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Funny Danny Pictures

Even Danny is TryingFunny Even Danny is Trying
Member reactions:

The gang has an Elvis night at the bar...funny
Hilarious.... like the most funny stuff is the tummy

Danny Trejo 2Funny Danny Trejo 2
Member reactions:

Nice work. Can see some faint cut lines of forehead.

Danny Trejo 1Funny Danny Trejo 1
Member reactions:

Danny Trejo the Machete ManFunny Danny Trejo the Machete Man
Member reactions:

Good work its nice chop, I only bother about his Teeth

Danny DeVito Midlife CrisisFunny Danny DeVito Midlife Crisis
Member reactions:

Danny DeVito's Midlife Crisis could include buying a Porsche
Great job done lovely porsche and the Dog is little crazy to race with it good work on the shadows and Both the couple looks too happy after the car
Very funny Great expre3sion and Cool gun shot
Cuteness and hilarity in one glass here. Me likes a lot.

Danny DeVito Mimes A Toast To Rhea Funny Danny DeVito Mimes A Toast To Rhea
Member reactions:

Cheers. Danny DeVito Mimes A Toast to His Wife Rhea Perlman. To Go Large Click This Easy Button
Excellent work. With the makeup on he kinda reminds me of John Candy.
Great job like the face in the fruit
Great chop on Danny , perfect expression on his face . High marks my friend :
Thanks. Balo, Thanks. Chili, welcome back my friend.
woooow fantastic mimic mask for mr. danny goood work

Danny DevitoFunny Danny Devito
Member reactions:

source image
well done with the source looks like it will just blast funny look given
A professional work here, great blending on the head and whole face got a different look, great effort. Good luck

Member reactions:

thank mister disaster, i am happy you like...
WOOOW... I love this CHOP ..Really great..
blackxxx thaaaaank you very very much my friend
blackxxx thaaaaank you very very much my friend
beautiful miss kellie thank you a little kiss for your kindness
Superb. Such a beautiful expression on his face Very well done. Lighting is also very nice
Excellent Caricature you deserve the Oscar nice lighting and great to see a mini Oscar hanging over the neck wonderful chopping
A perfect work, like it so much, winner entry
bobraffo an fantasy thank for you my friend
balodija thank for your fantastic compliment
rajeshstar thanks for the trust you give to my work, i am very happy that you gave me the oscar, thanks again friend.
ericnorthend thaaaaaank you for my winning in advance.
Double congrats Ricky, masterpiece works.
per questo meraviglioso argento devo ringraziare il mio amico mandrake, e dividere con lui il premio... la caricatura infatti di mandrake, anche le luci sono sue, un lavoro fatto in collaborazione a 4 mani... tutto il resto mio. quindi le congrats le divido con mandrake......... bravo fratellino......... ----------------------------------------- for this wonderful silver i have to thank my friend mandrake, and share with him the prize ... it is a caricature of mandrake, the lights are his, is a work made in collaboration with 4 hands ... everything else is mine. then congrats to share with mandrake ......... good brother...
Silver Congratulations Ricky great job. I like the coloring & smoke effects ... wonderful background source.
congratulazioni fratellone. come al solito un lavoro fantastico. in particolare adoro la caricatura , ben precisa, e in asse, e nessuna alterazione negli occhi, questa la rende perfetta. sono molto felice che si deciso di percorrere questa via.... un arte da 2 menti f.... ihihihih ------------------------------------------------congratulations bro. As usual a fantastic job. in particular I love the caricature, precise, and aligned, and no alteration in the eye, This makes perfect. I am very happy that we decided to go this route ....
questo ringraziamento lo divido con il mio fratellino mandrake, se lo merita quanto me voglio ringraziare anche a nome di psmandrake tutti voi ragazzi: --------------------------------------------- this thanksgiving divide with my brother the mandrake, he deserves it as me i want to thank all of you guys psmandrake name: ----------------------------------- twister sunshin3 suni271980 stevegsq steve1o spitfire46 roonma rajeshstar qtrmoonshop pixjockey otzie nonno newsmaster nepaguy59 maroon5 macwithfries lucido5 lucianomorelli kellie keepitreal jayl1 icecream iboudesign groundzero geriatric froggod1 fleek ericnorthend disasterman111 diamonds dexter cicsaix bobrafto blackhole biggirll balodiya aintme thaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you all boys, i luv yu
Perfect caricature work, Ricky. Congrats on te silver.

Danny DeVito with a Tiny and Big HandFunny Danny DeVito with a Tiny and Big Hand
Member reactions:

It's so clean and perfect blend of the hand, it looks big and perfectly matching with the fore arm well done
It's my first time with two places in the podium, thanks for the votes.

Sister Danny DevitoFunny Sister Danny Devito
Member reactions:

Brilliant selection of source, and very well executed
There is a stray bit of leftover chop on his wimple. Otherwise very funny.
I see the edit has been done, much better.

Danny DeVitoFunny Danny DeVito - American actor, director and producer Danny DeVito celebrated his 65th birthday on November 17th. DeVito rose to fame as "Louie De Palma" on the ABC and NBC TV series Taxi. He starred in numerous movies such as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Throw Momma from the Train, Wise Guys, and Batman Returns. DeVito was originally set to play Mario in Super Mario Bros. but he backed out. He also was considered for the role of George Costanza in "Seinfeld" and provides the voice of Herbert Powell, Homer Simpson's half-brother. Happy 65th birthday, Danny! To mark the 65th birthday of Danny DeVito photoshop him any way you wish. Some examples are - show what movie he could have played in, what alternative careers he could have chosen, put Danny DeVito in paintings, etc.

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