole date
Member reactions:
35 years later...
Well focused job and all wrinkles visible

Cher Once Dated Tom CruiseFunny Cher Once Dated Tom Cruise
Member reactions:

Cher once dated Tom Cruise
Very well conceptualized this freaking news
Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, eric. Thanks, GarRobMil. Thanks, HH.
Everybody dates everybody in Hollywood. Cute chop.
i like what u do by flipping the woman body to the other side. awesome technique dr.
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Dr. Silvercuspid.

Play Date With Sean PennFunny Play Date With Sean Penn
Member reactions:

Great pencil art of Hugo on the slate and great caricature done on Sean and Hugo two friends playing naughty
1st Place congratulations Pcrdds, your caricatures were right on the money.
"Where's the funny.." It's here at Dr. Chuckles' place. Congratulations.
Congrats on the gold, Paul. Boys will be boys
Makes one wonder, doesn't it. Hahahaha great chop doc.

Arnold Dates Mystery BlondeFunny Arnold Dates Mystery Blonde
Member reactions:

Arnold Schwarzenegger dates a mystery blonde
Ahhh...she's so cute. Watch out for the crumbs, Kerri.
Yummy... Lot of food stuff to eat Arnold and Kerry looks stunning in this chop
Thanks everyone, and thanks to Pree for letting me make fun of her...AGAIN.
hahahaha.......silver congrats my friend very hillarious chop.

 Edouard Online Dating ServiceFunny Edouard Online Dating Service
Member reactions:

Tired of the boring single life. Let Manet paint that special someone into your life
great idea and lovely job done on the chops with two different angle good one
its the Virtual Girl of Old time he has made...freaky awesome idea

Member reactions:

Blind date is for who... the boy or the girl... but the chop looks funny - Online Dating FailureFunny - Online Dating Failure
Member reactions:

I always thought Rainman was a little taller
Good work with the shadows and the funny mismatch Hilarious to see the Cat and dog smiling and FN flag too...........
Thanks, Senthil. Thanks, SteveGSQ. Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, eric.
Had to go with the direction of the shadows from the background, Twister.
ol i see jones beach......... nice work congrats...
Right you are pree........ Had to use it. Thanks.
Congratulations Pcrdds. Fabulously funny.
...thanks for the laugh and congrats
Thanks, Master Rain...glad you got a good chuckle. Merci, Mme BOULPIX.
Congrats on the Gold. Your inconsistent lighting leaves much to be desired though (just my opinion of course). You must have been in a rush.

Date with SpidermanFunny Date with Spiderman
Member reactions:

Good. (And spiderman strikes again )
Yeah... good thinking this birthday a date with spidey would be better good to see a spidey in the background well done
Cleaver and yes CLEAN , full marks good luck friend
Salis,I'm a great fan of your perfect technics Congrats .
Very unique and appealing. Congratulations.
Nice messing up with Kirsten, and the Spidey in the window is a great touch.
Congrats Salis...I tend to like this one the most. Very clean and well done
so perfect its like an Ad... congrats....
its much harder to do a clean crisp perfectly balanced chop then ,a busy muddled filtered piece,,

Online DatingFunny Online Dating - Create an advertisement that could be used for an online dating company. Use a real dating company or create your own. Think about all of the marketing ploys available. Using screenshot themed images is acceptable, however, please do not submit just text changed screen-shot entries. We are looking for full ads and photoshopped images.

50 First DatesFunny 50 First Dates - Photoshop "50 First Dates" with new cast crew (politicians & celebrities) or design a sequel.

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