Dangerous experiment
Dangerous experiment
Dangerous experiment. Dangerous experiment
Member reactions:
, bet Trump wishes he could do this, those HUMANS are a DISGRACE to the HUMAN LIFE. Good Pic..

Funny Easter with dangerous lover from Russia

Easter with dangerous lover from Russia

Funny Dangerous puppeteer

Dangerous puppeteer

Funny Dangerous `Beauty`

Dangerous `Beauty`

Funny Dangerous Fire Hacker

Dangerous Fire Hacker

Funny Dangerous World

Dangerous World
Member reactions:
Another Great Job, Congrats on the Double.

Funny Dangerous Sea Creatures

Dangerous Sea Creatures
Even the shark is scared.
Member reactions:
Great attention to details and lights and shadows.
underestimated as usual.i think it's pretty cool. the small creature on the left shows the faintest square outline of the picture you ibnserted without cutting it out.
Thanks Newsy. I know there was one that I didn't cut out but on my 15" mac I can't see it, at all, wait... is it lighter, think I see it now but I really have to look hard.

Funny Chris Christie Has a Dangerous Diet

Chris Christie Has a Dangerous Diet

Funny Vladimir Putin the Dangerous Leader

Vladimir Putin the Dangerous Leader
Member reactions:
Excellent expression of Putin and his different types of warnings is really stunning... Like the bullet shots on the coke can and some denials on Mac fries
Excellent caricature. Love the words inside smoke
Congrads on the Cup, always wonderful to look at, fun job.
Amazing stuff. Congrats on the wood, Andrew.

Funny Dangerous Day to Play Golf

Dangerous Day to Play Golf
Member reactions:
Golf bats seems not insulated hit by lightning strike
The guy in the background needs shadows, and The front elements (Colbert, umbrella, and the tree) can cast shadows like that - uniformly on the background

Funny St. Louis - Most Dangerous U.S. City

St. Louis - Most Dangerous U.S. City
[ "A surge in violence made St. Louis the most dangerous city in the country, leading a trend of violent crimes rising much faster in the Midwest than in the rest of nation, according to an annual list. St. Louis has been on the list of 10 most dangerous U.S. cities for years". ] If you've never been to St. Louis, now is not a good time to visit. It received the title of most dangerous US city this year, thanks to all hard working criminals who work 24/7 to make the city famous. The center of St. Louis features 630-foot-tall stainless-steel arch - a monument to the early pioneers who came west with nothing but their wagons, their guns, and their crimes. Visitors may ride to the top of the arch, where, high above the Mississippi River, they may see the panorama of crimes in the city. In this contest you are asked to "criminalize" any St. Louis related theme (city part, event, people, products, etc.), and feature it as a tourism advertisement for St. Louis.

Funny Dangerous Insects

Dangerous Insects
Photoshop insects by creating new dangerous (or even with weapons) insects that we might see in the future.

Funny Dangerous Cars

Dangerous Cars
Make current model automobiles and trucks "more deadly" and dangerous than the GM Blazer! Add weapons, guns, rocket launchers, anything you think would make your auto or truck more deadly!

Funny Dangerous Toys

Dangerous Toys
Lets show what unsafe toy really is. Photoshop your new or modified toy and make it so unsafe and dangerous for children that the Consumer Products Safety Commission would certainly ban it.

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