Officer Darren Wilson Retires
Officer Darren Wilson Retires
Officer Darren Wilson Retires. Nowhere to go now. Officer Retires SOURCES
Member reactions:
Will the masterpieces never end. Love it. Wouldn't a Paula Dean tattoo be more appropriate here.
This rocks my world, Hidden. But you need to remove the KKK picture on the wall as as don't allow any references to them on FN.
Okay, gimmie a sec or two Done
Great Character. Very Well executed. Best of luck.
Excellent work... his torn dress and a cigar indicates now he is free from his responsibilities No strings attached now good work
Outstanding gallery of caricatures. All to collect.
seems i got you at the last minute. great work hits. lots of work. the locks on the door are a great touch. congrats mate.
Congrats on the woody Tim. Awesome clean chop and cool caricature.
Thanks Bob and Dan. It was a little disappointing to take 4th after all that work but not disappointing to loose to better chops. As it happens there is always somebody that sucks hind nip
Congrats on cup, Hits. Great job and biggest ongoing news story
Yeah it is. Crazy stuff. I think the folks of Fergusson MO. are starting to realize they picked the wrong poster boy for police brutality on blacks. I an seeing tons of black people coming forward and saying as much. Having been somewhat of a former thug myself I hate to say I told you so hahahah But the dude was as obvious as a train wreck what he was all about.
Oh-thought this was JB. Ooops. Congratulations.

Funny Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin
A Christmas Story Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.
Member reactions:
Great idea and very well executed. You summarize what I remember best about Darren McGavin, to everyone who has seen a Christmas Story you will know what I mean.
Fraageelay, French for - Freaking Excellent.
Well done. Perspecive looks a bit off on the base of the lamp, but VERY minor detail...
Well at least he'll have a leg up on the competition at the pearly gates...
Did a little research; this is nice. My one and only technical comment here is that for an overcast day the lamp is shoing alot of directional light bias, and theres alotta white stuff in the 'fringe,' otherwise a fitting, well done tribute. love the text work too.
Well done and a very nice/thought out tribute.
This is a great tribute to Darren. Despite his large resume he will most likely be best known for this role.
The man had a great, if quirky. sense of humor. I think that he would love this.

Funny Darren Sharper sentenced to prison

Darren Sharper sentenced to prison
Disgraced ex-NFL player Darren Sharper is sentenced to up to eight years in prison in Las Vegas ... assault case

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