ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark
ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark
ELVIRA, Mistress of the Dark.

Funny Dark Side Of Easter

Dark Side Of Easter
They don't just hand them over.
Member reactions:
Great job D D, maybe future film idea like "Bad Santa". Bronze Congrats.

Funny Groping in the Dark

Groping in the Dark
I believe he was just trying to be funny. (And so am I).
Member reactions:
My favorite Frankenstine, darn good pic, congrats...

Funny Dark future

Dark future

Funny The Dark side

The Dark side
Member reactions:
Should be higher place. Excellent performance.
Yes the source does have nice colour scheme

Funny Dark Days Ahead for Bernie Sanders

Dark Days Ahead for Bernie Sanders

Funny The Dark Gorilla Movie

The Dark Gorilla Movie

Funny Dark Days in Washington DC

Dark Days in Washington DC
Member reactions:
This is over the top weird hahahahahahahahaah ....

Funny Darth Vader as The Dark Knight

Darth Vader as The Dark Knight

Funny Mona Lisa's Dark Secret

Mona Lisa's Dark Secret

Funny Batman - The Dark Knight

Batman - The Dark Knight
One of the biggest movies of the year is opening this Friday - "The Dark Knight" is the latest installment of the Batman saga. The movie will be made famous for the Joker's role in which movie critics say it may be the best Joker out of all previous episodes. The dark irony is that the Joker is played by the brilliant Australian actor Heath Ledger, who tragically died earlier this year. The critics and media are already talking about Ledger's Oscar nomination, and he'll be sure to get the last laugh from the big screen. Photoshop Batman movies any way you wish. While we encourage you to use the latest installment of "The Dark Night", you can also use any previous Batman movies. Some examples are making movie sequels of Batman, changing the movie cast, merging any Batman movie with other movies, putting Batman into paintings, making him endorse products, etc.

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